Graham Dewyea – Summary And Link To An Hour With An Angel With Grener, Feb. 6, 2012 3 AM Pacific Time – 7 February 2012

Linda Dillon channels Grener and Jesus with questions from Steve Beckow.

The program aired Monday, 6:00 p.m. Pacific time, 9:00 p.m. Eastern time. The URL for the audiofile is:

Linda shares comments regarding the experience around the Neptune trip and speaks to the growth and clearing among thousands of people.  She reminds us that this is a journey of love and to let the love and support from the universe come into our hearts and anchor us.

Jesus/Sananda encourages us to stay in our hearts, hold peace in our hearts, and to join together in love.

Grener speaks to the Neptune trip, the transformation has taken place in the Lightworker community.  Even though the trip was altered, our partnership with the Galactics hasn’t changed.  He shares our desire for Disclosure and that this has been a grass roots effort to move it along.

The postponement was a joint decision. There were hundreds of earth humans volunteering and the Galactics had concern around the fear, trepidation and panic that those who would be left behind were feeling.  The Galactics come in love and seek to anchor peace on Earth, so it was important to avoid this difficulty. Grener indicated that there were also decisive actions being taken among dark forces to interfere with the trip, which was another reason for changing plans.

The accounts from people purporting to be on the Neptune, including John Lear, are accurate and will be proven credible. Billie Woodard’s statement that he has seen the Neptune is accurate. More people will come to the ship and will know when the time is right. There will be groups of 4-6 people and the stay will be anywhere from a few hours, an overnight, or a day or two. Some will stay longer.

Grener indicates that the Galactics are chiefly interested in the growth of the human spirit, both individually and collectively. They are here to help with Ascension and are observing to see how we manage the shift to the higher realms. They can protect people and do a great deal behind the scenes. There are many beings on Earth that are part of the Galactic family.

There are millions of ships over Earth that work as a unified force, waiting and observing.  Grener speaks of coordinated efforts with Salusa, Hatonn and others, and that fleets are organized by mission and purpose. He indicates that our Internet is influenced by a more advanced communication they use.

Grener speaks of his role as the President of the Intergalactic Council, the origin of the ship’s name and where he is from. He reveals that the Greek language is an intergalactic language; hence its appearance in things like the ship’s name.

Linda finished the show with a meditation.

direct link to radioshow of 7 February 2012/ in timeline EST. by Graham Dewyea link to original article

One response to “Graham Dewyea – Summary And Link To An Hour With An Angel With Grener, Feb. 6, 2012 3 AM Pacific Time – 7 February 2012

  1. This is surely a great step in the growth of the human spirit, as Grener says, individually and collectively. What a wonderful start towards “disclosure”. I feel that all of us on earth, “dark” or “light” side, will benefit soon, and great lessons will be learned.