Lisa Gawlas – The Garden Of Our Life And The Completion Of Time! – 29 January 2012

Yesterday (Jan. 28th, 2012) was a really interesting day on planet earth.  For me, it started the moment I awoke from my sleep.  I could see this formation of energy  coming out of my heart chakra….it was a light green, translucent, yet, there was form to it.  Once I woke up enough to know, I am not in a semi-sleep here, I could see the words “The Passion of the Christ.”  I personally had no desire to write about such a subject.  The Guardians knew that the day before when they snuck that phrase into the end of my sharing the day prior.

All I could think about was Mel Gibson’s movie and I really, really, disliked it.  It was filled with so many lies and depth of pain that was just pure bullshit.  I suppose the green energy was their way of saying… showing me, we were going to talk about love.  That stubborn girl who lives inside this body said fine… you talk, I’ll listen, I personally don’t want to write about this topic or even create it as the headline.  They are as stubborn and determined as I am!

Back when I began this journey, one of the first thing I learned to do was channel.  I so wanted to bring in inspirational messages from those who understood us more than we understand ourselves.  Every time I channeled I could audibly hear spirit talking and I would simply type out what I heard.  Yesterday was very very different… I think I would just call it a flowing.  I heard very little, but felt it all immensely.

It was a sharing that did not come thru me, but from me.

I suppose this is how we awaken deeper and deeper aspects of ourselves.  When that which flows thru us becomes that which IS us.  I didn’t even get the point of it all til just now… “waking up” in the morning… that is what the whole of the day felt like… like something so large and loving woke up and decided to show it’s presence thru out the rest of the day.  Not as an outside experience… but as part of the whole of the experience.

Before I go onto the rest of my story (smile) I do want to be very clear about the sharing of the Guardians yesterday.  Yes literal analogies were used, but they were as deeply metaphoric as one could get as well.

After I finished the sharing I realized something was very strange in my mailboxes… there was not the first new email from the day before.  Not in my hotmail (where I get all the notifications of comments from my blogs) nor in my gmail… my personal relationship with everyone.  Nadda!  Strange!!

I had 4 readings set for my day yesterday.  Each one at the top of the hour.  3 of them were the Energy Infused Readings, which I have been really really excited to do and really figure out what they are.  I never know what I am doing really… until we do them.  Life’s OJT (On the job training) that is how I have learned everything.

My first reading, who calls me, didn’t call at all.  I sent her an email to remind her of our appointment… 15 minutes after the hour, she called having received my email… she just forgot.

My 2nd reading…. really strange.  I called her, I could hear the click of the connection…. nothing.  I called again and again.  It wasn’t again until 15 after the hour did we finally get connected, but only after she gave me a different number to call to.  Her landline would not work at all.  She couldn’t even call me from it.  We only could connect via her cell phone.  Go figure!!

By the time my 3rd appointment rolled around, of course we couldn’t connect again… not until exactly at 15 after the hour.

3 in a row… I have to look at that.  What the hell??  Why 15 after… not 14 or 16… each, 15 after on my clock.  Then it hit me like a ton of rocks… vaguely of course.  When I finally asked what the hell is up with 15 after…. I could see February 15th… the snapping of that really tight black belt of energy… hmmmm…. something is brewing for sure.

My 4th appointment was also late… of course!  I would have been surprised had she answered when I called.  But this time only 10 minutes late!!

The ones always represent new beginnings.  Fives, chaos and change.  Which of course, brings us right into new beginnings again!

Life is always sharing its secrets with us… if we have eyes to see and ears to hear with.

Now, to put all that on hold (mostly cuz, I don’t understand much more than that at this moment.) and go to the readings themselves.  Holy Freakin Cow Fieldman (smile.)  It was so much fun… more than anything I have ever done before in this line of work!

It was no longer just a reading, but a full on interaction with Life itself.  All the crystals are still joyfully basking in the backyard.  So, now I understand that during our reading appointment, I actually go crystal picking…. feeling which one (or more) is yours.  I literally have hundreds out there, and yet, yours know which one(s) they are.  Only during this crystal picking I can see and feel the rain of energy coming down from the dome thingie in the field.

The excitement that comes from it all… the crystal, the field, the rain of soft golden energy… OMG!!  It is truly the most spectacular form of co-creation I have yet to interactively, completely consciously… partake in!

It all rocked my world so fully yesterday… thank you, thank you, thank you!

Of course, your work starts with the deep integration of it all, and I sooooo look forward to whatever that means and what transpires from it!!

Something else became very very clear to me as well.  Up until yesterday, I had the feeling, but wasn’t really sure I was right about what I felt.

Let me splain (smile)

During my black out in December, I had several people ask for a refund from their readings.   I have always said, I am the most unreliable psychic I know.   Not because I am slacking, but quite the opposite, I am growing too.  But paypal did something really strange in giving the refunds to these few people… it did not take from my paypal balance but instead looped around my balance and took directly from my bank account.  That was very strange.  I have used paypal for forever and they always took from the balance first, and only took directly from my bank account if I had no balance.

One of the refunds created an overdraft in my bank because it hit my bank before the deposit of funds from paypal… which created a series of overdrafts that thank God my bank forgave me for.

But all of this meant too, that the refund wasn’t instant back to the client, they had to wait until my money got uploaded to paypal.

When the 3rd one happened I had to ask the universe… what the hell?  There was no button I could find on paypal to make sure it took from my balance first…

Ya know, sometimes, no… often times we do things simply because we do, never looking at what is really really happening (energetically)…. and trust me, myself very much included there.

You and I, every one of us, are in a cycle of energy.  A flow from you to me, me to you and back again… seeding the future of our hearts desires.  We aliven everything… EVERY THING thru the exchange.

We can look at it like this… my whole life, every moment of every day is dedicated to spirit.  You are the seeds of creation that help us all understand what is really happening within life.  Your money is the seeds of energy… the fertilizer if you will, that allow me to keep us all growing and moreso, understanding our own growth.

We can look at paypal as the holding place for the fertilizer, it gets spread out (and I do mean that literally lol) once it goes into my bank account.

When you add your fertizer (money) to the field of life and then decide to withdraw it… it has already been spread out and it must withdraw itself from the field… not the heap of new fertilizer in paypal.

However!!  I had a lady who double payed me a couple days ago… my heart broke when I had seen the 2nd payment come thru.  I did not realize that when you change your appointment time, my calendar wants you to pay me again (please don’t do that!!  the appointment is set whether you pay or not.)  I so didn’t want her to wait a week to get her refund.  I could find no recourse to change the way paypal did refunds and just hit the refund button.  Much to my sheer amazement… the refund was instant and taken directly from my paypal balance.

I was thrilled and heard the field say:  We told you how it all works.  …Dah!!

Weird…. even for me!  But exciting too.

There are soooo many other things I could write and write about… but this is enough for one day.  Ohhhh no… lol…. one more thing I am hearing to make sure we include!


I have done readings for 10 years now.  The one thing I had always been able to count on was time.  It was past, present and future and rolled out like a straight line.  I could delve into your deepest past and furthest future with ease.

Not any longer!!

I now understand the reason I keep seeing everyone in this circle of energy I call the field, is because we have fully completed a cycle on earth.  Time, as we know it, has ended.  You are no longer already in your future because you are so intimately connected to Now.  Now is all there is.

At least in my world and field of vision.

I will let you ponder that!  I love y’all so much… and more than that!!  You are my delectable Grocery Store of Life… and you are so yummy!!  Thank you for feeding my soul with your Light!!

((((HUGZ)))) of wonder and radiance to an amazing Garden!

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