Lisa Gawlas – The Fire Lion And Light Of The Guardians! – 6 February 2012

When I wrote my post on February 4th, I knew we unleashed something.  I am not only an active observer, but a full on participant as well…. but, become a very conscious participant as well.

The one thing I didn’t write about in that post was something that todays seems like a very important clue which I didn’t understand much.

The lady on the monkey bars… I tried to push her backwards into the west area  where she climbed from.  Doing that created an intense pressure all around my head.  I suppose what a baby may feel when being pulled thru the birth canal with forceps.  It wasn’t painful, just really really weird and intense.

She was given a meditation to do in the east field using the crystal she received from me last year.  I was so amazed to read something that happened so similarly in our meditation experiences.

I am not going to go into all the details (pure laziness on my part lol) but we both seen and experienced the same thing.. a beam of Light coming thru from the sky and deep into the earth.  The only small difference was, hers was white light, mine was golden light with intricate patterns on it.  But the feeling within me… same!!

She took that crystal, and brought to life the portal energy.

I have been in my own oblivion ever since!  I could feel my own expansion yesterday in a way I have never felt before.  I was as much the observer, understanding without words, as I was the participant saying holy shit batman!  Something weird happened to my memory field.  All I can say is it got a really good shake out.  Even (trying to) read emails was a challenge… our memories give us so much orientation into our day…. imagine that being pulled from your wiring!

I did as little as possible yesterday, and even that was too much.  I tried to do a meditation… the only thing I could see for a nano-second was some part of me still in that Mesa Cliff, only now the Medusa hair style was glowing with gold energy.  There was not enough of me present to even try and understand what the heck I was seeing.

I got out of the tub, and went to put morning breakfast on the ground (birdseed) for the birds and bunnies.  Something so peculiar caught my eye.  In the very center area of the Mesa Cliff… it was glowing light.  Not at the top, not at the bottom, just around the center.  I went inside to get my camera to take a picture… the moment I clicked the shot, it was gone. I stood there baffled.  It took me less than a minute to get it all done, the sun didn’t move at all in the sky, nor did a cloud come over.   I let it go as just something weird.

Today is slightly better… slightly.  I have no calling signal at all.  I feel…. weird.  Wonderfully weird, but energetically in a space I have not felt before.

I took a bath.

I am still slightly scattered in meditation, and I am not shy about airing my grievances either.  I was giving issue to my personal schedule and the inability to provide a reading!  I took Wednesday off as my integration day so I didn’t have to tell people I can’t read for you today… like spirit or the field cares!

But they did give us a major present today.  I didn’t even ask for more.  I don’t think any of us really need to.

I was shown a Lion coming out from the Mesa Cliff into the Center of the field.  He was not just a Lion but completely made of flames.  A fire lion I suppose.   I am a Leo, so the presence of a lion did not really surprise me, but the fact he was pure fire, his mane a beautiful fireball…  and he was running to the center.

And then the most exciting, humbling thing yet!  I could see the circle closest to where I live (think figure 8) and the Guardians were all standing around that circle… all in a full body of Light (no more shadow energy) holding hands and singing a song in a language I did not understand.  But man ohhh man, I so could feel it.  The Reverance in their energy.  The thankfulness…

I am not going to interpret any of that… just let you feel with it.  For it is yours to feel.  For it is you singing the songs…

I did google about a fire lion and found this wonderful website.  (click here to view it)

I love and honor you all more than my tiny little words can ever express.

….until tomorrow…


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