Bill Ballard – Super Solar Flares And The Incoming Big Buzz – 2 February 2012


One of the largest solar flares in history was unleashed January 28 2012. It marked entry into full consciousness for those choosing ascension. This is the single greatest event in  history activated to raise the frequency of both Earth and humanity. This frequency increase marks the beginning of humanity’s return to an awakened state.

We have been asleep since the Fall of Atlantis. This is the time we have been waiting for! Be thankful you are alive on Earth.

Steve Rother (at ~minute 8 of this video) discusses what’s going on.  The actual CME is shown towards the end of the video. It represents the first of many CMEs to pulse this year.

There will be the naysayers who fear what is happening as these solar flares continue throughout 2012. By law of attraction that fear may be their own demise. These flares may indeed cull all who decide not to redirect their focus to their spiritual development. It has been said repeatedly that all who decide not to ascend with Mother Earth will remove themselves from the coming 5th dimensional New Earth. The solar flares mark the beginning of that time.

Everyone has the choice to ascend. No one is being left out! The opportunity is inclusive to all who choose and do the inner work.The task involved in moving to new Earth is that of re-centering consciousness from head to heart, and making a firm decision to ascend. Time for that decision is indeed short.

These solar flares are unleashing ever higher frequencies. There is no other way to look at what’s happening.  These higher frequencies affect and raise the vibrations of all that is encountered. The Earth and all consciousness located here is being lifted into higher and finer levels of frequency. This frequency increase can be uncomfortable even to those who have prepared for some time as we vibrate at ever-increasing rates into realms to which we are unaccustomed. Sometimes it takes a while for my physical being to attune to these higher vibrations. It is a bit like drinking too much coffee and experiencing an effect of anxiety or a rush in adrenaline. The impact is that of increased bliss – sometimes too much bliss for those who are heart chakra activated. These sensations are felt as a tingling in every cell of my physical body and energy field.

This speeded-up vibration will be uncomfortable for those not working to increase frequency. They will increasingly sicken from the impact of the incoming radiation and all the man-made pollutants in the environment. The pollutants on earth are now toxic for  3D-4D life forms. Those choosing to remain ego based do so because it is necessary for their soul’s growth. This year will greatly aid in their lessons.

Earth School and dimensional mastery is about vibration. That is as simple as it gets. All levels of consciousness – that which we perceive as physical and tangible – is nothing more than various levels of vibration. We are consciousness which lowered itself into very slow vibration to experience a physical separation from Source. That game is up! That cycle is now coming to an end. It is now time to remember who and what we truly are.

We do this simply by raising our vibration. The easiest way (without all the details) is just Be Love! There are some who are shown how and why it all works. These individuals relate their intuitive knowing to help others who are desirous of expanding their consciousness.  I, for example, channel my higher self when in an expanded state of awareness through my ego living this life’s incarnational experience. I blend the two as  best I can.

If you desire to ascend at this time state that to be your choice. It must be stated with heart-felt sincerity and broadcast to the universe. Once you have done so know it to beso and begin your personal spiritual work. Turning inward is that work.  That is where the true you will be found. All external to your heart is illusion! That illusion is created by the thought and the emotions you choose to entertain. All truth is found within you locked within your DNA.


The solar flares unlock DNA encoding and cause life to vibrate at a faster rate. That faster rate of vibration is raising Earth and all choosing to go with her into the higher 5th dimension. Dimensions are levels or octaves of vibration that we either exist in or attune to. The levels of life and consciousness around us which we don’t perceive vibrate at levels we are not currently attuned to. We are moving rapidly into a state where all that is now unseen becomes visible. Don’t freak out! Understand what is happening. Or simply be love and learn to just be!

Earth and the entire universe is ascending a step up. It does not matter what dimensional level an individual consciousness is attuned to. All levels are shifting up as the In Breath of Source begins. That time of the In Breath is now! Everyone who has sought out spiritual teaching knows this time would arrive but none can describe what will happen after the actual shift. We enter a portal into individuated timelines and realities. That is because we each have our own dream to dream, our own reality to experience for our souls’ growth.

Envision your dream now! Put your emotions into it so as to manifest and align with that reality! True 5D Magic begins now.

