Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – Heartlight – 31 January 2012

God said:

Have a heart. Here. Here’s Mine. It’s yours. You already have it. It may be buried in your chest. Bring it to the forefront. Let your heart speak for you. Within your heart, lies Mine. Where did you think love came from?

All love is Mine, and all love has been secured in your heart. So your heart is Mine, and My heart is yours. Our hearts are made for each other. Even though as there is One of Me, there is One heart, and it is Ours, this one heart favored by all.

Sometimes My heart held by others is misused or not used at all. How can that be? Impossible, yet, seen from the outside, that is the case.

My heart would never be cruel. My heart would never be unthinking, shall We say. My heart bursts with love and nothing but love, yet less than love is known upon Earth, and so the Earth is ravaged.

Love gives. Less than love takes. At the same time, love is a give and take. Love has to be issued, and love yearns to be received. So, be a giver, and, when it comes to love, take it. Yet receiving isn’t taking, yet nor is receiving passive. Receiving is a loving art, and so shall you receive.

To begin with, here is My love all laid out on a platter. You don’t even have to ask for it, though you may. All you have to do is to reach out and bless My love with your acceptance. Be eager to accept My love, for I pour it out. I pour out the fullness of My heart rampantly. Catch it now, and catch it later again because My love is a continuum of pouring. There is no stopping it. Keep your receipt of My love just as constant. You are never without it. No matter how lonely you may feel, My love pours voluminously out to you. My love is never just a trickle. My love is a torrent of love. My love is Niagara Falls. My love. Beloveds, you are My love, and you act on My behalf.

What is your job on Earth? It is to deliver My love. On My behalf, you give love, and you give more, and you create more, and you receive more.

Let the issuing of love be a song that sticks in your mind. It simply won’t go away. You are aware of this song of love that runs through you. Nothing deters this music. Is not love music? Is it not the music of the soul and the music of the Heart of God?

Let My music course through you. Let it light each cell of you. Let it brighten life for yourself and everyone who sees a star like you on Earth. Why not be a star of light on Earth as you are in Heaven?

What would hold you back from revealing the Bright Light you are? You are capable, not incapable. You have the wattage. You were born with it. All you have to do is turn it on. You are a light bulb from Heaven on Earth. You are a long-lasting light bulb that is never to go out. First you turn your light on and then never dim it. Let your light so shine before the whole world so that the whole world can recognize the light that it is. Light is beautiful, and you are beautiful. You are My beautiful heartlight on Earth. Beloveds, you are like a search light on Earth. You are a beacon light of Heaven shining for all to see. by Gloria Wendroff link to original article


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