Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – Answer – 2 February 2012

You are an expert on the seeking of love. Indeed, you may have been a beggar of love. You have paid a lot of attention to your need of love, yet love is not something to be begged for. You don’t want to be good at begging for love.

The thing to do with love is to give it. There is no other recourse but for you to give love.

If you have been a beggar for love, holding your heart out for even a tiny squeeze of love, stop that now. Giving love is always the answer. If you are hungry for love, the cure is to give your love away. Spend your love. It does not belong to you anyway. Love is for you to give.

If you feel you are needing love, that is a sure sign to give love. When you put your finger on a hot stove, you know to take your finger off the hot stove. When you are yearning for love, take your love out and give it. You are the maker of love. You are the fulfiller of it.

The concept of tithing is that when you are in need of wealth, you give a percent of the wealth you have. If you have little wealth, still you give a percent. In the old days, the poorest of the poor were to give away a greater percent than the wealthy. That is how giving works.

The hungrier you are for love, the more you are to give. This is how to see love. Pour it out, and your love will be plentiful. You will see love everywhere, and you will be love everywhere. This is how you become wealthy in love. Love will fall on you like a spring rain.

When you are generous, life will copy you. When you are stingy, life will copy you. It is yourself you stint.

When you long for love, your longing will multiply. The more you give out love, the more your love will multiply. Take joy in giving love, you will have more joy in receiving love.

This is how you direct your life.

Of course, it is better for you to let go of thinking of getting love back. It is not quite love when you give love with a motive in mind. Give love because it is yours to give. Give love because the world needs your love. Give love because you have love to give. Give love because this is what you are to do. Give love so that you become good at giving it.

The less love you have, the more you give. And the more love you have, the more love you will still give.

Whatever your situation is, give more. This is how you fill yourself.

When you are lonely, make someone else less lonely.

All this is another way for Me to say to let go of putting so much attention on yourself. Too much attention on yourself separates you from life. It separates others from you, and it separates you from yourself.

When you feel a need for more attention, that is a signal to give others more attention. Self-serving does not serve you. It doesn’t serve anyone.

Serve Me, beloveds. Serve Me well, beloveds. You serve Me by serving others. The more you serve others, the more you serve Me. The more you serve Me, the more you serve yourself.

This is your true need, beloveds, to serve. by Gloria Wendroff link to original article


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