Lucas – The Truth Within Yourselves – 26 January 2012

I had the urge to write about that what is  for lots a difficult part to grasp.  Seek the truth within yourselves.  What a one liner again you think.  But soon you will see it is more. You are mostly still seeking the truth in what others tell you to see as your truth or what you have to belief. But is that truly the truth in you? Is that what your deepest heart feeling says to you and what resonates in you not your truth? 

I think we forgotten to see that we are much too dependent on others. Seeking a lot but not where you can find it. You have in you all the knowledge that you need to have, but you need only see that it is there. You do not have to think in a buddhist fashion nor in an other believe system or being called alternative or  spiritual as  all that are labels you need not take notice off. Ascension, as it is called, is nothing more than finding the ultimate truth in yourselves that you have more capabilities in creating an unconditional loving world. You have the ability to create the lightworld in and around you. You can even find the true meaning of being in a constant state of  harmony, love and light in the connection with the source. Yes, the one called  many  names:  God, Creator, The Divine, etc.

Remember you are the ones you have been waiting for. You have to find your way and find your own answers. Still you can work together with others. Chat or read, watch, hear, See as others can tell their truths in which you can find some mirroring images of yourselves, but you have to seek your truth yourselves. Really looking into your heart and reflect on what is you and resonates with you is a step on the ladder of ascension. You will find resistance in you and your surroundings. Others will have criticism or judgement of or  even dislike your choices  manifesting from your inner search and own set of truths. Let it go. It is not you.  It is their truth.

The Truth is developing along you own way. As your truth forms as your inner knowledge advances and sees things in an other light or from an other perspective. Free will choices from your set of truth can also be evaluated and changed. You have always the choice to change. So nothing is wrong or right in your truth as it is not in others truth as that is what you and they have to understand. Therefore purpose of discussion should only be exchange of ideas or visions of own truths not of truths fighting or being the ultimate and only truth. In this comes a basic piece of understanding named respect for the truth of others looking around the corner. How wrong or rights they are in their own set of truths and resonate or do not resonate with yours see it as it is. Respect it.

So a bit of respect of truths and choices of others will give a lot of peace. But it is not always easy to do so. For most of us still will be led by ego. The choices are made on a basis of duality. This is what has to change in finding your truth and respecting the truth of others. As no one is really right or wrong but just is, keep the peace.  There is too much hidden agendas, ego and other reasons behind choices to hide their own real truths. Just see this and let it be. You have to be above all of that. What others say about your truth or choices is not important. It is only relevant as you choose to change your truth accordingly.

Love and Light,


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2 responses to “Lucas – The Truth Within Yourselves – 26 January 2012

  1. You ARE the LOVE & LIGHT You Express, and so AM I.
    Lets get ALL on board of TRUTH…

    Thank You For The LIGHT=LOVE You ARE.


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