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UFO Report – Compilation UFOs January 2012 – 2 February 2012

Uploaded 1 February 2012 on YouTube by wwwendicat total 1 hour and 22 minutes of footage.

Lucas – About Steve Beckow – My Stand In This Matter – Get On With It! – 2 February 2012

After The An Hour With An Angel   blogtalk radio show with Linda Dillon channeling Grener (President of the Intergalactic Council)  interviewed by Steve Beckow hosted by Graham Dewyea  hell broke loose.

The issue was a trip to the command ship Neptune and travel with a selected group of people by Steve Beckow and some additions by  Grener and the Intergalactic Council. The intent was to visit and report from the ship and travels in earths media  to bring disclosure forward and hopefully other things also with it.

Let me say this: almost all lightworkers have still ego and duality issues. Therefore Steve had better not put out this interview before but  after the visits with Grener and reporting on it. The questions now are about why not me? Why selection of people by Steve. What is the reason behind this selection? Etc. All these are for me just part of ego and duality issues .

Please Steve go ahead with it as planned and agreed upon with Grener. And let us hear from your wonderful voyage and things you have been doing and have learned with the group. But leave nothing out and bring the news to earth and spread it.  I will do my part in spreading the news. We need to progress in one or the other way this final year. We have to do ourselves a lot with some help from our space brothers and sisters and lightbeings.

My stand is let all critics and others set their ego, judgement and duality aside and make way for this event taking place and sent love and light for a succesful mission. The trip is about bringing things forward for the  good of all mankind in reporting and bringing the news and things learned back to all on earth.

So, Get on with it!

Give my regards to Grener, Ashtar, SaLuSa, SanJaSKa as you are meeting or may meet them.

(link to Steve Beckow’s article on the issue: link to original article)

Love and Light,


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Jim Self – Questions For Jim – How Do I Maintain My Balance Through The Shift? – 2 February 2012

Video of Jim Self from www. masterinalchemy.com posted 26th Jan. 2012 on YouTube

Meredith Murphy – Archangel Michael – February Energy Update – Ascension Draws Near – 2 February 2012

The Energy this Month will Flow in Waves

The energy this month may fool you.  It will let you believe you are opening to Oneness and then it will lead you into a new configuration in which you will feel a bit like you can’t feel your connection to things.  Don’t be concerned about these waves of experience; you are being substantially upgraded this month and with each alteration to your structure, your energetic interfaces to Gaia, your higher-self, the crystalline Earth grid, to your soul family and other versions of you, are being enlarged and elevated. Continue reading

Greg Giles – Message From The Ashtar Command – 1 February 2012

I am dedicated to watching over my Lightworkers at home. We, of the Ashtar Command, respond always quickly and efficiently when a Lightworker is in need of assistance. We clear the area of any negative entities and make sure the perimeter is secure before moving on. You, our comrades in arms, are never alone when you incarnate into the physical on your missions to seed love and light into worlds that have fallen into darkness.