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Greg Giles – Message From The Ashtar Command – 29 February 2012

Take the challenges you have overcome and the lessons you have learned here with you into your new lives and your new beginning. This has been the purpose of many of your experiences here. You can now take this wisdom you have acquired into your new lives and apply it to the situations that will arise that call for it. Are you now beginning to see why you have gone through certain experiences in this lifetime? All your experiences have been for a reason, and none of what you have gone through will be for nothing, as the knowledge and wisdom gained from your experiences will be a very valuable commodity, not only for you, but for many others as well upon your return to the higher realms. Continue reading

Tom Kenyon – The Alchemy Of Relationship – 29 February 2012

This article was taken from the Magdalen Manuscript (ORB Communications).

Many of us do relationships the way we play poker. We do everything possible to get the upper hand. And if that fails, we bluff. We pretend to hold cards we don’t have. We cheat. We lie.

And while this is the model for many a relationship in our post modern era, it is not the model for Sacred Relationship as described in the Manuscript. Continue reading

Suzanne Poulson Spooner – A Short But Sweet God Message – 29 February 2012


[Hi God.] Hi Suzy, I hope you know how much I love you. [Aww, thank you God! I love you too!!] Keep your heart open Suzy. The portals are opening at an unprecedented amount. This is on track for the events needed for ascension.  Man is experiencing a quickening of time now and this is the portals converging with the timelines. This can be a little un-nerving to some. The best advice is to stay disconnected to 3-D reality when possible. Be an observer not a participant. Let the news filter through you but not in you. This is the greatest show in the cosmos and the audience is vast. Be in your heart. Smile at strangers, hum your sweet tunes. Might remember to raise your vibration with meditation often. The human family is on track and the celestial family is so happy to support you. Put all fear aside and enjoy the ride. / link to original article

Socrates Berlin – James Murdoch Steps Down At New International – 29 February 2012

James Murdoch is to step down as executive chairman of News International, it was announced today.

Parent company News Corporation said in a statement the move would allow him to focus on expanding the company’s international TV businesses. Continue reading

American Kabuki – 101 Resignations From World Banks – 29 February 2012

(Lucas: The updated list of Kauilapele by American Kabuki)

UPDATED 2/29/12

Note: I have extensively edited this list, re-verified links, shortened URLs to make this list more readable. Its grown very rapidly over the past week and was getting unwieldy in its prior form.  In some cases certain middle eastern bankers and European private bankers have managed to have their names removed from smaller blogs and news sites so I have updated those cases to larger news organizations less likely to bow to pressure. At the time of this posting all URLs listed work, I do not guarantee they always will.  I have also added missing names (in bold) and those URLSs where more than one person was resigning I expanded the item to have one line each, since everyone who copies this to their blogs (wow did this spread far and wide!) views each instance as one banker resigning I thought I’d make this listing more reflect that viewpoint.  I do not know under what circumstances these individuals have left their positions, I make no judgement on that. I just find the timing of so many resignations extremely curious and a bit of temporal marker in history of very high significance. No one should assume I make any judgement about the character of these people. I frankly don’t know their reputations except for a few rather famous ones.  I don’t mind if you re-blog this listing, information wants to fly free, just do me a favor of including and this header when you do so.  Save yourself the wear and tear on your karma. Thanks Kauilapele for the heads up on the broken links. Continue reading

Jullie Miller – Lord Sananda – The Spirit Of God Dwells Inside Each Of You – 29 February 2012

There are many dear souls who believe I came to bring peace amongst the people, yet I came bearing the mightiest weapon of all. I came with the truth and knowledge of the power that the Spirit of God dwells within each fine person. This truth does bring forth peace once it is acknowledged and seen from going within yourself, finding your true self that hold unspeakable knowledge. Such knowledge that is stored inside of you is not taught in schools or from books. This is an inner wisdom that fills your DNA and is accessible through specific meditations. It is the books and articles you turn to for clarification or further study of what is already contemplated by you. Continue reading

John Ward – Hackgate Day 414 – Breaking News -James Murdoch Exits NewsCorp – 29 February 2012


About three minutes ago (2.21 PM), Newscorp announced that James Murdoch was ‘stepping down’ from all his roles within Newscorp.

More to follow…. link to original article


Lisa Gawlas – The Magnetic’s Of Your Life And Riding March’s Energy! – 29 February 2012

Here we are on an earth that is currently allowing every viable frequency be visible.  One of the hardest things I find to write about is the sheer variables within these frequencies.  We think and look in a linear way.  Yes truly, life is all a quantum state of energy.

So when I talk about the frequencies one is aligned too… I do talk about it as if they are all in a nice slice of frequencies one above the other.  Not so at all.  It just makes story telling much easier to paint a picture. Continue reading

Lucas – Some Info On The Euro zone And Treaty Violations – 29 February 2012

In the past months several EU – Euro zone  treaty violations have been made in the rescue of Greece from default.

The EU treaty forbids explicitly  that member states can vouch for obligations of other member states.

Also the treaty forbids the ECB – European Central Bank to buy bonds or debt from member states. This is the simple explained version.

What this means is that the rescue packages for Greece : part 1: 440 billion Euros and 780 billion Euros in guarantees, part 2: 130 billion  Euros and 24 billion Euros  of the still to pay first parts, are illegally made.

The next permanent fund of 500 billion that should be in place around the summer is also a treaty violation.

We have been robbed so to say as Euro zone countries that are also EU treaty member states.

Even member parliaments have to honour treaty law. The European Court of Justice is not for noting in place. Therefore all decisions made or guarantees given and obligations vouched for are not valid in any way.

We have to claim all the money back from our governments as they have been giving illegally money to other member states of the EU.

That is in short what is the matter.

It goes even further. As Merkel also has been pulled her ears again by The Constitutional Court of Germany, the highest court, about the decision-making on the Greece bailout money in parliament with a small forum. The Court said the whole parliament has to be voting on these matters. Merkel is now launching counter measures to cut of the Court’s head. So the battle goes on. Being undemocratic and unlawful is now just normal.

When do you all see that we need to resist these tyrans and their dictates to do anything they want even outside the law and in undemocratic ways to get their New Wold Order or their own butts saved.  Do you all not see what is going on in your own backyard. We need to say enough is enough people. Wake Up!

Love and Light,


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John Ward – Libor Probe : US Justice Dept. Turns It Into Criminal Investigation – 29 February 2012

What started out eleven months ago as a commercial lawsuit against various European banks regarding alleged LIBOR rate manipulation has now turned into a criminal investigation by the US Justice Department. Banks thought to include Barclays Citigroup, HSBC , Royal Bank of Scotland and UBS are undergoing investigation at present. Continue reading