Steve Beckow – Format Unworkable; Discussion With Grener To Take Place Later Today – 4 February 2012

Linda and I are just seeing at the moment if she can reschedule her morning appointments to allow me an immediate discussion with Grener.  I’ve asked her not to postpone the discussion even for a few hours because once the rumor mill gets started, it will be difficult to counteract and may take the initiative away from us.

So I will have word on that as soon as possible. I will be asking Grener at least to take a small group of us in a very public manner to the Neptune in the hopes that that smaller mission will at least furnish lightworkers with the tangible evidence they need that this whole scenario is not somehow make believe.

The arrangement of speaking with Grener  via Linda’s biweekly conference call has not worked in the manner we expected. I’m not sure that Linda could find my line to unmute and when we unmuted everyone, there was no possibility that just one person could be heard.  So I shall be speaking to Linda and Grener privately as soon as can be arranged today.

Those that were on the call heard Grener say that the plan that had been worked out was not manageable for a number of reasons and had to be postponed in favor of a different plan. The different plan is to take people on board the ship in small numbers.

Grener did not discuss the reasons yet, at least not in a way that was clear enough for me to communicate here, knowing that the first way those reasons are stated will be the way they will be forever understood. I will wait till I have a very clearer understanding from Grener before stating them. He did say that the group had grown too large (originally conceived to be 150, it was larger than 300). But that was not the only reason and probably not the most important.

I can only speak for myself that I would have no problem if people were to go on the Neptune in small numbers. That might be an even better plan than the present one was. But what would be critical is that at least the first small group, and it can be as small as three, go on the ship today. And I am going to advise Grener that that first visit needs to be as public as possible.

I believe that lightworkers need some sign, some tangible proof that all this is happening and, if we can only have some indisputable event occur, at least a part of this mission will have been satisfied.

I can well imagine the disappointment that many people feel. I also know that there are people who’ve told their children or other loved ones that they intended to go aboard the ship and have met with fierce reactions. In some cases sons and daughters have said they will never speak to their parents again if they go.

Others have cancelled work shifts and appointments. From our point of view this is not at all a satisfactory outcome.

Moreover the naysayers will have a field day, as will the maintstream press, in painting this as another weird and outrageous example of moonbeams and fairy dust. And if this does occur, it may sweep all good intentions aside and override any attempts at realizing Grener’s Plan B.

If it does, I will have to leave public life. Not because you want it or I want it but because, if the movement for Disclosure is not to be injured, then the mad crowds of naysayers out there will need a target. Without a target, they will target everyone. With a target, they may focus on that one person and the movement as a whole can be saved from harm. That may be the only way I can serve for the moment at least.

For me it isn’t a question of fairness or abandoning anyone. It’s a question of what to do to head off a worse outcome.

Without someone to attach responsibility to (and “responsibility” is a neutral way of referring to what may be slung around), the people who protest may go after everyone who claims to work for the light, believes in the existence of extraterrestrials and UFOs, or works for Ascension.

I hope that doesn’t become the case but if it does I’m ready to dissociate myself from this work and shoulder the responsibility, not for a flight that did not materialize, or even that did not materialize in the form we were first promised, but for inflaming the other folks in society who don’t share our dream or our intentions.

But before that happens, I’ll be asking Grener to give us one concession and that is to take three to five of us up now. At least give the terrestrials a very public demonstration that terrestrials of the common folk have met with extraterrestrials of the assembled fleet. Show the world that this is happening. Give us proof.

If the galactics will not do even this, then I fear that in the time it takes to get Grener’s Plan B underway, the damage will be already done. The wolves will start baying. The dark will fan the flames of moonbeam idiocy.

Project Blue Beam won’t even be needed for the damage that may be done to people who placed their faith in the galactics and have again, as on Oct. 14, 2008, been left to bear the brunt of a change of plans.

If the galactics will not even permit a very public team of terrestrials to go very publicly to the ships right now and show the world that this is real, then I fear there will be no way to stop the furor. It is that furor that will force my hand and I will walk away from this, not because I want to, but because someone will need to. link to original article

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