Don’t worry about anyone else and what their dreams are. I know you love your family and friends but see what is going on. You can only dream your dream and manifest the heaven or hell you wish to create after the shift. Those you love cannot do this for you. The shift is already happening and we are not all going to the same place. And while some may indeed continue together don’t be overly attached to that possibility.

We came to Earth School from different places, timelines, dimensions and parts of the universe / multiverse to join together for this game we have played. We are teachers and gods in training. Earth School was the training ground. That time is now over. It is time to graduate to higher levels of learning, to venture into the universe and teach what we have learned.  Earth School is the toughest school in this universe. Those ascending will have attained the master’s degree! So be proud of your experiences and accomplishments!

Back To The Solar Flares

This most recent solar flare arrives on earth around February 2, 2012. This is the largest solar flare recorded to date with a CME 5 times greater than the size of the sun. This blast directed at Earth will definitely be felt in the coming days. These blasts will continue for many years and affect everything in this solar system.

These super-high vibrations originate from the Galactic Center deep within the universe and are being beamed to each solar system. These extremely high frequencies are processed and stepped down in intensity by the suns of each solar system. From there they are beamed out to each planet or moon. There is life on every planet and moon in our solar system.

We are aligning with the Galactic Center of the Milky Way which can now be seen in the night sky. The stars, dust clouds and other solar systems which formerly kept this radiation from hitting our Solar System directly are no longer doing so. This allows a clear path for the energies to flow from the Galactic Center to this solar system. So these higher spiritual vibrations are now directly impacting Earth.

These higher vibrations align directly with earth every 26,000 years and initiate the ascension timeline. There are other points as we spin around the galaxy that allow for increased vibration but none is more clear and direct in regards to higher frequencies than our current placement.

Previously we destroyed 4 worlds as we came to this time period of mass ascension. You may have heard of the demise of Maldek, the planet between Jupiter and Mars, which WE blew up before coming to Earth and whose remnants can be seen as the shooting stars occurring August 11-13. It is my birthday each year as I watch and have memories of that time. Mu was destroyed as we had ET wars going on above. Funny, as fused nuclear fuel pellets from over 100,000 years ago are being found in Africa in Uranium mines, proving that we indeed were using the same nuclear fuels back then. The Hindu religion has many stories about this time. WE sank Lemuria and then again Atlantis where we finally “fell” into the 3rd dimension, completing the divine plan of separation from source. Now it is time to ascend back up those dimensions and that is what all of this is about!

Mission Complete! Time to go home!

DNA Mutation

As the higher frequencies of these incoming solar flares begin to affect each individual the DNA will alter and rearrange. If you allow it these feelings of ecstasy and bliss will be the norm. Parts of our DNA which were “unzipped” to allow us to “fall” after the demise of Atlantis in order to experience the lower vibrational dimensions will now be reformed into their natural state. We also have many more strands of DNA that have never been used. These strands will now activated. As these are activated we will become increasingly conscious of who we are, of our individual past lives, of our god-like powers which we have but have been denied use of. Heaven on Earth is about to occur and the solar flares trigger the beginning of this part of the process.

I have stated in previous messages that the solar flares may be a problem for those not focusing on their spirituality and increasing their own physical frequency. The time is now for this to be seen. Remember there is no good and no bad. There is simply only free will choices and the outworking of the divine plan. We dance this dance together!

Divine Perfection

All is in a state of Divine Perfection, no matter what we view it as individually. If you are view things as a problem back up and look from a more expanded/ascended perspective! From that perspective you will see it all differently.

Dimensions are multi-layered –  similar to the onion – with all intertwined and working together to bring the divine plan to fruition. This 2012 moment in the divine plan allows all who choose to become awakened divine beings. As we ascend our level of understanding expands. We will soon be manifesting and creating our dreams instantly – far beyond anything we can imagine at this time. For many who comprehend the mechanics of the process we are already manifesting instantly. Instant manifestation is a natural state of divine being.

As we dream of and manifest our future on an individual level we also do this collectively. So remove any and all limitations. Remove rules of the game. If we advance to 5D with no rules we can define each experience at the time that happens.

Begin to perceive everything from an unlimited perspective. We must do this on the deepest levels of ourselves as we go through this process in order to collectively affect what we will be as we pass through the final 2012 vortex and dimensional shift.

