Lucas – Steve Beckow Resigns As Author And From Interviewing With An Hour With An Angel – 6 February 2012

Steve Beckow has decided to resign from writing on his blog except for the Bridge Fund. Further he will not be anymore interviewing Linda Dillon in  An Hour With An Angel. He made his decision based on what people were writing. As more people favoured him to stay the decision based on one comment about integrity was why he chose to leave. He thinks he hurt a minority of people and that ways for him as heavy as all in favour for him to stay.

I wish Steve the best as it is his decision. I had sent him an e-mail to get on with it. As in everything you do or say always there will be some people having judgement or criticism or play the drama cards of ego, false promises, integrity, etc.. If everyone resigned on that notice, we would be nowhere. I already have made my point about Oneness and Unity. But if Steve Beckow has given up on himself and has doubts going on. So be it.

The work has to be continued and others will do so. Maybe not in the  public light but first behind the screens and later as it is opportune in the media. The mission will be accomplished with our without Steve. Disclosure will be brought forward.  I think you all will be surprised very very soon. Yes again I say express SOON.

I have seen the people loosing faith, disbelief grabbed them. But in this new world things will only be if you have the right connection to Gaia and the Source and see things in the now manifested. You have nothing if you just disbelief or are distrustful of your own conviction or if you doubt.  Do not let people influence that strong conviction. Listen to what  your own heart decision is  (your new thinking centre) or  you will be loosing your own integrity. Yes, Yours. Not that what others think integrity is. So yours is all that matters.

The integrity card has been played and won even if it was false flag. So be honest to yourself dear Steve. Is that what your conviction really is? Doubting that what you always stood by in the worst and best days. I still hope you reconsider as others did before you who were attacked, ridiculed, lost faith, were proclaimed as dishonest and not integer. I applaud them to redeem themselves of all that.

The stones already thrown at you (metaphorical speaking)  will  find their rightful owners and they will reflect on it. So do not throw them on yourself Steve.

Dear Steve, I say thanks for your work and I say thanks for that what you still will do for us behind the screens. Or maybe I say thanks for reconsidering and welcome back. That is up to you.  For now I respect your decision.

Love and Light,


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P.S. The article of Steve Beckow you find here: link to original article


2 responses to “Lucas – Steve Beckow Resigns As Author And From Interviewing With An Hour With An Angel – 6 February 2012

  1. I have removed most comments and will not post anymore on the Steve Beckow issues about the Neptune, Grener, Linda Dillon, and the resigning of Steve,etc. For those who had posted positive light comments thanks. I think you understand in the light of the many negative comments I removed them I believe mostly or did not publish them. Love and Light, Lucas

  2. There is an issue now that I should be wrong in writing Steve Beckow has resigned. I had given the link to Steve Beckow’s article. Wes Annac says he is only away for a month.

    That is not what his own writing says.
    Steve’s own article on his webstie:

    “After the Hour with an Angel tonight, the publication of the
    transcript, and cleaning up any other loose ends, to preserve the
    integrity of this site, its discussion group, and everything else which
    looks towards 2012 and Ascension as being not only real but infinitely
    desirable, I’ll leave the community as a public voice.

    I’ll appoint someone to replace me on Hour with an Angel so you’re not
    deprived of that. The other areas of the work done here already have
    competent people overseeing them.

    I’ll continue to work to bring the Bridge Fund in because that does
    benefit lightworkers and I’ll work on my First Contact database, but I
    won’t continue to write for this blog or anything other than the Bridge

    Where does it say he does just leave temporary and will be back as normal! If so. I am glad he will be back as said before.

    But in his own article he clearly states to stop writing on anything else then the Bridge Fund and says he will leave as public voice of the He also will not be interviewing himself Dillon on An Hour With An Angel and appoint someone else to do this. So what did I not understand.

    Love and Light,