Lisa Gawlas – February Springs Forth A New Garden! – 1 February 2012

Phew baby!!  What a wild ride January was!  I remember last year spirit saying January was going to be a training ground for those who cleared themselves to live in the New Energy.  I could never ever have fathomed the intensity it would start and end with.

It was as if we opened the biggest dimensional portal earth has ever had in this particular phase of her evolution.  Please hear that right… this phase.  That is not  meant to mean ever.

In the opening, everyone was allowed to come in and partake of the energy.  Today, feels utterly different tho.  Today it is not the feeling of the wild winds, but more a steady calm.  A centered-ness that says, today the real work begins.

The last three days of January had tremendous importance in all of creation.  I am only going to be able to explain it as a metaphor.

The Seed.

It is amazing how we can take the seed itself for granted.  We plop it in the ground, surround it with dirt, water it… and wait.  Knowing, trusting, that it will germinate and spring forth in new growth for our garden.

The seed itself goes thru a transformation.  There is a point in it’s process where all the dirt and water completely enhance the very DNA of the seed, it starts changing form within the shell of it’s home.  A complete chemical change starts.

On January 29th, lifes garden went thru this same senerio.  As did my body too.  Of course, I did not realize any of what was really happening until yesterday.

Life is not about understanding it first.  Life is being part of the process and integrating the wonder and awe of the process for understanding.  This is true wisdom.

When I wrote the post: “Something BIG This Way Comes,” I had no clue I was talking about the true birth of the seed of life.  But man oh man, every cell inside of my body could feel the Shift of it all.

Then there is a moment in time.. a split second if you will, where the seed is no long in the state it was as it was planted, and not yet the plant it was created to be.  It is in a pure transformation state of creation.  Particle energy.  Pyre Energy.

That energy gives way to a pushing on the hard casing of the shell.  Every ounce of creation musters together to push thru the shell to become it’s created version of it’s Self.  The labor for the seed is almost unbearable, but in it’s pure wisdom it knows this is the way of creation in matter.

Yesterday, January 31st, I woke up feeling like lead.  Heavy, burdened by a pressure I could not put my finger on.  My brains felt like each neuron was attached to lead weights and pulled on my wholeness.

I knew upon waking up we did much work in the sleep time.  I didn’t know what we did, but I was aware that we did something HUGE.

After I put the last ounces of energy into the blog, I went and sat on my chair.  As the time rounded near to my first reading appointment my body exploded.  Vomiting from the depths of my stomach which released much of my bladder.  Not a pretty sight at all.

I called her and rescheduled.  Her voice seemed as if was a million miles away.  I felt like I was talking thru a long dark tunnel.  She understood and I went to the bath.  I stayed in the bath for 2 hours.  I wasn’t heavy and my mind was actually bouyant there.

The Guardians showed up in a heartbeat.  They showed me what we had done during the night time.

When I put the image of the gyroscope together yesterday, I missed an important aspect of it all.  The Guardians energy goes down deep into the earth from the Mesa Cliff, circling up to the cabin to join with us, then back up to the Mesa Cliff.

In my bath they showed me what we had done during the night.  As their energy went to the core of the earth, we… all of us aligned with this moment in time, weaved the new energy into the dirt, the rocks, Life itself and what I was feeling when I woke up was the new life pushing thru the casing of the shell of the seed we planted.


They showed me the yard in which we work and read from, and the many crystals out there basking in the energy.  They refereed to all those crystals as “seed” crystals.  Now infused with the energy from the creation of earth, in it’s pureness.  (Yes, including all the ones mailed out last year as well.)

Then they refereed to my Being as the Master Crystal in which the seeds spring from.  For my own comfort level, I am just going to turn the word Master into Mother.  I did google the word master crystal and found a great website that will help you all know what type of energy your crystal holds.  Click here

At least now I understand why I feel like I am going picking in life’s garden when we go to get the crystal(s) that will make their way to you.  It really is a wonderful interaction on my end.  I bet it is what the soul feels like knowing it is going to it’s parents.

So today, we have sprung forth the new garden of Life.  We are the seed energy, the living creation of Loving Wisdom made manifest.

Please do not bring your old tools to this garden.  This is no longer a garden made of soil, but a garden made of Light.  Living Light.

Not bound to the earth.  Not bound to the rules of 3rd and 4th dimensional energy.  This is what was truly meant by the words: “Be in the world but not of it.”

We have worked so diligently to change our DNA alignment from the carbon based structure (life in all it’s density and rules) to a crystalline structure (Living light upon this earth. )  FREE

There are a couple keys points we want to talk about, to release you from your old concepts as you birth into the new.

Grounding:  Absolutely needed as you moved your DNA thru the 3rd and 4th dimensional frequencies.  What you were truly doing was grounding your Light Body into the earth.  The earth holds the crystalline energy of your soul energy.  In the grounding process, you were also uploading to your human (smile) all the wisdom and codes of transformation.  Moving into the 5th dimensional energy what ascension is all about.  Living the Light of wisdom.  This is where the term “Let go” means everything.  You will never be able to fly while grounded.

Clearing:  You can get all caught up in clearing your energy, and we will let you. (free will and all.)  Some have even spent their entire lifetime looking deep into the wounds of their human and never get to the point of acceleration.  How often do you need to wash the glass before you dare fill it with new liquid?  Often times, you are clearing all the new seeds as you keep tilling the garden of your yesterday.

The Art of Meditation.  Your not going to be able to get around this one.  Look at meditation as flying lessons.  How do you know how to fly if all you ever have done was walk on the ground?  But even meditation has you limited by your past experiences/understandings of what meditation is.  Going within and getting still is good… but really simply the beginning.  If you simply put your clothes on and then sit on the couch to wait for something or someone to arrive and say Hey you look good… you are doing a lot of waiting.  Altho, you look really good while waiting.  Life and meditation is an interactive journey.  Flying lessons, if you will.  It is past time to get into the cockpit of your heart.  If you dare!

Time: Ohhhhh the illusion of life.  This is by far the greatest trick in the world.  A trick of the mind.  The most real illusion of created matter, that time exists at all.  You have become married to it, a slave to it… yet… there is no time.  How many still wear a watch upon your arm, like a wedding ring.  A constant reminder you are not free.

How often we hear “I don’t have time.”  Let us tell you… you have bound yourself to the earth with these words.

We will let you ponder this and talk more about it later.

Enjoy the new growth of your life!!  You have succeed beyond your wildest dreams!!

With a wellspring of Freedom to all!


Lisa and The Guardians. link to original article

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