Wes Annac – Conversations With Mikos – 1 February 2011

Channeled through Wes Annac-

Wes: Hello again to my dear friend Mikos. How have you been? I can feel that it is another sunny and beautiful day of your infinite existence down there in the beautiful city of Telos.

Mikos: Greetings, Wesley! Indeed our Central Sun and naturally harmonious weather patterns have brought us another beautiful day. Of course, as you know daytime is constant here; we have no need to experience night time and so we do not. We enjoy the day in all of its bounty, on a never ending cycle of Light and it is how we prefer to Live. Of course, other ascended societies choose to experience the night, and that is of their own choice and Creation.

You may find upon ascending that your natural Creation preferences, that is, what you naturally choose and prefer to Create, will put you in an energetic match-up with other ascended souls who are Creating the same types of conditions and realities for themselves. It is literally that each and every soul who are Creating and experiencing similar things are brought together energetically by their synchronous Creations.

As such, all of us here in Telos and in Agartha wish not to experience night time, and so there is no night time here. We are Creating by our own natural preferences, and at different, further along stages in our growth we may choose to experience things differently. We may choose to experience realties that are so different, ‘day’ and ‘night’ will be a factor of the past, perhaps even difficult to understand from an even further ascended perspective.

Day and night are apart of the complete duality-driven polar opposites, which are grown past but still understood upon ascending. Your societies and methods of Living and being whilst in the low vibrations have consisted entirely of duality and polarity-based judging; something or someone either ‘is’ or ‘isn’t’ something [when thought about].

As you ascend, you lose interest in this carefully crafted illusion that you have gotten yourself to believe is real after yourself Creating it, and you will, instead of trying to divide everything and everyone, see all of Creation as simply one,  as simply being. We understand that we are operating from an entirely different state of consciousness and so some might not understand the weight behind our own opinions and views, but the way we look at it is this: how can anybody or anything in this beautiful, infinite and bountiful Creation, ever be seen as separate in any way?

It truly baffles us and is a concept that we have much trouble fully feeling, but we do know of this polarity that divides much of your world in many different ways. We know of these matters and we know of ways to teach you to grow away from these patterns, but we cannot fully feel them and would certainly never be able to enact them ourselves. Creation is a brotherhood; every moment of Life and all who you are experiencing Life with, be it a friend, an enemy, a loved one or even the couch you are sitting on; all of this is your fellow Creation, existing right alongside you and going through its own progressive Life journey.

Wes: Thank you for sharing your beautiful perspective, Mikos. What can we do right now and in the days ahead to help the effort of bringing the Light and pure Love fully to Earth, to bring these ascended and reality-Creating energies in to help to manifest the changes that we have all been trying to get to move along?

Mikos: It is important now that you begin to make the effort in your Lives to reduce the polarity consumed by your minds and hearts. By this, we mean it is now time for you to begin putting into practice in every single moment of your Lives, all of those lessons of Oneness that you have been learning from us for so very long. Yes, you will read on the internet that all Life is energetically intertwined and that you share a supreme and unbreakable connection with each and every Life form and atom of Creation around you, yet many of you will still judge others and find reasons to see yourselves as separate from those souls around you.

You are not separate dear souls, and as long as you continue to feed the idea of polarity, the idea of duality and separation – and believe me dear souls it is and has always been just an idea – you will find the ascension energies coming through yourselves are less pure because your minds and hearts are not fully adjusted to the purity and Lovingness of the energies coming through.

Wes: I would like to go back to something you just said, about polarity and duality being only an idea. Would you care to further expand on that?

Mikos: Certainly. Of course, many times over you have been informed of your vast Creation power; dear souls you are the Creators of your reality, in every way you can imagine. This is not just some ‘new-age’ fantasy or belief meant to be seen as cute by others but that couldn’t possibly be real, this is a widely known fact by all in the higher realms and this is a fact that we have been so dearly wishing for you to know and conceive of. For dear souls, you have been giving your power away by believing in these simple ideas of polarity, of separation from each other and from Source, from our Heavenly Creator who Lives inside each and every one of us.

You have been ‘set’ to feeding the lower vibrations through these simple ideas, as you believed these ideas and many on Earth still do, and because your Creation powers are so strong, the ideas of being separate from one another and from Source are taken currently by many on the surface of Earth to be a given, rather than the complete opposite of the truth.

Trust me dear souls, you could not be closer to your own Creation, to us and to your heavenly Creator. In each and every single moment, the energies that form the building blocks and the overall structure of your reality and of the experiences you feel and witness in every moment, are coming through torsion fields which are established in your spirit complex.

These energies are sent through your bodies, and are subject to your own filters and distortions, as freewill intends. And so you see, when many of you put all of your faith into the ideas of separation from your fellow man and from your fellow Creation, the energies coming through which Create your reality adhere strictly to the belief systems set up by you, as it is your Creation and your freewill choice to experience it exactly how you wish to.

