Greg Giles – Message From Paul Of The Galactic Federation Of Light – 6 February 2012

 The shadow is all about the government. Your world is today steeped in a dark conspiracy that involves the taking of your homes, your money, your health, and your freedom, if you can consider what you are experiencing freedom. You all, every one of you, are prisoners in a world of your own creation, although there are different levels of your complicity in it all. Some of you have been willing participants, others forced or threatened, others conned, but all of you have one thing in common, you are all prisoners and you must escape your captors if you ever wish to breathe the sweet air of freedom ever again. And this is the plan.
We, the Galactic Federation of Light, are here and there are others as well, to assist you to free yourselves, but as we have stressed many times we are not here to do your work for you. We are here to make your decree a reality, nothing more and nothing less. What is your decree? Do you wish to go on living a lie such as you are, that you are free and enjoying all the gifts the Creator has bestowed upon you? Or are you to awaken and take fully conscious notice of what has slowly crept up all around you to encase you within the walls of an ever growing fascist dictatorship?
There are so few of those who wish to enslave you, and so very many of you. The numbers are so in your favor and we are currently seeing to it that these dark ones be disarmed, to give you, the people, a fighting chance. Without a military armed to the teeth with advanced weaponry of untold proportions, we see the playing field leveled a great deal, and we now see the people rising up to take back which is rightfully theirs. The time has come for this. We look to you to stand up and take back what has been systematically stolen from you over so many centuries of time.
It all starts with you, not you as a planet of billions, but you individually. When each of you as an individual awakens to this injustice and then joins his fellow man who has shouldered the responsibility to inform himself of what is transpiring all around him, then it begins. That is when the wheels are set into motion and your reality can change, but not until the individual you are awakens to join the collective. Are you now awakened? That is the question before you today. If you answered yes to this question, then we salute you and ask you now to join your fellow man who has also answered yes to this question. It is only when every one of you awakens and seeks change that we can assist on a further level. We are at the ready. We are prepared and very eager to help you facilitate the removal of your dark ones who today infest your world. We know where they all are. None can hide from us. Let us assist you in this way and do what we do best, which is to help lift worlds like yours out of the darkness they find themselves in.
Disclosure is a very real and necessary step that must be made on our way to a reunion with you that will allow us to more efficiently assist you in your time of need. Time is running short and there is much to do, so we ask you now to clear the way for us to make open contact. We cannot do this for you. We ask that you spread the word that we are here. We can only promise you again that we will not let you down and leave you looking the fool or the lunatic. You will be perceived as a pioneer, a groundbreaker, a leader of your fellow man when all this is through and we land on your soil for all to see. This day will come and come soon. You can be assured of this as this must happen to ensure the most suitable transition from your current 3rd dimensional state to your new homes in the 5th. That is our intention. You can and will benefit greatly from our assistance. Know this, as we speak the truth.
See to it you all do the tasks that are required of you to step up our involvement in these affairs. This is an important job, and each of you reading these words has been carefully chosen for this assignment. Many expressed interest for this mission as your reward for your efforts here will be great, as well, of course, due to your inborn natures to wish to help others in every way you can. We selected those we felt would not allow fear or latency to deter them from their assignments and we are also happy to see so many of you responding in such great numbers. We now see the light at the end of the tunnel, and we await the moment when your voices of truth spread just far enough for us to make our move. You are so very close to this moment. Do not slow now. Do not allow the recent disappointment many of you felt deter you away from your duties. All has not been for naught, and many positives derived from this experience. Know this as this is the truth and move on.
We will again step up the sightings of our vast fleets of lightships so our Lightworkers can photograph and videotape them to disseminate throughout your Internet. This is one part of the plan we can get underway and we feel many of you will enjoy these opportunities to see your Star Families flying overhead. Know that we fill our ships and that we can see many of you as you witness our appearances. We even know some of you by name, as we have met before to work out some details about our working relationship. Keep your eyes to the skies. Keep up the good work you are all doing, as you are making an untold difference each and every day.
The vast endeavor we have all agreed to undertake is not an easy one by any stretch of the imagination, and we honor your courage and your patience to persevere under the difficult conditions you live in. We can assure you we are moving ahead with the operation precisely according to a prearranged schedule, as there has been, and will not be, any delays permitted under any circumstances. There are far too many of us on our side of this mission to permit such delays, so you can be certain we operate on a very tight schedule. Your mission will be completed according to the time schedule agreed upon, no later, and many of you will re-sign with us for more duties here, and even on the next world that can benefit from our assistance. This is what we do, and we could not do this without you. You are very special to us and your entire universe, and you are revered for your courage and your selflessness.
Today, many eyes of the universe are upon you, and we know you will succeed as you have so many times before. Continue on now with your duties, we cannot thank you enough dear ones and we will persevere with our duties on our end, and very soon we shall meet on middle ground. Allow us the time to continue coming through to you in this way, as much is being gained from this as well.
We have in store a few surprises for the Cabal, and wish to present them with these soon. We know they will be very surprised of what we have in store for them. Be on the lookout for information in this regard, as we know you, our trusted Lightworkers, will also find this news very interesting. Mind you, this will all be displayed for all to see and you will not need a privileged pass to witness firsthand the fruits of your efforts. Let’s just say that matters are heating up and there will be those who hop from the frying pan into the fire very soon. We promised you that if you all did your parts and upheld your end of the bargain that we would uphold ours. You will soon bear witness to just how we keep our word. Stay tuned, stay focused. The end of this chapter is near.
Moving on through the days after the last of the cabalists are removed from your path, you will see your days filled with more and more uplifting moments and great surprises. Not all your work is to be so difficult and seemingly unrewarding, as we have promised worthy payoffs as well, and this we shall also deliver on. Many new projects will get underway building a better infrastructure of your society. Everyone will pitch in and everyone will be pleasantly rewarded as this is how a Galactic community operates and thrives when all resistance is finally removed, and this is what we are together accomplishing today. Please be advised many of you will be contacted in the near future, in an offer of a more personal working relationship with us, as you have proven your meritorious service and commitment to your duties and to the light. For this, you shall be compensated, and we greatly appreciate each of your individual, as well as collective, efforts.
Continue on in your service today. We are nearly at the point where we can close out the initial purification stages of our multifaceted operation. With your continued assistance these pressing matters will be resolved quickly and efficiently, allowing us to then proceed with the next phase of the plan which we know you will greatly enjoy. Until then, continue to persevere. The end is well insight.
I am Paul of the Galactic Federation of Light, and it has been an honor to speak with you today. Be well my friends.
As channeled through Greg Giles

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