Nancy Tate – Horus – Wake Up Call – 2 February 2012

We will soon be seeing the many changes that we have been alluding to in the recent past. It will come on the heels of the coming arrests that are taking place and will continue until all who have been at the feet of the goings on in this world for so long are taken care of, and brought to the awareness of the public. When that happens then there will be an ongoing parade of changes that will skyrocket and bring so many people to a new realization of what they have been being told as lies and deceit. When this takes place then there will be a mass reorganization not only of the political, and financial systems, but also of all systems on earth. Not only that, we will see a vast restructuring of the way people look at their lives and how it has evolved to the point in which they see how they have been in bondage for so long.

It is a matter of all those who have known what has been taking place to be there in power and love for those who are in disarray within themselves. When they begin to take their journey to the truth that lives within, they will benefit from those of you who are near them to reach out in a loving and understanding way. They will feel a positive energy around them in which they can set their new way of being and looking at what their future can be like.

Part of that is to take a new look at what is around them. Are the mountains and forests, streams and oceans, deserts and plains merely there for their enjoyment, or are they something more than that? Are they full of loving energy as well? Are they full of life forms that generate the love of the everlasting throughout all that is living on earth? There is much that can be drawn from these life forms that many people on earth do not realize are taking an ounce of goodness to their bosoms and returning it tenfold to the masses. Everything that is in harmony with Gaia and all of life on and within her body is all in harmony with one another. There is nothing here that can be said to be separate from the rest. That is what keeps all in balance, when it is known and lived in every way.

With this in mind we can all go forth on this planet and realize that we are all one in every way. We have our individual ways of expressing, and that is one of the magic points of living in this wondrous bounty. Once the masses realize this, then the uphill flow will be present and everlasting. It will represent the truth of this planet and what is out there for all of the world to see beyond the surface of the earth, and far into the universe. So too will it be known what is within this wondrous body of Gaia. You will see how we can all live together in harmony to achieve the utmost goals that we come forth within our hearts and universal minds.

We will bring about a beautiful reformation of the earth with our abilities to rebuild and to reform the life on the planet. It will include the re-ocurrence of all here to realize the benefit of being able to live within the planet while certain changes take place on the surface. This does not mean a long time that will be necessary to begin the resurfacing. It means that for some time we will be meeting with you and banding together to decide what the steps will be to gain entrance into the new world. It will mean a whole new way of seeing this planet inside and out. We will guide and work with you through the process.

There is coming a resource council that will employ methods that will resonate with all of you, for it will be working in council with all of you. There will be no leaders, for all of you are leaders. There will be no class structure, for you all will realize that you are equal in every way. It will be a resonant way of creation that will ring through the universe as a lullaby. It will give rest to the exodus that will take place, as those of you who choose to leave to other places in your solar system, and for those who go within the earth for the time it takes to clear way the debris. When this is accomplished then it will be a new way of rebuilding on the surface. It will incorporate the Inner and Hollow earth, along with the moon and neighboring planets. It will encompass the whole universe in many ways. There are ships waiting for their part in giving place for those of you who choose to leave the earth for the initial time of restoration.

Take some time dear ones to realize the coming changes and how you will fit into them. It is a bonus that comes with all of this at this time, and it is a nice easy way to see your lives in the energy of calm and love, peace and serenity, joy and laughter. It is with the knowing that you are not alone. You have so many beings around you who are lending their love and support. All you need do is reach outward and inward to receive the feelings that guide you to a better place within. The power and love that you feel when you do that is part of who you are within. You are just beginning to realize who you are, and as that realization springs forth in the world around you, you will see how you can be the creators of your new world.

Hang on there, and know that the times of unrest within yourselves and outside, around you, are about over. Only a few more incidents of disparity are in the way of being able to hear all around you the hum of perfection in the vibratory makeup of existence. Once you hear that hum within yourself, then you will know that you have taken a new step to yourself and those around you. That is when you will know more fully that we are all one and that life on this planet has only just begun in the new energy of Love forevermore.

Thank you dear Horus,

Love, Nancy Tate news letter 2 february 2012

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