Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – Those Little Red Candy Hearts – 29 January 2012

God said:

You are in My heart right now. You incubate here. I speak metaphorically. I can only speak metaphorically, you understand. In My Great Love, you are housed. There is no greater than love, Mine, yours, anyone’s.

If you want to know how to climb the Golden Ladder to Heaven, I will tell you how to do it. Love. Simply love. Every step of love is a rung up on the ladder. Of course, there is no distance when it comes to love. Love is immediate. It takes no time at all.

Any question you may ask Me, the answer is love and more love. Begin with love, and end with love. Love is all.

There is no accounting for love. It comes from unexpected places, does it not? Now anticipate seeing love. Watch it all around you. See love issuing from you. The less you feel loved, the more reason for you to love. You do not have to account for love. Do not think that love is not deserved or that someone, even yourself, has to earn it. Love is your birthright. It is coming to you.

The thing is not to pout when you don’t see it or feel it. Love anyway. Love morning, noon, and night. Program an abundance of love. See those little red candy hearts spilling out from your heart. Love out, and love comes in. See those little red candy hearts flowing in. Nevertheless, it doesn’t really matter so much how much love comes in. What really matters is how much love you extend.

You may think that it is not easy to love. The only reason why you might think that is because you allow yourself to be a victim of judgment. What do you think finding fault is but judgment? Beloveds, you are not too good to give love. It is not superior of you to withhold love. Certainly, you do not have to hug and kiss everyone. Just let your love be known quietly, subtly. Love is not a big hurrah. It is like breathing. You breathe in, and you breathe out. In terms of love, breathe out first. Keep breathing love out. There is always more. There is no limit to love. Let there be no hesitation. Let it be okay to feel love, think love, be love, receive love. There is no tally card for love. Love where you love. And where you don’t love, let love emanate from you just the same. Love in all directions. No cap on love, please.

You have thought that your life is dependent upon many things, getting a job, getting married, having a child. These are important to you, yet you are not dependent upon them for love. You are a carrier of love, and it matters that you love. You get dressed every morning. You put make-up on. Remember that love accompanies you. Every opportunity is an opportunity to love. You can do it. You can love. You are love. Announce that to yourself.

Send love even to those you can’t stand. You don’t have to sit in their lap. You can love from afar. All you have to do is to love.

Wish everyone well, and mean it. That is love.

Sense your aura of love. Sense it filling the room you are in. Sense how far love issues from you. It fills your house. It fills the city or town you live in. It fills your province. It fills your country. It fills the oceans. It fills all the continents. It fills all the world. It fills the Universe. It fills Heaven. From your heart, love extends itself, and is happy to do so. This is an easy thing I ask of you when I ask you to love from your heart.

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