Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – Innocence In The World – 4 February 2012

God said:

From the very beginning of Heavenletters, I have told you that you do not owe anyone anything, and no one owes you anything. No one is an owner of anyone, nor is anyone owned by anyone. You are free. This is what free will means.

If, in the world, another or others seem to own you, their sense of ownership, no matter how they see it or how you see it, comes with your agreement. This is hard to believe.

No matter what, you are your own shining light. If you are owned, somewhere along the line, you partnered in this. It may not have been your conscious volition, and yet, somewhere, sometime, you okayed it. An agreement was made.

You can undo agreements, beloveds. If undoing agreements is hard for you, then you can begin to see your own attachment to another’s attachment.

The virtue of not owning or being owned is that you let go of attachment. You let go of attaching, and you let go of being attached by another. This means you are your own sovereign self.

You may say, “What if I am imprisoned? How does this theory of yours work, God?”

It is the same, dear ones. You made choices along the way that led you to where you are.

“What if I did not commit the crime, God?”

This is harder, yet, somewhere along the line, you acquiesced. Before birth, after birth, somewhere along the line. Even if you are innocent. Even if you are the one who robbed a bank, you are innocent just the same. Do you understand? Even if you did the deed, you are innocent. You have to be very innocent indeed to rob a bank and think you won’t ever get caught. All are innocent. We’re not questioning innocence. All My children are innocent.

If you were kidnapped, you are innocent. If you are a reprobate and kidnapped, you are innocent. If you are a baby kidnapped, you are innocent. Everything seems random, yet it is not. Something unfathomable is being played out. You cannot fathom it. You cannot fathom it anymore than you can fathom that your tummy is empty, and others’ tummies are full, or you cannot fathom that your tummy is full, and others are starving. What can you fathom, dear ones?

There is no opposite to innocence. Guilt is not opposite to innocence. Guilt is something implied applied. Guilt is applied to another or to yourself, yet, really, all anyone can be guilty of is being a human being. Human beings sometimes make mistakes. The ink that spilled was a mistake. A word misspelled was a mistake. The murder of another is a mistake. Everything that is not love itself is a mistake.

The teacher who scolds the child for spilling the ink or misspelling a word is also making a mistake. Anyone who judges is making a mistake.

The world would say that some mistakes are greater than others, for the world itself is all about relating one thing to another. All the world is relative. That’s what makes it the world.

For the purposes of Our discussion this morning, a mistake is a mistake. For every mistake, there are repercussions, yet a mistake is a mistake, and mistakes are made. Let mistakes be mistakes and not weigh them so judiciously.

But the world is not a mistake. And you are not a mistake. You can rise to any occasion, whatever the occasion may be. Some of you have risen. In fact, everyone has risen. No one stays the same in the world. The world is all about change. The one who murders can become a saint. A proven saint may falter. Anything is possible in the world.

Extreme goodness is possible. Extreme goodness is not only possible, it is an everyday occurrence.

The world is not about justice, as you perceive justice. It is about goodness, however. by Gloria Wendroff link to original article

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