Lucas And Steve Beckow – So Very Close – 5 February 2012

Lucas: Comment on his following article:  “I am sorry the intent and effort I see from Steve and others to make the change themselves to bring forward Disclosure is now surrounded by disbelief, ridicule, not trusting our Space Brothers and Sisters and not seeing the broader goal of this mission. Even Steve has expressed his doubt towards his own mission and made a (for me Not understandable) decision to stop with all if Grener not delivered.  I sincerely hope Steve will be going on with it all and leave all the criticism behind and show he is man enough to admit to himself he was doubting it all himself.

It is all about intent.That what you really visualize without fear in a strongly vast knowing that all is manifesting  for the better for all mankind in unconditional love from the source.  I myself advice Steve to speak with Grener and discuss how the situation can be brought forward in some sort of way and report  best afterward what has happened and what has been done and who visited  what or what information has been brought  back. I know all this will become a reality if we really are without any doubt and fear supporting the cause. Bringing disclosure forward.  Yes, there are maybe repercussions or difficulties in trying, but let us not be scared, let us not hold back on efforts making disclosure for all those who have been working for the light happen. We have to make it happen.

Love and Light,


now following Steve’s article:


Well, that was a fierce but brief summer storm. With the help of caring friends, I moved through those vasanas more quickly than I might have imagined – the loss of grounding, the discombobulation – and am surprised at how free of the emotional upset I now feel.

That doesn’t help you. I’m sure that there are people in varying degrees of upset and I want to be sensitive to that. It remains to learn the lessons of that experience so I or we don’t repeat them again.

I’m sure that will occupy us in the days and weeks ahead and, having learned them, perhaps we can avoid them when the next big opportunity looms.

In processing what arose for me. It took a lot of concentration and will to remain free of making decisions about how I would orient towards the galactics in the future, what I would or would not do, etc. I’m not sure I remained free of all of those self-limiting resolutions. I do feel wary but I also am aware that I feel capable of noticing that wariness and not being automatically the victim of it.

I get that the whole picture is a lot more complicated than I (or we) can probably understand. For instance, the galactics have far more of a sense, apparently, of where we’re coming from, how successful they’ll be at reaching us, what danger we may be placing ourselves in, and all manner of other considerations that are totally absent for me. I don’t even play in that arena, never mind play poorly.

I might add that two of our volunteers have noticed a van persistently outside their house so the threat that Grener mentioned may actually have existed.

I obviously do not understand all the factors at play and I’m not sure I could even understand them with a great deal more information than I presently have. And maybe the answer is as Grener said: to trust.

Evidently the galactics will still have us up to the ships but who and when remains to be seen. One of the difficulties with channeled messages is that there isn’t the time to sit back and really explore a topic. So at this point anyways, the full story is unknown and it may not be possible under the circumstances to know it either.

I can have Grener back on Monday night to go into more detail on what happened, if he can, but then you may be tired of the whole affair and want to move on. I could also have Sanat Kumara and begin to look at the Divine Plan for Earth or the levels of existence or whether the Elohim are more evolved than the Seraphim. Or Ashtar and discuss the composition of the fleet. Or St. Germain and discuss NESARA.

My trigger point in all of this will be if a firestorm erupts in the lightworker community and someone needs to take the responsibility for the failure of this event. Whether we call it a failure or something else doesn’t really matter to me. But if the repercussions are too great and can only be satisfied by someone needing to leave, then I intend that someone to be me.

What are we doing to try to forestall such a consequence? Well, if the galactics will take one person, and I suppose that person needs to be me, at least as far as I can see, then at least we can gather evidence and establish the reality of the galactic presence. At least we can dispel the charge that all of this was hocus-pocus.

I do hope he has me aboard and I hope it’s tomorrow. But I’m resigned to even that not happening if it doesn’t.

Grener has said that a group of seasoned lightworkers are going aboard and can provide that evidence. If I felt assured that they would and that they would do it with despatch, and not in ten day’s time, I would relax on that matter as well.

Unfortunately I can’t just pick up the phone and talk to Grener. I’m surprised that with the galactics’ technology he can’t just pick up the phone and talk to us either. We are hobbled by our communicational isolation.

If I were to relax and things did not develop as I think they need to (and the current visitors to the ship did not provide us with evidence), then I’d just be kicking myself more for having fallen asleep at this end of things as much as I appear to have miscalculated at the other end and allowed the total of attendees to surpass 150 by so much.

Barring an unforeseen tsunami of outrage and barring an outpouring of hurt on your part that things did not develop as we wished, even though they still might from smaller groups going aboard the Neptune, I’m carrying on.

The fact that this site had 110,000 hits at the height of our response to Grener’s invitation shows that lots and lots of people are aware of the galactic presence and want Disclosure as much as we do.

It was certainly an exciting week. It was wonderful to run through in my mind what ten days aboard the Neptune might have been like. Perhaps you also ran through the scenes in your mind and imagined all the events, facilities and people. Wouldn’t it have been great? To share the excitement with you all – it’s hard to let go of and return to the everyday world.

And it was certainly wonderful corresponding with so many of you, talking to some on Skype to get the mix-ups sorted out, working with the team of volunteers who made so much of it happen – Dave, BZ, Paul, Christina. Vina, Stephen in Australia, who have I left out?

A whirlwind week, a wonderful prospect that we all shared, at least in the planning. Three hundred would indeed have been too many. It would have been chaos on the ship, managed or otherwise. I’m confident that we’ll still get there and perhaps in smaller numbers and more numerous groups.

And even if we don’t, the events of this year will be anything but mundane. Perhaps that was a taste of it, even if we didn’t have the full event. We whet our appetite and probably doubled our intention.

I’ll leave the comment section open for anyone who wants to share an upset they have, something that continues to need handling. I know that many of you had confronting experiences with your family and many may be incomplete. Let’s see if we can now bring those incompletes to resolution and, if possible, move on to whatever is next. link to original article


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