Meredith Murphy – Message From Eloheim of Grace – Revise Reality To Experience Your Heart’s Desires – 6 February 2012

Many of you find yourselves wondering at times if you’re on track.  If you’re actually living in such a way as to create the experience you wish to have.  You wonder if it’s on it’s way, if it is really being manifest, if you’re allowing it, if you’re somehow in essence “doing it right.”

This need for valiation and knowing is a very healthy thing.  In essence, it’s a wonderful invitation: it calls you to develop your connection with your inner way of believing in something.  It tells you that you want to have more confidence in your life and your ability to create it.  It speaks to your desire for demonstration that what you believe is true in practical, real ways.  This is the essence of the transparency of life unfolding in the current reality for many of you: the need to have the inner and outer worlds clearly reflected and to have experiences which grow your trust and confidence in your ability to create reality.

To truly respond to the call of these feelings, you must actually step into the self-image of your true role: you are a powerful Creator.  You must begin to believe you actually can command energy and direct the formation of reality with our focus.  And to begin to put to the test the idea that you are able to do this, and that it doesn’t matter if what you’re creating is big or small–it’s all the same thing.

There are countless pivot points to begin to live in this new mastery that is now more consciously calling to you.  Each time in the day when you tolerate something which isn’t ideal, you’ve got an opportunity to change it, by pausing and creating the experience as you wish it to be.  Everything that happens in manifest reality is first imagined and articulated through vision and often through words.  You can do this throughout your day, at night before you go to bed, in the morning when you meditate.  The important thing is to begin to participate in revising your reality to suit your heart’s desires.

As the pulse of the Earth increases (the Schumann frequency) and you begin to experience the perspective of infinite time, the reflection of reality to your own image also accelerates.  Therefore the ability to see the effect of your modifications in vision is expanded as the time-gap between vision/commanding of energy and the appearance in manifest experience is decreasing.

Much of this lifetime for those of you focused upon Earth has been about learning to use your focus, to gather it all up and claim it again; thus learning to expand your ability to be present.  The quality of being is the essence of you.  There has been a sequence of experiences in which you learn to be more fully aware of yourself, you become more aware of the way you relate to and feel about yourself.  You then have placed your attention on practices and activities that improve the way you feel about yourself so that you might have better feeling experiences and also for the spiritual purpose of bringing more love into your life and thus into the world.  The next logical step is to use this focus, to take this ability to improve your feeling state by altering your perspectives, and apply it to learning to alter your visions in the moment as they arise in manfiest experience, thus becoming an active conscious partipant in real-time conscious creating of reality.

Real-time conscious creativity is the experience of life that will pervade the New Earth.  As you begin to master this dynamic within your experience you prepare yourself for this and also simultaneously, you create the possibility for this becoming the way the world works.  In true quantum fashion–you affect reality and the experience of reality affects your feelings and perceptions, and thus affects reality…an infinite cycle of energy responding to focus/direction/information and thus unfolding and cycling from particle to wave to particle, seemingly instantaneously.

You are increasing in your command of reality and you have come into a heart-orientation to your desires that brings forth inspiration in alignment and harmony with all that is.  The next natural step is to become a wizard and revising reality to suit your heart’s desires.  You will begin to have much more intricate slow-moving, deep understandings of manifest life, as you allow the experiences you have to inform you as to how clearly you have understood, and thus dreamed into being the essence of that which you wish to experience.  You will then use these insights to continually expand and elevate the nature of reality to reflect the beauty and ideals that you cherish and which you wish to call into your experience.

Many of you have important energetic knowing of dynamics of individual and collective realities that could liberate the Earth from the current systems and patterns that create great suffering in so many lives and which are not balanced with Gaia’s energy or with Creation as a whole.  As you begin to trust yourself more and to pause and revise reality as you experience it, you begin to bring forth these broader knowings through your desire to have different, and better feeling experiences.  Implicit in vision, is the wholeness of what is needed to bring these visions forth.  Trust your ability to birth new ways of being and close the gap between Utopian Dreams and manifest reality.

You are the empowered emissaries who have come here, returning–many of you–to reclaim all of your whole selves and to elevate the nature of experience here.  Claim your role as a Creator, and use the power of your focus to enlarge and uplift Creation.

We are the Eloheim of Grace.  Creator Gods ourselves, we speak with you as On

Eloheim of Grace channeled by Meredith Murphy link to original article


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