Jim Euclid – A Posse Ad Esse – From Possibility To Actuality – 31 January 2012

Meritocractic capitalism has emerged as a tour de force of the second decade (21st century). What this paradigm suggests is that it should be illegal for anyone who is untalented and rich to secure advantage over any political, scientific, religious or economic establishment.

Anyone expecting overnight changes to the current system would be asked to be patient, or else become one. The wealthy will be slow to part with well worn traditions. Boredom, especially within the poor class, produces its own remedy – violent action. Hence, creativity will occupy those who await the transition to Ascension; be it in music, literature, science, politics, economics. To paraphrase a great movie, if we build a new earth, people are sure to come.

Spirituality has merged with science to finally conceive of the notion of  ‘conscious evolution’, a sort of spiritual darwinianism, where survival of the fittest is replaced with flourishing of the wise, where only the wittiest will prevail.

Life repeats itself endlessly, but like the weather, no two days are the same. The future of humanity appears well constructed and predictable, based on current scenarios which appear to be circulating on the alternative media. There can be no return to a life post-Rome (circa 15th century), or post-Egyptian civilisations of antiquity. These empire-crumbling time are not a witness of another recrudescence of a new cycle of growth and death, but a exciting and new paradigm. A step up into a spiralling rise of consciousness based on the timeless premise that a vigilant, wise and compassionate society can become enlightened and return to the God-head. From the possibility of transformation, we will finally see the actuality of ’emergence’, a new paradigm of equality, liberty and justice based on global governance by a globally interconnected democracy.

By Jim Euclid


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