Steve Beckow – So I’m A Part-timer. Now What? – 3 February 2012

“I’m on my way!”

We have more people for full time than we were supposed to. Mind you, this is the event of the millennium so why wouldn’t that be the case?

We can’t add more to the full-time roster, but we can add people to the part-time roster.

Grener introduces the notion of part-time visitors here:

Grener: Not all of your delegates can come full time…

The core grouping will be with us for the full length. And then others will have the opportunity. And we are not going to say “Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday” for all this group. We will just say, “Be available….” and if it means missing something you had planned on Earth, so be it. Which is more important to you?

So, these, the group that is the second group and third group and fourth group, we will lift them up for a visit while the primary delegation is still there and going on. (1)
To those who wonder how Grener and crew will know how long they want to stay for and when they will be picked up, Grener reminds us that we’re dealing with people who have the capacity to know that information.

G: People, first of all, people are already letting us know. We do not interfere, and we certainly do not invade people’s privacy, but we are made aware [of your desire] the moment you are made aware….

As soon as the email or the phone calls come [stating that people want to go], think of it as a party line or a cc.We are getting the request as well.

So, you may keep your lists, because in human form, people wish to be reassured that their request has been heard, received and considered. And that is what they need to know. And that we from our side are accommodating as much, as many, and as rapidly as we can.” (2)

As incredible as it may sound, Grener and Co. know that you want to go part-time and know when you want to go for. Yes, we’ll keep lists but apparently they aren’t needed. This is between you and Grener, apparently. Here he describes the way it will work:

SB: All right, how will they know when you are going to come?

G: They won’t!

SB: Ummn, some of them work, some of them have children…

G: Oh, we are going to take that into account, we will let them know. (3)

Some may be picked up at the time they would ordinarily go to bed, though that does not mean people will travel in their astral form and remember nothing in the morning.

G: For some it will be during their sleeping hours, and we suggest they will be very willing to give up a night’s sleep to come on board.

SB: When you say during their sleep hours, you don’t mean they won’t remember it…

G: No, we do not, and this is a very good question and it is a question many have asked. this is a physical, human conscious experience; this is not an astral invite. We extend those all the time; so, yes, people will have the conscious knowing of being present and the conscious memory of what has transpired.

Grener says that numbers of people will decide not to go on the trip:

G: Now you also know that there are some that will self-eliminate, even though they are on that list.

If there are any who are down for full-time who would prefer to go part-time, that would help us bring the number down. We could make the group smaller as Grener wanted.

So that is the lowdown on part-time travel to the ships. Just intend to go and the galactics will find you and bring you to the ship. You can be on the list but you don’t have to be. We’ll all compare experiences when we get back.


(1) “Transcript of Archangel Michael and Grener’s Instructions to Attendees,” Feb. 2, 2012, at

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