This is why angry people may be drawn to angry people, and people who have little faith in humanity seem to be continually drawn to who they see as ‘stupid’ or ‘incompetent’ people. You see what you want to see, dear souls, this is true in every single way you can possibly imagine.

Wes: That actually reminds me of what our friends in the Pleiadian High Council were telling us before, about all Life being energetically connected. Their discussion of it had to do with the energetic frequencies manifested through technology, but the subject holds ground in this Light as well.

Mikos: Do you know why that is, Wesley?

Wes: Why?

Mikos: Because, just as they told you, this is the fundamental nature of all Creation. This is how you are all interlocked with each other and with us, and this is how you are able to feel close to one another, how you are able to feel Love and an energetic, sexual or otherwise attraction with each other. It is all energy, broken down into octaves of frequencies and constantly interacting with each other and all other aspects of Creation.

Wes: Thank you for the explanation dear friend.

I would now like to go ahead and move along to, I guess what could be called my ‘main’ agenda for this communication. Steve Beckow has been doing his radio show, An Hour with An Angel, with medium Linda Dillon and they have just recently, as of January 30th I believe, had a discussion with Grener of the Intergalactic Council.

Steve made the proposal that, in an effort to speed up disclosure, a certain amount of souls be allowed to visit our Galactic friends in a Mothership, and come back to Earth after the trip with proof of where they have been that will, in a way, force [aid] the disclosure movement to whole new heights. Grener accepted this proposal to bring some from Earth aboard a Mothership.

I know that you may not be a part of such an organization, Mikos (I cannot say for sure) and I know that there will be many who see this event as something that couldn’t possibly be happening, and I will admit that before listening to the radio show I had my doubts.

However, when listening to the show, the energy of this being, Grener, coming through Linda Dillon felt to be very Loving, and I could feel my third eye pulsating throughout the interview as well as the Lighted energies and feelings that come to me when communicating telepathically with many ascended souls such as yourself.

On this energy alone which one really has to feel before they can truly understand, comprehend or criticize, I feel that the message itself is genuine. I also, however, do want to approach the possibility of this event happening very gently. And so, I wish to make a request to our brethren in the Galactic Federation and the Intergalactic Council, and have you communicate this request to them on my behalf.

Mikos: Just so you know, dear Wesley, they will be receiving your request as you are asking it to me. In fact, they have already received it quite many times. They received it when you were thinking of it, they received it when you were adding to it, they received it when you were rehearsing in your head asking this request to them and to myself, and they are receiving it as you are thinking of it and as I am talking to you at this very moment. That being said, proceed dear one.

Wes: Thank you, friend. Obviously I wish to be very cautious yet cautiously optimistic about such a possibility, so I would like to make a call to our Galactic Brethren that they make some initial visits and contacts to those who they wish to have come aboard their starships and motherships on the date given, which was this upcoming Saturday.

Of course, these contacts do not have to be out in the open in the middle of the day as I know safety precautions must still be taken, but I was thinking that in the dreamscape perhaps Grener and other members of the Intergalactic Council and the Galactic Federation could begin to contact those who will be possibly boarding the ships, as they have already done for many of us who are awakening, as a bit of a preliminary round before the big event occurs (if it does) on Saturday?

I mean, if the Intergalactic Council and Grener are really serious about this, and I mean really, truly, completely committed to doing this, than this will be a major development for those souls who will get to go and come back and disclose what they have gained. This would be such a big event that I do feel it should not be forecasted if it will not occur, but of course I offer no ill feelings toward those involved in making this monumental prediction if it indeed does not occur.

I do think, however, that if they [Intergalactic Federation] truly are serious about doing this, then perhaps they can let those who will be going know that they are serious by initially contacting such souls in the dreamscape, in the nights leading up to this upcoming Saturday. If you could make that request for me though I know it has already been made as you explained to me, than that would be just peachy dear friend!!

Mikos: Dearest Wesley, your enthusiasm and determination in such matters make us all Light up with joy! Worry not, your request has been received.

Wes: Thank you dear friend. Do you have any last bits of guidance to offer us before we wrap this up?

Mikos: Simply to remind you all again, to begin in your own Lives to diminish the prevalent separation-based attitudes that are serving to hold you back, as they are keeping you pinned to the lower states of consciousness that you have expressed your innate and focused desire to grow away from.

Now that your ascension processes are reaching such levels of graduation as they are now and you are being supported by energies that are increasing in scope and purity every day, you are finding that you now possess the strength, the Love and willpower inside of you to shake off the old paradigm and all of its sticky, lower energies. Do not let yourselves be sucked into the void of anger, frustration or the illusion of separation, as that is not what Creation is truly about.

Thank you to Mikos.

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