Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – Where The River Will Take You – 1 February 2012

God said:

You often ask Me to give you the conclusion to an episode in your life, as if I have in My pocket the answer to every single thing that will occur or not occur. In life in the world, you set something in motion. When you set something in motion, what you have set is like a big wave, and one wave leads to another. Will the wave you have set in motion reach shore? Will it reach this shore or that shore? Will it come back to knock you over, or will it carry you to the High Seas and where you want it to take you? Will what you have started turn out all right?

Well, of course, everything turns out all right. In terms of the world, eventually, it does. You are coming to Me rapidly whatever your decisions may be. Meanwhile, your decisions will take you somewhere.

You can’t worry about finite conclusions to what you set in motion. The thing is you can’t know. You can’t know the finite destination of everything. You want to live life more than for results. When you look for certain assured results in life, you won’t move, and life is meant to hop right along.

When you are pregnant, the pregnancy plays out. Pretty much, you have to wait and see. You do everything from your side, and you wait. In terms of pregnancy, you know about how long to wait. Yet in most of life, you do not know how long. You do not know when or where.

You cannot know all the answers. You want to know, but you can’t know anything until it happens, and even then you don’t always know. Who knows when something ends or how it ends? You may think something ended, and then, as in novels, a surprising event occurs.

Who even knows when something began let alone where it will end? Is there really such a thing as a beginning and an end? Maybe in books.

In life there are always surprises. Surprises are surprises! Some you love. Some you don’t.

There is not a map to your life. You make a map as you go along. Life is set before you, yet it is not calculated for you. Life is not a sure thing. It is an adventure. Columbus intended to reach India. He reached the Americas. No one knows what tomorrow will bring let alone what will happen next year. No one can calculate. No matter what the past might indicate, no one can know what a bell will sound like until it peals.

What an economical thing it is to live in only this moment of Eternity where there is no future and no past, where there is living, and the living is easy. The only place to be is in the present, and you have heard that enough. You would live only in this moment if you knew how. Meanwhile, you attack yourself with the past, and you stab your heart with fear of the future. Beloveds, your life depends on right now. Your life is right now. Let go of the rope that holds you to the past and the same rope that holds you to the future.

The future is an unknown quantity. It is not predictable. Life is not a proven activity. It is not locked in. Anything is possible. You are more than the returns you get in life. If you only fear making mistakes, you are not living life. Live life. You do not know where the river may take you, but you do know that you are rowing your boat in the river. by Gloria Wendroff link to original article


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