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Montague Keen – 5 February 2012

I enjoyed our little gathering last evening. It is good to be able to communicate with you and our friends. I am still such a big part of your life, my dear. People do not die when they live on in the hearts of those who have loved them. My birthday cake, though it was a little premature, was lovely and enjoyed by all. Continue reading


Marilyn Raffaele – The Arcturian Group – 5 February 2012

Greetings dear ones, we come again assure you that all is well and  is proceeding according to plan.  The world is awakening in greater numbers now.  Many are  beginning to understand that there is much more to their lives than what they had been taught or were expected to believe.  Society is changing because the individuals who make up  society are becoming more  enlightened.  There are those in all countries rebelling against the old ways.  They are experiencing an inner knowing  of their right to freedom to live in ways that are best for them while respecting  that same truth for others as well.  Continue reading

Julie Miller – Archangel Gabriel – 3 February 2012

uploaded by gattoaladino 3rd February 2012

Greg Giles – The Postponed Trip And The Seven Hundred Pound Gorilla – 5 February 2012

After plans to have members of our planet’s citizenry embark on a 10 day field trip to the stars as guests of the mother ship Neptune have fallen through, many people have aligned our Earthen organizer Steve Beckow within their sites, either prepared to pull the trigger that he was duped, or that this was all somehow his fault that this trip did not materialize. To blame Steve Beckow in any way, shape or form for the postponement of this trip is akin to holding Moses accountable for the 10 Commandments. There are the naysayers who will point to certain aspects of these communications which to them appear questionable, but even some parts of tablets Moses crated down from the top of Mount Sinai do not appear to make much sense either. Does anyone else feel the parts about not coveting thy neighbors goods or wife sound more to you like a couple of rich guys wanting you to keep your mind off their money and your eyes off their wife? This sounds more like something my Greek neighbor who owns the local diner would say. “Hey, you looka’ my wife, I breaka’ you face!” But I digress, as I so often do. Continue reading

Lucas And Steve Beckow – So Very Close – 5 February 2012

Lucas: Comment on his following article:  “I am sorry the intent and effort I see from Steve and others to make the change themselves to bring forward Disclosure is now surrounded by disbelief, ridicule, not trusting our Space Brothers and Sisters and not seeing the broader goal of this mission. Even Steve has expressed his doubt towards his own mission and made a (for me Not understandable) decision to stop with all if Grener not delivered.  I sincerely hope Steve will be going on with it all and leave all the criticism behind and show he is man enough to admit to himself he was doubting it all himself. Continue reading

Lucas- Bill Brockbrader AKA Bill Wood Follow Up Interview 4th February 2012 – 5 February 2012

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Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – Waiting For Self-Realization – 5 February 2012

God said:

Love is more powerful than anything. A little love goes a long way. Even love invisible flourishes. It flourishes now. Call love life force, if you like. It is the only force of life there is. What am I? I am love. What are you? You who are Myself are also love. You didn’t always know that. You still don’t always feel that, yet, more and more, love is coming into its own.

We could say that love has had many disguises, yet love is always love. You have disguised love. You disguised it from yourself. You put on blinders and walked right past love. Continue reading

John Smallman – Jesus – And Then All Will Begin Awakening – 5 February 2012

Here in the spiritual realms we are very busy making the final preparations to greet you as you awaken with ecstatic amazement and realize that at last you are Home.  You have been on a very long and tiring journey, and at times it seemed to you that you had entirely lost your way.  You had not, and could not, because you are never left alone, abandoned, and without the necessary guidance to help you return to your homeward path.  Nevertheless, it did seem that you had, and this caused you much fear and anxiety.  When you engage in fear and anxiety it is extremely difficult for you to listen to and hear the guidance that is forever with you. Continue reading

John Smallman – Saul – How Much Longer? Is It Really Going To Happen? – 5 February 2012

Many on earth are wondering about awakening: “How much longer?  Is it really going to happen?  Are we deluding ourselves?  Surely we can’t be?  This is God’s Will for us – endless talk, uplifting and inspiring though it is, but when will it happen?  We have been holding the Light for a long time, listening to encouraging channeled information telling us “soon,” and still we wait.  At times it can be most disheartening.” Continue reading