Suzanne Poulson-Spooner – God & Prilon – Waking Up From The Fog – 6 February 2012

God & Prilon

[Hello God & Prilon.] We would love to address your feelings of discombobulation. [Excellent.] A being is always connected to source,this you know.

As you develop your understanding that you are living much more in the higher realities than the denser realities you disconnect from the density. This can be felt as the discombobulation or fogginess that many experience. This is only a natural feeling.

The ‘lightness’ of the spirit is where you truly feel connected. How you live with your current density is your lesson now.

In the 3-D, all come into the experience with a body. This grounds you so that you can perform the missions you set out to accomplish. The mechanism of running a body is intricate and complicated, to say the least. However you choose to work with your body, the soul is always operating on the source of light.

Man has gone through centuries not connecting the two or believing that only chosen few can transcend the body/spirit connection.

Have you ever wondered why babies sleep so much? It’s to be in their light body more than their physical body.

Communication with your light body is increasing now for you and many, many others. This is good indeed. When you have feelings of discombobulation, let us surround you in meditation or quietness. You will come out of the fog into a new and better world. [Thank you God & Prilon, I’m feeling a little less foggy already. link to original article


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