Spacemuffin – Disclosure – 26 January 2012

How much evidence do we need, to finally wake up to the fact that we are not alone in the Universe?  We have structures on earth that to this day, we haven’t the technology to re-create, yet so many people turn away from that fact.  We have had thousands upon thousands of sightings, that we know of, and they are increasing exponentially, but we still doubt.  We have scientific evidence, spiritual evidence, aboriginal knowledge, but we’re still unsure.  We have crop circles all over the world, that magically appear out of nowhere, that defy our understanding of physics, yet they still want us to believe that some drunk guys made them in the middle of the night. We have paintings of spacecrafts in caves and paintings of spacecrafts found in the skies of oil paintings, which hang on museum walls all over the world. 

We have a media system that is so controlled, that discloses nothing, but seeks to create the necessary diversions, and the necessary dis-creditation, so that we continue to be brain-washed.  We have governments that we now know have stolen trillions of dollars, who are exposed thieves, who keep telling us that they have no ‘evidence’ of extraterrestrial life, and we keep believing them, despite knowing they are thieves and conmen.  We have hundreds of people who have now come forward; ex government employees, former NASA officials, astronauts, pilots, air force military personnel, and so forth and so forth, but we’re still not sure, because they’re voices and faces are only found on the internet, not on mainstream media.  DISCLOSURE IS EVERYWHERE ALREADY, but the cry of humanity to re-unite with their star families is still not loud enough.

Why does it need to be loud enough for them to land?  Well, let’s take a look at things from their perspective.

They’ve been to this planet before, and have in fact never stopped coming.  But it’s been a while since they have been able to make ‘open contact’ because things are a little different now.  Things are in fact, a lot more complicated.

Never before has the earth hosted so many people.  Where before, open contact may have touched hundreds or maybe thousands of welcoming inhabitants, it will now reach 7 billion confused entities.  The aboriginal voices, which we successfully squelched, could not pass on their knowledge of our star families to us, so where before, they were welcome, they will now be feared.  The technology, which they so graciously offered to us, has been fashioned into space weaponry by our governments, which they have used to wage war on our star brothers and sisters.  They face landing on a planet that is in a state of consciousness deprivation, yet they remain hopeful that enough of us will ‘wake up,’ and help wake up the others, until it is finally ‘safe’ for them to land.  And the last thing they want to do is freak us out and cause chaos, to the point where we go into a state of frenzy and panic, where we even compromise our own ability to provide essentials for ourselves, like electricity and water.  They must also dis-able the weaponry, or they will be fired upon, but they must do it gently, as they are bound by universal law to do no harm.  They foresee the potential for great panic, and pandemonium on earth, if enough people aren’t ‘awake’ enough to calm down the others who will go into a mad state of denial or fear induced stupor.

They have been disabling these weapons for quite some time now.  They have been communicating through mediums and channels and through the star seeds that have been scattered around this blue planet that is now ascending back into the 5th dimension.  They have been giving us messages of hope, confirmation, and detailed information of their struggles and triumphs.  They have told us that they love us and they have told us not to fear them.  They have told us they want to help and share their technology and cosmic citizenship.  They have been conditioning humanity to their presence by appearing in our skies, every night, all over the world.  They have been with us every step of the way, and they have never abandoned us.  They have made contact with hundreds of humans already, and this is documented.  They have been in regular contact with our world governments for decades. They have told us that our governments need to make the necessary disclosure announcements, to lessen the impact of fear and dis-belief that the public will experience at the confirmation of their existence, presence, and pending first contact, which will lead to mass landings. And they have told us that with or without this ‘official disclosure,’ they are coming anyway.

It is our own governments who are responsible for lack of disclosure.  It is our star brothers and sisters who still wait and hope and pray it will happen, as that will make things a whole lot easier for everybody.  But our governments are still busy playing games, hosting bogus presidential elections, and keeping a tight reign on the media.  So now it is up to us, star seeds, light workers, bringers of the dawn, keepers of the flame, whatever we want to call ourselves, to realise that our job will be made that much more complex, now and in the future.  We must continue to ‘hold the space,’ and try to map out a future, which may or may not involve disclosure by our fearless leaders, but which will be brought in by our faith, and our love for our star families, whom we long to be re-unite with, and who long to re-unite with us.

Believe what you like, but they WILL descend, and they WILL do it in a way that will do humanity at large the least amount of harm.  But do not blame them for not being here yet.  We haven’t been able to do even the simplest of things to help this process along; like simply look up, look around, and use some critical thinking.  When seen from their perspective, things are simple, in a complex kind of way.  They look down and fairly estimate; these folks just aren’t ready.

And they would be right.

Face Piles of Trials with Smiles

Spacemuffin by Wes Annac link to original article first published 25th January 2012

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