Steve Beckow – Emergence Will Only Cost Us Everything – 4 February 2012

How many people have I talked to this evening who are cleaning out, clearing out, finding themselves, finding their center?

How many people have confided to others that they’re going on an expedition to a spaceship and reaped the whirlwind? How many are facing the choice of standing for truth or accommodating?

And all through this the theme emerges that it isn’t success or failure that matters, but whether or not we emerge in the face of our challenges.

Are we afraid to go on an adventure to the stars? Will we brave the criticism of our family and friends? Can we stand the glare of publicity? Will we yield to others’ criticisms over our course of action?

Is this about the galactics and Disclosure or is it really about us? Is it about the flavorless people we’ve become in our quest to conserve the good estimation of others? Is it about our fear of giving up our “big chance” at fame, riches, and power, or whatever else we’re clinging to?

What does it mean to emerge? And must we emerge before we take on any challenge? If we don’t emerge when we set off for that ship, will it just be one more adventure that we were never present to anyways? Will it make a difference in our lives or just be one more luxury liner we took a trip on?

What really matters? What’s it all about? Why are we doing this anyways?

There’s a part of ourselves that you can call our exterior, our surface consciousness, our everyday mind and everyday heart that isn’t us. And in order to remain in contact with that, we have to compromise, accommodate and fit in.

Then there’s a part of ourselves that you can call our interior, our deeper consciousness, our non-ordinary mind and non-ordinary heart that really is us. And in order to come in contact with that, we have to give up compromise, accommodation and fitting in.  We have to give up every thing, every attachment, every desire but that.

Every time we take on something out of the ordinary, stand out from the crowd, or take a step in the direction of our own freedom, truth and honor, we encounter the drag of conformity and the dead pull of the herd mentality.

We can go on this voyage of discovery and remain in our shells and not emerge. But I don’t think it will do us a stitch of good.

Let’s face it. If we’ve signed on to meet our galactic family, we have by that mere fact alone given up the chance of remaining on the surface of things and living by compromise and accommodation. The very act of stepping forward and saying we want to go was the death knell of that.

Even if you stated you wanted to go and couldn’t go, you still voted for the end of superficiality.

If the world then turned around and bit us, threatened us and abandoned us, what did we expect? A hero’s welcome? A bouquet of flowers for threatening the status quo?

We’ve become subversives of the most threatening type.  Close encounters with the emergent personality, with authenticity and truth.

How much will emergence cost us? Only everything.

Welcome to your new life. Welcome to the end of comfortable conformity, to the demise of hiding, passing and getting by. Welcome to the new life where the only strength you can rely on is your own inner strength, the only truth you can bank on is the truth that will not let you sleep and be denied.

Welcome to the roundtable. Welcome to yourself.  Welcome to the only home we’ll ever have.  link to original article first published 3th February 2012

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