Ann Albers – Message From The Angels – 4 February 2012

My dear friends, we love you so very much.

Be kind to yourselves. It is a time on earth when the energy is very intense. Your sun is active and it is bringing new light and catalyzing new growth upon your planet earth. You will feel this in different ways.

Some of you will feel intense inspiration and a drive to get moving in your lives. Take action when you feel it. Allow this energy to inspire you and carry you forward.

Others will feel extreme fatigue as their body, mind, and soul cry out for balance. Honor this and rest more if this is what you are feeling. Your body is trying to become accustomed to the new frequencies and you cannot do so easily when you are exhausted. Be kind to yourselves. Allow the rest when needed.

Still others will feel as if the proverbial “rug” is being jerked from under their feet. What was not working either inside of your mind, or in your outer lives is being exposed and you now have a choice as to what you wish to carry with you, what you wish to transform, and what you wish to leave by the wayside. Be honest with yourselves. Look at any unhealthy and unproductive beliefs and patters. Clear the clutter in your minds, hearts, and lives and make adjustments to focus your thoughts, words, and deeds more clearly upon the priorities you wish to espouse. Choose faith over fear. Get help if you need it. You are never alone.

This energy is so strong dear ones that you can use it any way you like. It is like a powerful wave that can carry you forward if you walk in focus and faith, or can tumble you in its power if you give into fear and ignore your hearts. It is a wave of nothing less than love that is coming to your planet earth right now, touching your hearts, and wanting to wash you clean and clear of the past. Are you willing to let go of what does not serve you, be it material possessions, attitude, or beliefs? Are you willing to focus on what matters most to you?

You are given a fresh start with every breath you breathe. A simple change of mind, change of attitude, or change in behavior can begin to change your entire life. One self-loving thought, one gracious thought about another, one small step towards a goal you have always dreamt of creating… these tiny loving choices that support your priorities in life are not so tiny after all with this great wave of energy backing them up.

Be kind to yourselves and others. Rest when you are tired. Act when you are inspired. In this fashion you can ride these waves of energy safely to the shores of God’s love.

God bless you! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

Message from Ann
Hi All!

This energy is indeed no-nonsense. I feel it and I love it. Like Roto-Router it ripped through me the past few months, drove me to face some of my deepest fears, and then carried me out the other side when I chose to trust God and just return to living passionately. I’ve become very no-nonsnse myself. The angels have been urging me to focus on my priorities, every day, without wavering.

A recent hike in northern, Arizona was a wonderful teaching on this type of focus. I got the call to take a walk in the woods that I love so much. It was a beautiful day in Phoenix, but to my surprise the forest was freezing cold and the trail was covered with ice and snow. Nonetheless it was bracing and beautiful. The air was crisp and clear and the forest was perfumed by the smell of the ponderosa pines that I love so much. I slowly started walking down the icy trail. My mind was giving me a litany of fearful criticisms about how crazy I was to be traipsing on such precarious ground, while all the while my heart was singing! I decided I was not going to fall, and I was going to enjoy my hike. I brought my focus intensely into the present moment. I took one, slow, conscious step at a time, appreciating the feel of the earth under my feet, and feeling every breath in the silent, peaceful woods. I cannot even describe the feeling! The forest was so still you could hear every breath, with the only other sounds coming the soft murmur of the creek as it flowed gently under the ice, and the occasional cry of the ravens. My body felt wonderful. My mind was blissfully still, and my balance didn’t waver. I felt at One with it all.

Life is like that. If we are thinking about a gazillion things other than the task at hand, rushing around,or wishing things would be other than the exact way they are, we can easily get unfocused and trip ourselves up. If however, you focus everything you have on putting your best and most authentic self into the present moment, that is where you find your center and find yourself centered in God’s love. In that space you make wonderful choices for your future goals, and receive wonderful guidance.

Your thoughts, words, deeds, time, money, and energy are resources with which you create your earthly life. You can choose to think, speak, and act in ways that support the person you want to be and the life you want to live. You can weed out – sometimes with help – bitterness, anger, unforgivenes, resentment, self deprecation, victimization and other thoughts that suck the life out of you. You can choose to avoid gossip, criticism, complaints, and other uses of language that do not uplift, enliven, and inspire. It is fine to share your so-called negative feelings but when you do so, have it be your intent to work them out rather than to inspire sympathy or create blame. One is a self loving use of your words, the other is a victimized energy. You can choose actions that align with your desired life or goals as well. Instead of spending an extra ten minutes with the snooze alarm you can sit up, breathe, and ask God to fill you heart and your day. That feels better than the snooze honestly!!

You can prioritize your time so your own goals – the ones God puts in your heart – come first. This may mean spending less time in other areas of your life or on other people’s priorities. You may risk others’ displeasure or disappointment. You can choose to pay your bills first, give as God guides you rather than out of an egoic sense of duty, and save for what you want in the future, rather than frittering away your money on things that don’t really help you create the life you want. If a Starbucks drink is part of the life you want, enjoy it by all means, but if you are just filling time while really wanting to save up for things you desire more, skip it! There are no hard and fast rules here. Only you can decide if how you spend your precious life force and resources is consistent with the life you want to life.

I recently watched a television special about a place called Maverick’s beach in California where the waves range from 25 to 80 feet high. Can you imagine? The best surfers from all over the world travel there to test their mettle. If a surfer loses either his focus on the present or the goal of the shoreline, what was previously the ride of his life can turn deadly. Likewise the energy on earth is pretty intense. We have to point our whole selves in the directions we want or else we will feel scattered, confused, and upset. However, when you can achieve that level of focus, hang on and God will take you for the loving ride of your life!

Have a wonderfully focused week!

©2011 Ann Albers, All Rights Reserved. news letter 4 February 2012

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