Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – Waiting For Self-Realization – 5 February 2012

God said:

Love is more powerful than anything. A little love goes a long way. Even love invisible flourishes. It flourishes now. Call love life force, if you like. It is the only force of life there is. What am I? I am love. What are you? You who are Myself are also love. You didn’t always know that. You still don’t always feel that, yet, more and more, love is coming into its own.

We could say that love has had many disguises, yet love is always love. You have disguised love. You disguised it from yourself. You put on blinders and walked right past love.

You did not give love enough credit. You gave objects of love too much credit, perhaps. Yet love itself you overlooked. The quality of love. The quantity of love. Yes, you have overlooked love. Most of all, you have overlooked the love in your own heart. You have overlooked your capacity for love. You thought the love in your heart was limited. You thought you had to count it and ration it. Only so much love here. Only so much love there. You dealt out love like cards. It is as if you read Tarot without the cards. You predicted ahead of time. You assigned love here but not there.

There is no there. There is only here. I am love, and I am all that exists. The individual you imagine you are does not exist. You are a story you tell yourself. You make yourself up as you go along. You have, as a matter of fact, had no clue as to Who you truly are and the dimensions of yourself that include everyone and everything.

You have pretended dumbness when, all along, you have been brilliance itself. You have been My brilliance, except you didn’t realize it. You have been waiting for Self-Realization when you already had it, already had it except for the one little thing of your recognizing it. You have always been realized, only you didn’t realize your Self.

What a powerful Being you are. How powerfully you have mistaken yourself for something that you are not. You are the wisest of all, and yet you have hidden your wisdom from yourself. It is not true that you do not know better. You do know better. You have been waiting for the world or someone in the world to signal you when to reveal yourself when your revelation is entirely up to you. Signal yourself then.

I have been signaling you for a long time. ‘Wake up,” I have said. “Wake up now.” Beloveds, you have to wake yourself up. You don’t need an alarm clock to wake you up from this sleep you have been walking in. Signal to yourself to wake up. Signal to yourself to accept yourself as you are, not less. You sold yourself to yourself and to the world for a sou. That’s all you thought you were worth.

Now you begin to see that you are worth gold. You are My gold, beloveds. What price can be put on My gold?

You are the treasure of the Heavens. You are My treasury. You are the bank I bank on. I look to you. I know you look to Me, yet I look to you. I know what I see when I look at you. Begin to see what I see, and begin to value yourself as I do value you. Make no mistake on this. You have sold yourself short, and now you will begin to grasp the yardage that you truly are. There is no end to you. You are infinite, and you are eternal. No measuring tape is long enough to measure you. You can’t buy an infinite measuring tape. There is no limit to you. You are limitless. So am I. by Gloria Wendroff link to original article

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