Benjamin Fulford – Update – Fukushima : A Nuclear War Without A War – 30 January 2012

Mr. Fulford,

The unspoken crisis of worldwide nuclear radiation caused by Fukushima
is appearing more ominous and real than is being reported in
mainstream media.

Recent studies claiming that over 12,000 infants in the US have died
from the radiation of the Fukushima tragedy appear to be the tip of
the ice berg.

Silence by the media doesn’t minimize the potential threat of this disaster.

Lift this veil and I see a disaster in the making that poses a threat
to our civilization.

I get the impression that you seem to minimize the magnitude of this disaster by focusing on the disinformation aspects of this tragedy.

Yet more and more doctors, researchers and alternative sources are now
coming forward and saying that Fukushima has the potential of being a
planet killer.

Would you care to comment?

Please read the attached article I have provided you for your
consideration to comment on.

Answer by Fulford:

First of all, let me say I believe the entire Fukushima incident is a massive psy-ops used to cover up the radiation emitted by the use of seabed nuclear weapons off the coast of Japan. However, I do not think the radiation crisis is as bad as people make it out to be in the West. I have personally used a geiger counter to test in multiple locations around Tokyo and even close to Fukushima and have found nothing but normal background radiation. This is a fear mongering campaign directed by J. Rockefeller and Peter Hans Kolvenbach. Many of their agents in Japan have been arrested and these scumbags have nowhere on this planet where they can hide. We will get them.
Finally, take a look at downtown Hiroshima or Nagasaki today, they are thriving despite being the former epicenters of nuclear bombs. Take a look at Chernobyl, it is a nature preserve not a nuclear wasteland. Worrying about radiation is far worse for your health than tiny fluctuations in background radiation.
I live 200 kilometers from Fukushima and I am not in the slightest worried because I have personally and directly confirmed there is no abnormal radiation here. link to article

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