Lisa Gawlas – The Pregnant Energy of February – Magnetic!!! – 4 February 2012

The night before I last I went to sleep with the intention of understanding the energy of the date line I keep seeing as Feb 15th.  We worked all night on this dateline.  I say we, because I was surrounded by many others and it looked like we were taking tightly woven fibrous strands of something or another… it remended me of an orange, only these strands were much thinner than an orange section and was a dull white.  We were pulling the strands outwards and expanding there sphere of energy.  Sort of like when we first started the work this sphere of energy was about the size of a baseball and we have stretched it to the size of a beach ball (not literally in size, just to use a comparison.)

Each pull of the strand released a super concentrated energy into (creation I assume.)  But still have no clue as to what we are doing and why.  …not really anywayz.

The day of readings opened up yesterday in a fury!  Holy freakin cow batman!  My first reading (well his field of energy) seemed to want to chat things up before I called him… a good 30 minutes before!  All I could hear, as if the sound of his soul encircled me with audio (talk about your surround sound lol) was that he is a “Master Builder” and that we all have a Master within us and that this is the time to bring the Master forward.

I suppose with that set up prior to his reading, I shouldn’t have been surprised to see him standing on the dome of energy that encompasses the “field” working on something that looked very much like a chimney sticking out of the dome.  I understood this chimney is that 7th dimensional portal I see now and again, but thru him it was tangible and purposeful.

He later sent me a link to an image that I feel is exactly what we are all working on… that wormhole.  I have heard the field, the guardians, and you (thru the readings) talk about that 7th dimensional thingie as a portal.  You can click here to see the image.  Even in the image is that 6th dimensional sphere of energy.  The only thing I do not see in the drawing is the wheel from the guardians.  Or the fact, right now, in this moment in our time, there is no energy flowing up, out or around it.

I have to laugh, as I sit here and know there are many different types of “Masters” creating… what am I?  I hear I am a Master Light Weaver AKA Dream Weaver.  I laugh because way back in my beginnings when my soul was individuating itself into what I refer to as my spiritual team, one energy showed up that would rock my internal world.  He refered to himself as “Dream Weaver” by playing the snippet of that song.  His body signal to me was more than I could bear anytime he was consciously present.  I became one huge throbbing heartbeat from head to toe.  Delightful and unbearable at the same time.  Perhaps I have grown into mySelf lol.

So that is how and why I can do what I do… kinda like the designer of the blueprint of a building.  Only we are designing and building as we go.

So I ask you…. what is your part? (that is a question to take deep into mediation with you… not so much to answer to me… I see you anywayz…smile)

So then, my 2nd reading flowed right into my holy shit continuum!  (My god I love my job!!)  There she was, in all her glory, on the outside of the field and dome in the West (harvest).  There was joy in her feet, her hands up over her head dancing away to a rhythm only she could hear.

I could tell the human part of her was oblivious to this dancing… but I realized it was more than dancing, she was moving, no… gliding towards the dome of energy.  Her feet were dancing not walking.  Then it hit me!!

That dome I have been trying so hard to understand, in a single moment I wondered why I didn’t get this before.  It is a magnetosphere!!  I knew it was protective in purpose, but I also know it is so much more than that!!

What I do understand now… geez, it seems so simple today, especially as I look back on so many readings… I am so slow on the uptake… the only way too be fully within the field is by vibration.  A magnetic pull inwards.  (ohhh, do you hear that tricky phrase… inwards… hello??!!)

There are no doors to open, no way of interning its fullness except by Divine Will.   The magnetic field of your soul.  In order to be fully present here, your mind must be integrated with your soul energy.  Talk about doing the “electric slide” all the way Home…lol.  Home = Heaven on Earth!

Now to integrate what I had seen for months now… In relationship to the activation of our grid for Divine Counterparts I have seen for close to 6 moths now centered in June…  It was always a verticle activation.  I could see three fields of energy, one above the other… and they vibrated intensely together via the activation.

I have always known the outer sphere of earth has a magnetosphere.  It protects earth from too much solar energy.  Until today, when I googled magnetosphere did I even realize the core of the earth has this same field.  Now I fully understand what will be activated!!  The three as one!!

