Steve Beckow – Limousine To The Stars – Partimers Welcome! – 2 February 2012

The “Voyage to the Stars” team has just finished an hour-long call with Grener and Archangel Michael.

I’ll try to report the highlights from memory until a transcript is available from Ellen or Ruth.


Here is the tape. Your invitation to the stars.

The most important highlight is that Grener will be taking Dave Schmidt and BZ Riger aboard the Neptune in the next 24 hours on a scouting mission. Why are they going? Because we know that some of you will need to cancel appointments and even shift work to go on this expedition and we want you to have an eyewitness report that this is really happening. Their report will provide that certainty.

At the latest they’ll go Friday morning so make a point of waiting till Friday afternoon to cancel appointments. Obviously work shifts may need to be attended to sooner.

Archangel Michael addressed the various criticisms that have been level against the project and against Linda. I’ll leave that to him for your reading.

Grener discussed the case of a mother whose child is afraid of the galactics. He said it would not be advisable for her to come until he has had an opportunity to deal with these fears. He said the fear was a bleedthrough from a life spent in the Galactic Wars and should not be dismissed but handled with compassion and patience. I’ll be mentioning this to the person herself. But it’s something that others should keep in mind as well if your children exhibit any fear of talk about galactics.

Geoff West asked if he could remain on board the Neptune and produce documentaries and Grener said it was important not to have anyone remain on board so that the dark could not say someone has been abducted. Thus it was important for us to have a list as well so all could be accounted for.

Grener does not want to increase the number of people coming because he wants it to remain intimate and connected. But he has made the concession that we can begin a second list and the galactics will come and get those people and take them for short visits to the ship.

There were one or two people who asked if they could come for a day and I said “no.” Well, that “no” is now a “yes.” We will prepare a second list of part-timers. (Pat, this one’s for you.) But the list is not so important as you just asking the galactics. When you ask, it’s like a party line. The galactics hear you, Grener said.

Any mistakes the logistics team makes, the galactics will correct. It isn’t the case that if your name is spelled incorrectly, you may be missed. He said that the galactics know who you are.

And anyone else who wants to come for a part-time stay among the list of full-time attendees, perhaps shift over to that list as well if you want to come only for a day.

How will they pick us up? Grener was not kidding when he said we’d be picked up in a limousine. That’s exactly how it will be. Our return will be en masse and we’re first go to a separate location where we’re meet the press.

Some people for this second group may have to give up a night’s sleep to go. The visit will be in full consciousness and your physical body. You will remember all you see. (And you’ll return ahead of the rest of us so you’ll be the first ones back.)

Now this is important. Going is an acknowledgement that we are supporting Disclosure. If people do not want to meet the press, well and good. They will be taken home separately. But most people should know that we are viewed as the vanguard of Disclosure.

We are looked upon as forming a kind of sisterhood and brotherhood that will support each other in really stepping out for Disclosure’s sake. So we have an element of work related to our play. Well, not really work, but going on this trip means something.  For all intents and purpose, we are Disclosure, people.

Archangel Michael has a message for Sahar, who has been jailed unjustly: He will work behind the scenes to see what he can do for you. You are not insane. End of message.

Thank you to those people who paid for this call.  link to original article


2 responses to “Steve Beckow – Limousine To The Stars – Partimers Welcome! – 2 February 2012

  1. Oh My! This was astonishing to me! does this means we are to expect actual pictures of the mother ship or them thereselves within a matter of a few days and many witnesses?! Also this talk of meeting with the press. I think that is what they said?! They actually really are surely starting disclosure! I am so overwhelmed and beyond excited and in joy! These pictures will definently be uplifitng and refreshing and oh the initial disclosure will have me laying in the floor with such intense energy of love and hope and disbeliefe and amazement will all rush through me! I know it will. After the past two years and all they have taught me. Im so excited! Thank you all so much for your hard work! ***LIGHT AND LOVE TO ALL!!! :-)))***

  2. I feel it’s a good time to process all thru Heart and stay grounded
    within expectation, Let this all unfold as it will. Support is much
    more powerfull if sent thru Heart Space rather than head space.
    Will I am