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Greg Giles – Message From The Galactic Federation Of Light – 2 February 2012

The way in which humanity handles their time in the coming days ahead will affect how they will experience the days between now and ascension. Be that as many variables are in place, humanity is in the position to alter their experience in many ways. The different ways that you can experience your days ahead include not only when certain events will transpire, but how these events will unfold. If the majority of humanity reacts in fear to our presence and to the changes scheduled for you, this will, of course, hamper the efforts of ourselves and our Earth allies. Along with fear comes distrust, and if the people of your world cannot find a way to trust us to assist you in the many avenues of progress, then changes are going to be slowed considerably. We will not go as far as to say that change for the better will be stopped completely, as these changes are vitally necessary for your upliftment, and in some cases, these changes are necessary for your continued survival.

Steve Beckow – Limousine To The Stars – Partimers Welcome! – 2 February 2012

The “Voyage to the Stars” team has just finished an hour-long call with Grener and Archangel Michael.

I’ll try to report the highlights from memory until a transcript is available from Ellen or Ruth. Continue reading

Fran Zepeda – Message From Archangel Michael – Take My Words To Heart – 2 February 2012

Channeler: Fran Zepeda

(Hello, Archangel Michael. Will you please expand on your message to me of 1.31.12, “The Time To Unite Is Now”)?

Yes, dear one.  My message through you the other day in which I urged you all to Unite was transmitted with the intent to rally you all to focus on coming together in this very critical time of transformation, of opening, and of movement. Continue reading

Greg Giles – Message From The Ashtar Command – 2 February 2012

I am dedicated to watching over my Lightworkers at home. We, of the Ashtar Command, respond always quickly and efficiently when a Lightworker is in need of assistance. We clear the area of any negative entities and make sure the perimeter is secure before moving on. You, our comrades in arms, are never alone when you incarnate into the physical on your missions to seed love and light into worlds that have fallen into darkness.

Jamye Price – Weekly Lightblast – Caring For Another – 2 February 2012

Caring For Another
In this year of 2012 as Ascension looms large, we are moving into our full embodiment of Divine Masculine/Feminine balance.  We are balancing duality into a Wholeness that encompasses all experience into the experience of The Divine in human form.  You have never been less than that; however, as your awareness comes into alignment with the Fullness of your Divinity in each experience, your mental construct reflects the emission of your heart of Love and your true role as an emissary is manifest.  The Love Within is so full that it flows out in the Grace of All is Well, All is Love.  Continue reading

Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – Answer – 2 February 2012

You are an expert on the seeking of love. Indeed, you may have been a beggar of love. You have paid a lot of attention to your need of love, yet love is not something to be begged for. You don’t want to be good at begging for love.

The thing to do with love is to give it. There is no other recourse but for you to give love.

If you have been a beggar for love, holding your heart out for even a tiny squeeze of love, stop that now. Giving love is always the answer. If you are hungry for love, the cure is to give your love away. Spend your love. It does not belong to you anyway. Love is for you to give.

If you feel you are needing love, that is a sure sign to give love. When you put your finger on a hot stove, you know to take your finger off the hot stove. When you are yearning for love, take your love out and give it. You are the maker of love. You are the fulfiller of it. Continue reading

Bill Ballard – Super Solar Flares And The Incoming Big Buzz – 2 February 2012


One of the largest solar flares in history was unleashed January 28 2012. It marked entry into full consciousness for those choosing ascension. This is the single greatest event in  history activated to raise the frequency of both Earth and humanity. This frequency increase marks the beginning of humanity’s return to an awakened state.

We have been asleep since the Fall of Atlantis. This is the time we have been waiting for! Be thankful you are alive on Earth. Continue reading

Matthew Ward – 1st February 2012 – 2 February 2012

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. While many lightworkers are confidently awaiting the transitional steps toward Earth’s Golden Age to reach fruition, others are marking time, so to say, until irrefutable evidence justifies full trust in light beings’ reports. And because the vast majority of your populace has no idea whatsoever that this year will end at the doorstep of a glorious new era of peace, cooperation and life in harmony with Nature, there is apprehension anew with every instance of saber rattling, austere economic analysis, new law or policy that erodes freedoms. Continue reading

Nancy Tate – Horus – Wake Up Call – 2 February 2012

We will soon be seeing the many changes that we have been alluding to in the recent past. It will come on the heels of the coming arrests that are taking place and will continue until all who have been at the feet of the goings on in this world for so long are taken care of, and brought to the awareness of the public. When that happens then there will be an ongoing parade of changes that will skyrocket and bring so many people to a new realization of what they have been being told as lies and deceit. When this takes place then there will be a mass reorganization not only of the political, and financial systems, but also of all systems on earth. Not only that, we will see a vast restructuring of the way people look at their lives and how it has evolved to the point in which they see how they have been in bondage for so long. Continue reading

John Smallman – Saul – Those Who Would Control Humanity Are Rapidly Losing Their Ability To Do So – 2 February 2012

Things are coming to a head, as those who would control humanity are rapidly losing their ability to do so.  They have seemingly been in control for a very long time and they have surrounded you all with an energy field that encourages dissent, disagreement, and distrust.  This field is not strong nor can it prevent you from moving through it, but because it encourages dissent among you, you very easily engage in arguments with one another – part of the illusion – and become distracted by the need to prove yourself right or others wrong.  In that state you close off your hearts, and the divine Love flow that is always present is barred from entering because you want instead to experience the excitement of conflict. When you let go of the need to be right and choose instead to engage with loving attitudes and behavior, the energy field with which the would-be- controllers have surrounded you dissipates very quickly indeed. Continue reading