Miles Simons – Moving Beyond The Earth Allies – 27 January 2012

IUmmac Dan Symboln the last few weeks, many of us have been wondering why the Earth allies were unable to bring us forward to the point where announcements can be made. Some of us are frustrated, others are downright angry.

Perhaps we might consider the journey towards full consciousness as a process containing many puzzle pieces. The Earth allies are primarily individuals who have defected from the dark cabals. Indeed, while they understand and have dissociated themselves from them, still they remain under the cabals‚ dark influence. Completely letting go, for our Earth allies, is virtually impossible.

Kudos to the Galactic Federation for allowing the Earth allies to bring us to a point where all the legal, monetary and political steps for change have been completed. Clearly, the allies‚ former ties to the dark cabals have put them at a disadvantage. Another group from Earth is needed now to complete the task of rounding up the cabals and forcefully making the long-awaited changes.

In our most recent update the Galactic Federation has declared that: “Because this group is handling the new financial arrangements, we have asked these secret sacred societies to take the lead in forming the new caretaker governments. The Ascended Masters concur, and we have requested that their charges go forward with the many plans that have been agreed to. Our intent is to have these plans in place immediately and to terminate the power of the dark cabal.”

It is likely that the GF and Ascended Masters will provide more details in future updates on the progress of the secret sacred societies who, having cast aside most cabal-created obstacles, can finally bring us to a point of change.

On a planet of such diversity, it is not difficult to appreciate what an immense undertaking is required to move us towards full consciousness. To do so without frightening those who are still not awakened is of very great concern to the Galactic Federation. They are here to assist us, not rescue us.

Now, more than ever, patience, awakenedness and connection to heart and spirit are needed to help us and the Galactics move forward to victory.

Miles Simons
PAO Webmaster via news letter 27 January 21.55 received by Lucas.


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