Lucas – The Fearmongering Goes On…. After YU55 Now 433 Eros Asteroid Is Next To Presumingly Hit Earth – 28 January 2012

As Europe is announcing the building of its own Asteroid shield project, called Neo shield as a new celestial body is presumed to hit Earth. When does the fear mongering stop. After Niburu, Elenin and YU55 – Eros 433 is the new kid to put fear to the humans on earth’s  talking again about destruction and catastrophes. This will be followed by the Bx 2012 double bus sized asteroid. Also predicted at NASA’s Asteroid Watch Program.

Every time such announcement takes place all hens are on deck to put the fear messages out of  a possible catastrophe for Earth. In an interview this week on Project Camelot became also clear that hoax or ghost trajectories were put out about YU55 as its real trajectory was not the same as a signature that was not YU55.  Let us see what will be next announced. I for myself say, I will sleep well and will not be scared by all this. I say follow the example skip the fear.

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