Lisa Gawlas – Something Big This Way Comes – 30 January 2012

We are ALL at a very important crossroads in our lives.  As I ponder how and where to start this particular sharing, that is what I feel more deeply than anything.

A massive, sudden choice point is getting ready to ask all of Humanity… what do you choose, and how do you want to experience the remainder of this incarnation/existance.

Before I get to sharing why I feel this, let me tell you what is transpiring within my days… because it needs to be what transpires thru your days too.

I personally have a to-do list that seems to grow longer with each passing day.  My mundane tasks seem to be taking a deliberate back seat to my own growth/integration process.  Very frustrating from the Lisa within…

But it all is helping me to really realize how alive our days are.  We have been so programmed for eons to set our agenda for the day… to actually inforce our minds will on any given day… leaving the spirit of life in the background, often times, out of site with missed opportunities of intigration.

It seemed like yesterday (Jan. 29th, 2012) was a huge exclamation of that point.  I finished my blog early and had well over an hour left before my first appointment for the day.  I have a gazillion emails in my in-box now thanx to the universe holding them all back for close to a day… I was going to start there.  Catch up!!  I opened the first one… and stared at it blankly.  I went to a different one, same thing.., and another… more blank stares.

I have a tremendous amount of website work to do, so I opened my soul center website… and stared blankly at it too.

I surrendered my to-do list to the abyss.  As soon as I gave up trying to force my human will on the time I had, the universe just opened up and started talking, well sorta talking.

We (me and the air) were reflecting on the blog I just wrote.  Most especially the money part.  How much we are seeding in reality against our Will.  Taxes.  Errrrr.  I pay self employment tax and a third of it goes to war.  That just hurts my heart.

It is funny to think of how aware the very air we breath is about every single thing we do… even if it is something our hearts would never willingly do.  Ahhhh there is that crazy catch phrase… WILLingly.

We are ALL willingly creating every scenario on earth.  Let me tell you, just understanding that broke my heart.  But I did get it.  We are the seeds all of life springs from.

The day didn’t ask a thing of me… just helped me see deeper into the far reaches of the earth with every choice made.  The item you buy at the store, the gift you give to a stranger, the debt you choose to pay or not pay.  Right down to the food you eat for the day.  All seeds creation.

I was knee deep down my own rabbit hole when it was time for my first reading.  Bless her heart.  Actually she blessed mine so much.  We shared the moment of my rabbit hole together.

As I tried to focus on her and her energy, I could feel the field but it was like an empty void.  Waiting….

I just now realized the cob-webby stuff of that field is gone.  I haven’t seen it in days.  We have integrated the 6th dimensional field.  And the 7th presents itself as a chalice.  Empty except for what we fill it with moment by moment.  It creates instantly.  Boy, I sure hope you understand the profundity of that.

Back to the reading… which I am really really now just understanding in it’s fullness.  I pray I can share this clearly.

I had seen a starburst appear in the sky.  I could feel it was moving not only towards earth, but the field in which I read.  It had a very purposeful location…. midway between the sky and earth coming in at the SouthWest area of the field itself.  This starburst was a mix of white, yellow and soft golden energy.  It did not move when I was looking directly at it.  It simply was still and I could see and feel it.

We talked for a little while, and yet nothing changed.  I thought, this cannot be your reading… that starburst felt planetary as opposed to hers.  That is so funny, even as I type that out… I hear the field say “so you still see yourself as separate”…. yeah I suppose so!!

I tried to orient myself to her within the field… it was void.  Don’t take that word to mean empty.  Life can never be empty.  But there is an instant, before complete transformation… where nothing exists.  You are no longer the previous form, and for that instant… not yet that next one either.  Life re-creates itself in the void.

(Makes sense of my yesterday now. lol)

The moment I asked her if she had any questions…  and before she even got a breath out… I had seen it.  A massive massive fireball explode out of the North side of the Field.  All I could say was “holy shit, what was that!!”

I could feel the purpose of it’s location.  We are truly in the north of our lives.  Winter.  Hibernation, giving way to spring and new growth.

Altho the starburst felt very much aligned with the actual compass point SW, this fireball thingie was all her.  In her present.  But other than the pure fire of it all… I have no idea what it really means.