Let Go Of Limitations

Now is the time to develop what you will be afterward! If we go into this shift putting rules on ourselves or have preset limitations then so shall that be. Why have any limitations? Haven’t we already experienced the limitations? Remove them please! The goal is to obtain the highest vibrations and with that the highest levels of consciousness and abilities. As multidimensional masters we can travel all levels of vibration and dimensions at will.

Solar Flare Impact

As these Solar Flares come though us we may feel a bit nervous.  We may feel headaches and joint pains. Thoughts may be difficult to hold on to. For those ascending the focus on 3D day-to-day trivia will fade. The lower 3D vibrations may feel increasingly sickening.

For me, there is a restructuring of the chakras within my auric field and Merkabah. At times I find myself doubting this or that as I am used to “feeling” things first rather than thinking them. There are some lower vibrational energies affecting me as I go through this transition. These make me feel uncomfortable even with all my prior preparation for this time. I have found myself doubting my messages and what I do. But listen to me – don’t do that! Follow what your higher self tells you even if you feel these strange and unsettling sensations. It is a release and restructuring of your light body that you are sensing that feels so strange. All the old lower vibrations must be released from deeply buried places within the very core of our being.

As frequencies increase we may begin to have “memories” of childhood thoughts and dreams, and of past lives too. Most adults don’t realize we as children were really were higher vibrationally. We slowed our vibrations to conformed to the illusory material world. We shifted from a natural state of love into the ego and head trying to figure everything out, instead of feeling it. As we grew up and learned about the material world we lowered our vibrations into the separation and illusion. For those ascending, that time now shifts again where we will focus on feeling before thinking. Feeling is the way of living from the heart.

Many of us will begin to our past lives in this cycle and previous Earth cycles in Atlantis, Lemuria, Mu, or Maldek. Many have begun to remember times before Earth School when we were on other planets and in other star systems. As children we remembered these things but were taught they were not real and were the mind of a child. I find it funny how that way of being that we were taught was not real, is where we must return to. As these frequencies increase on Earth in 2012 these memories will be returned to all of humanity.

Past Life Memories May Prove Disturbing For Some

Memories of past lives and knowingness can be a real problem for those choosing not to awaken and understand what is going on. There is a strong possibility we may see individuals going crazy as old memories come flooding in. That is especially so if they choose continued identification with the 3D world as real rather an illusion we together have jointly manifested. There is a potential these individuals may become violent to themselves or others around them. Anything can happen now. However, we really should not focus energy on things we don’t wish to manifest into our reality.

At the same time be prepared for any outcome. Many can describe what is happening but as to what will happen none of us can know with absolute certainty.

Protection Is Available For All To Request And Use

All who focus on building and intensifying the light within their Merkabah are being protected. Destructive events may occur all around you but these will not affect you. To invoke protection envision yourself inside a forcefield of light through which nothing can harm you!. This focused intent manifests the Light shield and protection!

We each need to remember our spiritual tools. The memory of these tools and how to use them is inside. It is time to begin using them now. To use them picture them in your mind with focused intent. This IS our “image-in”-ation. Call on your guides and higher Self for help. Know you have all the help you need.

This incoming magnetic solar radiation may cause much chaos on Earth but it will not destroy our physical body if we maintain a raised state of vibration. Invoking the higher vibrations may result in additional detoxification which may cause discomfort.

Detachment Is The Key

Detachment is the key for all choosing to ascend. Yes, feel love and compassion for all others but remain detached as all this unfolds so you don’t become trapped in someone else’s illusion or allow that to bring you down into the lower vibrations! Yes we will be concerned about those we love so deeply. We all have friends and family who are at this time consciously choosing not to remember. Those are their freewill choices and we can do nothing about that.  We each choose our own life path for the experience we will manifest, thereby fulfilling our individual soul contract.

We have to perceive truth from a higher level of observation. In this Earth School we are all classmates, parents, children, friends and adversaries playing a karmic game to learn our lessons. We have been male and female. We have at various times been husbands and wives, parents and children, friends and adversaries. We have birthed each other and likely even killed each other. We have stayed and played karmic games within our soul groups that were required to learn lessons.

