Steve Beckow – Hatonn On The Postponement Voyage To The Stars – 5 February 2012

Alleged depiction of Cdr. Hatonn

I received a very supportive email from Mike Quinsey which I’m not sure I have his permission to publish, but I did very much appreciate it, Mike. And I appreciate all of yours no less.

I’ve been chatting with Suzy Ward as we go along. Hatonn would chime in when invited.  Some of Hatonn’s comments are very useful because they explain some matters and expand our understanding of galactics. This whole episode promises to expand our knowledge of galactics.

Let me explain first that Hatonn is in fact the Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn of the Phoenix material and he did use that name in the beginning. But Suzy also tells us that “he never refers to himself as Aton or Michael.  Messages attributing information to those names are from dark entities falsely claiming to be him. … He just said he’s not talking with anyone here except me ‘for distribution.’” So not all messages claiming to come from Hatonn in fact do so.

Hatonn expands on Grener’s comments that we as a group were not entirely prepared for an event like this and so we needed to prepare a little more. Hatonn gives us more of an explanation of what problems may be caused by our unpreparedness:

“Suzy, please let me speak myself now [rather than Matthew, I presume] to further explain [he refers to earlier discussions]. …  It’s the law of the universe that decrees solidly compatible energetics must be in play if a meeting of ‘two minds’ is to work satisfactorily.

“It’s not a matter of leaving a few individuals behind — their energy is part of the matrix [Hatonn  does not mean “part of the 3D matrix,” but “part of the mix”] and it is weakening the entire ‘web’ of energy. I know it will be disappointing to those who trust fully — it will be to us as well.  If the doubters cannot enter into the unity of trust required, this trip will have to be postponed until ONLY fully trusting people are a part of the matrix. Please pass this on to Steve for dissemination if he wishes.” (1)

Well, those are sobering words.

And frankly it would be impossible for us to exercise discrimination on who goes and who does not go. It would only generate recrimination and charges of favoritism. So I’m just as happy to leave the choice to Grener.

Hatonn supports the notion that the trip is only postponed. It may be beyond our capability to “choose” people for the trip. We in fact did not choose. We accepted all requests within the limits imposed by numbers. That may be why Grener said that we needed to leave the choice now up to him.

I am by the way firmly setting myself against going up today because there is so much to do (1800 emails to answer).  Some day remind me to tell you what I’ve done to make sure they get that signal. So if you notice I didn’t go up, I’m intending it to be that way.

Now let me go back in time. When I originally asked Suzy for Hatonn’s opinion, he and she had only my description of the trip. This comment was written after I sent Suzy Archangel Michael and Grener’s transcripts.

“When we talked before all I had to go on were your thoughts about some lucky folks having a 10-day visit aboard a craft, taking pictures and enjoying a unique vacation with some of us.  Now that it sounds like a venture with a solid purpose, I’m all for it.”

[Suzy asked if he knows Grener.] “Yes, of course.  He didn’t invite me to go — I’ll speak to him about that!  But he knows someone who’s wearing an intergalactic fleet commander hat and another one for director of universal communications probably would have to decline anyway.  It’s the second hat that’s keeping me busy and frustrated.” (2)

I responded that I would never forgive Hatonn if he did not come and visit with us. And he replied:

“Tell Steverino I’m not going to bust in where I haven’t been invited and we’ll be meeting when the time’s right.” (3)

So again just as we have difficulty estimating how the galactics will respond to the dark, given that they honor and follow the universal law and most of us don’t, so also their codes of etiquette are not known to us. Hatonn will not “bust in where [he] hasn’t been invited.”

Higher-dimensional beings don’t behave like us, which is one of the things I don’t think I/we fully realize. By the same token, we probably have no conception of how to be with them, which it will be our task to learn as time goes on.


(1) Hatonn to Steve Beckow through Suzy Ward, Feb. 3, 2012.

(2) Hatonn, Feb. 2, 2012.

(3) Hatonn, Feb. 3, 2012.

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