We did talk about things coming up… like the spring equinox and the solar eclipse that nasa is dubbing “The Ring of Fire.”  This solar eclipse takes place in the USA for the first time i 18 years and the very best viewing area… the SouthWest… I know it is all related.  I could feel my heart leap…

When we hung up I went to put her Salt-Crystal mixture together.  I add any essential oils after our connection.  When I opened the closed shelving unit to get her essential oils, I heard a song play clearly in my hearing.  Right down to the little music into before it goes into the lyrics.  What I heard was from the song Stand By Me:

If the sky that we look upon
Should tumble and fall

…No I won’t shed a tear
Just as long as you stand, stand by me 

I called her right back to tell her of this song.  Given the starburst in the sky… I knew it was related.

That song haunted me for the rest of the day.  Like I wasn’t paying attention to it.

My next reading was a man whose whole back was aflame with this white/yellow energy.  He stood steadfast at the South quadrant of the field… inside of course.  All I could see was his flaming energy that truly melted my heart.  I was pure… loving… honest.  With him and now too even the lady before… all I kept thinking of was the Phenix… rising from the ashes into it’s new form.

My 3rd and last reading for the day… I swear to god the moment I sat in my chair I felt like someone took a fast backwards spin of my crown.  It was sudden and so fast that my eyes literally seen white for a moment.  I hadn’t even picked up my phone yet!!  My brains fell apart.  I could barely talk to her coherently about the wonderful meditations she had done for the week.  I kept getting lost.   When I looked at her in the field… I had to laugh.  There is this, I am not even sure what it would be called… an energy field?  It had her infused in it at her back (hmmmm… ya know, I just realized the man I read for had the energy pouring out of his entire back… the body exhales from the back, breaths in from the front…hmmmmmm)  The front of her body, suspended in air, was facing towards the middle of the field.  It was spinning her counter-clockwise.  When I realized the direction of her spin, I asked why counter-clockwise.  Ohhh the wonderful field of Light simply said… literally…”she is in the spin cycle.”  Alrighty then… are we doing laundry??  It is all I could think of, was the wash at the end when every last ounce of water is spun out.  The field said, yes.

I suppose the fireball is the dryer??

By the time I concluded her phone call… I was done.  I mean done.  I had no sense of body at all.  I couldn’t even orient myself to the physical body that allows me to get thru my day.

I went for a car ride.  I figured if I get out of this intense field that y’all are creating (smile and disorienting me within) I could find my body.  Not even.

I decided to eat, that tends to bring me back to me.  Nope.

I did the only thing I could do… I sat in my chair.  All day.  I couldn’t even come close to the computer… it was like a blast of energy that my lack of body simply couldn’t handle.  My wifi calling evaporated for the day… there are so many emails I was just going to call…. nope.

The day had me.  All I heard over and over again was the lines I put above from the song Stand By Me.  I thought of the day itself… the energy of the day.  How often we really are not fully present in our day… we are busy.  So busy we miss important details.

My day had things to say, to share, to explore… and it was all I could do was swim with it.  Understanding so much… and almost nothing at all… all at the same time.

Something BIG this way comes… that I am absolutely sure of.  I feel it to my core.  I hear it thru out this sharing.  But what…..??

I want to change the subject for a small minute.  I don’t think I am really changing it, just adding a detail that for this moment is still vague to me.  While in one of my recent bath meditations the field told me I will be living in the surplus of life soon.  I could see the energy of it at the area of my shower head on the left side.  Now that I remember it, it was the same color as that starburst I had seen with the first reading of yesterday.

I did ask the field what exactly is the surplus?  No reply of course… well, not until yesterday when I was talking to my man in Switzerland… and we were talking (I think) if his amazing energy field billowing out of his back…. and talking about balance and stuff.

Spirit said he has restored balance to all of his life, and now he is living in the surplus.  Instantly I had seen his energy field.

In every single thing we think, do and say, we are creating an energy field… hah!  The store house of life (I suddenly hear that phrase.)  It is about to burst open wide (for many it already has and is trickling in already)… OMG that is the water I had been seeing from the dirt road here… I really don’t get it… but suddenly am excited about it all!!

Keep in mind, for some on this earth, they have a dark, dank storehouse… the earth and sky is always restoring balance.  Always.

Come swim in my waters as I swim in yours (the Guardians)

Going for a bath here, time to swim….  ((((HUGZ))))

Lisa Gawlas

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