Now, back to my 2nd reading.  Even tho her soul Light was dancing for joy, her human wasn’t.  Her human was done… cooked to beyond well done.  There was nothing more she needed to do, or even could do (Ummm… I hear that loud and clear as I type it out… note to self.   lol)

What I had seen as we began talking about… well… whats next!  Holy freakin shit batwoman!!! (smile)… The end of February looked like the most pregnant sun energy I had ever seen… ever!!!  A bulge like a woman 9 and a half months pregnant.  I could see the sparks of energy that is getting ready for a full on release (whatever that means.)

The end of February looked like a massive fireball.  Massive!!  Hey… didn’t I see that not to long ago, an explosion in the North field?  Man, I need a bigger brain… or something.  The sheer amount of details that are coming thru, that really need to be all strung together.  Where is the Master Stringer?? (smile… Nichole… I hear your name…smiling broadly here)

So, back to the understanding…

March showed itself incredibly yellow.  Like the sun in the noon sky.  But there is an interesting factor I may have overlooked yesterday… while February was ready to burst outwards, there was/is an opening into March… like a pulling in thingie.  Magnets!  OMG!  I get that, I hope you do too.  Not sure I can put it into English yet.

As I was pondering (in the reading) how does she go from the explosion of Birth? at the end of febraury into the yellow of March.  I had seen a tiny bridge form.. an energy bridge.  It was amazing in vibration… the colors a mix of steel gray, blue, white.  Breathtaking really.  It reminded me of like a 2 X 4 piece of wood.  She once again didn’t walk, but gliding, like a floor escalator into March.

There is a purpose to the color scheme, that I have yet to understand.  I had seen it last week in my own meditation.  I had seen a figure 8 form around my house and my landladies house… the feeling was so wonderful, but the understanding… not yet!

I want to close with the reading from the end of my day.  She is a strangely wonderful part of my own journey.  She purchased her reading way back in the summer.  For the first 9-10 appointments, I was always in the void that day.  I could almost factor my own growth spurt if she was on my calendar.  Yet, she stood firm, feeling it was all for a reason!  It wasn’t until December did I get anything for her at all.  For me, that was one of the most profound moments… I had wrote about it twice so far, going back to her last July energy and bringing it forward.

Then she snuck into one of my bath meditations… and I did get more infromation for her.  And then yesterday… I was so taken by surprise in what I had seen.  She built a monkey bar in which to climb over the dome of energy.  The field and dome all shimmered of its light gold energy, her money bars were black with area’s of white.  It went from just left of the west field straight up and over the dome to the right of the east field.  She was at the top, on hands and knees, climbing over towards to east.  I was flabbergasted!!  What the heck are you doing woman??? lol  All I could think and say was… you are so tricky!  You must go thru it, not over it!

This morning however, I am filled with a strange memory.  When I was 19 years old I was in the US Navy (I joined because I wanted to go to Egypt or Hawaii and didn’t have the money to go on my own.  Inn 1982, there was no duty station in Egypt.)  I ended up in Hawaii.  I went to a store and purchased two lava figurines.  One was the goddess of fertility (I forget her name) and the other was Loki.  I assumed then that Loki meant luck.  I have no clue why I got the fertility goddess… but the two together created a pregnancy within a month!!  Watch what you purchase in Hawaii!!

I have always said, my son is a gift from the Hawaiian Gods.  The greatest gift of my life… It wasn’t until later did I understand Loki wasn’t luck but associated with a trickster god.  Well I was tricked into pregnancy!!  What I could never have foreseen as needed (then) was what I needed desperately in my life.

I still don’t understand it all, but Loki is quite alive and well on earth!  Obviously very much needed and playful.  But…. why??

Hah!!!  Ya know, gotta close with this sudden thought.  I have always, ALL_WAYS said the spiritual realm is tricky.  It will trick you into your next great expression but luring you into one thing and it ends up being something else.

Hmmmmm… the Wonders of You!!

I love y’all so much!!  Thank you for ALL you do and have done.  Without you, there really, really is no me!!

Together, we have come Alive!  Happy dance….

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