Natalie Glasson – Circle For Ascension – Master Kuthumi – 4 February 2012

My beloved loved ones, I come forward with much excitement to greet you. Much love pours from my heart and entire being to embrace you. We are one energy and I see the presence of oneness between humanity and the Creator growing tremendously. Oneness, unity and a continuous  flow of energy are extremely important for all at this most sacred time as it will allow for the much needed transitions to take place. As always it is my mission to awaken your being
and soul, allowing you to ascended a little more with each and every day you exist in physical form. I wish to speak with you about  a process that will assist in clearing your energies, increasing the flow of energy within your being and allowing for a deeper connection with the Creator.  With change occurring so readily and easily upon the Earth and within your being I wish to bring forward some inspiration to assist in merging your energies as one and maintaining an appropriate vibration of energy.

Many of you are already aware of the power of symbols and shapes, with ancient symbols  still gaining respect, you are aware that a symbol holds a vibration which can influence your own energy. Such ancient symbols have been used by many on the Earth to enhance their spiritual growth but I wish for you to understand that every shape upon the Earth holds its own unique vibration which aids a greater connection with the Creator. It is not so much the meaning of the
shape or symbol but the actual structure that it creates which have an influence upon your spiritual growth. I wish to say that not all symbols hold such power or influence but even shapes that you see in your everyday life such as a circle, square, triangle, hexagon, hold sacred vibrations to aid spiritual advancement.

Many ancient civilisations understood the power of shapes, tapping their consciousness and awareness into the shapes of leafs and the shape of the sun or moon. Many even contemplated as they gazed upon the shape of a single petal or a pebble to accept or activate wisdom within their beings. They realised that certain shapes had a positive vibration which accelerated their growth, therefore they placed these shapes in their living spaces or in sacred areas to not only
enhance their energy but the energy of Mother Earth. I imagine that if you look round you at this very moment you will see many shapes whether it is in forms of furniture or pictures, each are influencing your vibration. It is unfortunate that humanity at this stage often takes the influence of the shapes in their reality for granted. With focus and understanding you are able to discover the shapes which aid your ascension and then surround yourself in these shapes or even wear them
printed upon your clothes. You may need to  have many different shapes surrounding you to constantly inspire your mind and soul or you may need to have one certain shape within your reality to bring focus, clarity and peace.

It is interesting to observe the shapes that you have currently surrounded yourself with, realising any reoccurring shapes. You can then meditate focusing on your breathing as you concentrate your eyes upon the shape, asking for wisdom to be imparted to you or activated from within you connected to the shape that you gaze upon. This is an interesting process as you also observe
your feelings and any sensations that you gain as you observe the shape.

Many of you are already aware of the vibrations and influences of shapes whether you realise it or not, you hold this information within you from past lifetimes and this is why so many shapes have been developed in the current reality of humanity. I wish to also say that some shapes are thrust upon you to lower your vibration or to create blockages within your reality by those who
wish to lower and maintain the power of humanity.  It is not my wish that you worry about the different shapes in your reality and whether they hold a positive vibration or a negative vibration, most hold a neutral vibration which is most supportive to spiritual growth. I simply wish to make you aware that there is consciousness, wisdom and spiritual inspiration in everything within and
around you. I only wish to assist you in discovering shapes which aid and empower your being, then these can be used in your daily life.

The purpose of my communication today was to bring forward the shape of a circle to you. The shape of a circle has long been seen as sacred and represents oneness,  a complete energy, unity, eternal flow, strength, unbreakable bonds, continuous focus and  harmony. The circle can represent peace, both inner and external, as well as determination. We often understand the shape of a spiral to be extremely spiritual engaging and important as it represents a continuous
ever growing energy which is eternal. The circle in contrast seems to remain on the same level of energy continuing to retrace its steps, creating the same energy constantly. It is the constant unbreakable creation of the same energy that I feel is of most importance upon the Earth at this most divine time.

It is my wish that you draw the shape of a circle in your auric field during meditation many times. I believe that if you also call upon a certain energy of your choice to create the circle you will manifest an abundant appropriate energy vibration which will remain within your energy field to support  your spiritual development, maintaining your vibration as change occurs within and
around you. There is no need to be concerned that you will hold a similar vibration always because of this practice as each time you achieve the practice you can anchor higher or quicker vibrations of light into your being. Even after the meditation the energy will continue to flow and to create a vibration of your focus to support you at all times. Drawing the shape of a circle within
your auric field and even upon your physical body can have a healing influence as it encourages your oneness and integration with the Creator, dissolving any stagnant energy and activating the natural flow of energy or life force energy through your chakras, body and aura.

I now wish to share my meditation practice with you.

First I wish for you to sit peacefully and focus upon your breathing.

Bring your hands to your heart chakra and ask your soul to share with you the most appropriate energy vibration that you need to anchor into your being at this time.It may be the energy of balance from the Creator, or such qualities as love, peace or joy. You may need to call upon the light of certain guides,  the angelic kingdom or your soul. If you are unable at this time to gain any guidance simply ask to connect with the most appropriate energy for you at this time.

Then simply ask out loud to be connected to your chosen energy and for it to flow into your being through your crown chakra at the top of your head and into your heart chakra.

Let the light fill your heart chakra and flow down your arms into hands.

Remove your hands from your heart chakra, hold your arms out slightly with your palms facing upwards.

Begin to draw circles with both palm chakras in which ever direction and way feels most appropriate.

Visualize or hold the focus of a circle in your mind as you achieve this, you may keep your eyes close and be aware of energy changes of energy.

You are integrating your chosen vibration into your being and auric field through your palm chakras and the constant shape that you are creating.

These shapes will continue to exist and emanate  even after you have completed the practice.You can move your hands around your auric field, up, down, to the sides achieving new circles as you focus on a certain area for an amount of time that seems appropriate.

When you have achieved this process you can imagine yourself as a large circle emphasising your oneness and unity with yourself and the Creator.

I hope that you will find this beneficial, it can be extremely powerful in cleansing, energising and strengthening your being and energy vibration. You can change your chosen vibration each time if you wish or you can simply ask for a quicker vibration.

In energetic circles of oneness,

I am Master Kuthumi link to original article


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