It’s Graduation Time

2012 is graduation time for those who have completed this schooling. These incoming solar flares mark the beginning of the graduation ceremonies. Some will choose not to graduate and that is fine. Some will choose to repeat the class for another cycle of learning. Again, there is no good and no bad. Those not choosing to ascend will be removed from this particular version of the game by their own choice.

For those on the fence about personal ascension please realize not making a choice is making a choice. Please understand that simple fact. By not consciously choosing we actually are choosing not to raise our physical frequencies. The entire planet has been informed of this 2012 ascension event for at least 25 years and more. When someone refuses to believe and work on their personal ascension with commitment he or she makes the choice not to ascend. So we must detach from all others as they have free will to make the decisions they make.

We must let those who choose not to ascend go on their way even if they remain physically present in our lives. Detach from them interiorly with love. Love them for who they are. There is no need to be cold or unemotional as we release them to their choice interiorly. And it certainly does not mean we need to remain behind with them, continuing to experience the 3D-4D lower vibrational worlds. Indeed such choice may not be possible as we are far more alive than those choosing not to ascend simply because we are recognizing who and what we truly are. This enhances our experience greatly.

Be Aware Without Fear

The culling of 2012 has begun. We each need to be aware of the possible intensity of what is getting ready to happen.  Solar flare magnetic radiations, the Fukushima Nuclear Radiations, poisoning of the food supply, disease, famine, war, earthquakes, tidal waves, floods, extreme weather, etc., are various methods by which souls not choosing ascension will be removed from Earth. In addition, the cleansing and restoration of Mother Earth will also happen and be completed prior to the coming dimensional shift.

All of this has already begun. If we get caught up in linear thinking – of watching the exterior illusion and growing chaos from our head – this could be quite traumatizing. This is especially so if we attach emotionally to this disintegrating illusion and anyone or any event within it. This includes our attachments to anything material or even our addictive attachments. Any attachment has the possibility to redirect focus and suck us into lower vibrations. This is the final exam of mastery and graduation from Earth School. The exam has begun. That is why mastery of thought and emotion is the most important attainment we can demonstrate at this time in our own lives.

It is indeed the case that not everyone is ready to graduate. Spiritual development and mastery is a process that takes many lifetimes. It is said that the average person ascending now has had around 2500 lifetimes in Earth School. Some have had many more and some less. Anyone can ascend any time in any cycle when the individual decides to set their intent on Ascension and mastery. Normally this process takes many lifetimes of focused dedication. However this time is precious because everyone incarnate on Earth has this option. Choice must be made.

Many souls on Earth right now are from a variety of dimensions and places around the universe. Many are from other star systems. All are here for different reasons. Many are here as ambassadors representing the ascension of their home planets. Many civilizations from other star systems are ascending through the experiences of their ambassadors on Earth. Some incarnates are newbies to the lower dimensions and are here to play with those old souls who have been doing this a long time, helping those old souls to remember who they are. Many of these old souls have forgotten as Earth School is a long process. Some newbies may be beginning a cycle of many lifetimes in the lower dimensions and are here to witness this mass ascension. This is so they too will remember at the coming future cycle when they too will ascend.

Every soul on Earth School sooner or later goes through this ascension process. Some starseeds are here this one and only time to hold the higher vibrations for this cycle’s ascension. Many newbies who will later return for another cycle of 3D-4D school are here to witness the magic of the higher vibrations and the mastery of the ones now ascending. They are receiving what they need to know for their coming lower dimensional incarnations. The torch is being passed. Those returning will be the Bodhisattva or light bearers of the next 3D-4D cycle.

Some of us are very old souls who have gone through all the “previous worlds” of Earth and Maldek history. The 4th world is now at its completion and we are soon to step into the 5th or New Earth. Negativity and duality has been experienced to the extent we have learned all we can from it and that is why we are now ascending.

An “old soul” is only one who has been through a 26,000 year cycle of Earth School. In reality all souls are the same age as all are eternal beings as we all come from The One. “Old Souls” simply have more Earth School experience in the lower dimensions than others. These “old souls” have been through previous cycles and sometimes over tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands of years, experiencing thousands of lifetimes. It is these souls who need to be awakened as to who they truly are. It is time to move to a new game. It is the remembrance of who we truly are and the process of raising our frequencies that constitutes ascension!

With Unconditional Love for ALL That IS!

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