Kauilapele – David Wilcock Financial Tyranny Update – 7 February 2012

David has posted a “small” update to his Financial Tyranny article. Here is what he said:

[UPDATE SUNDAY 2/5: The final version is almost ready. We have struggled to keep up with the speed of news events — it is truly astonishing. There are new images of the Sedlec Ossuary bone mosaic added to the existing text.]

To find this new update, you can click the All Pages link, and do a search (CTRL+F) for “Sedlec Ossuary”.

Again, I have saved this web page in four forms, and uploaded to my own storage area. Here are the links.

Complete article (all pages), with all links, images, and comments (zip folder):
120205_2025_1023-financial-tyranny_all_pages_complete_files.zip (34.9 MB)

HTML only version (formatted, working links, no images):
120205_2025_1023-financial-tyranny_all_pages.htm (1.9 MB)

Text only version (no images or formatting):
120205_2025_1023-financial-tyranny_all_pages.txt (1.1 MB)

PDF version (note: in different font than David’s) (use to download to iPhones, iPads, etc.):
120205_2025_David_Wilcock_Financial_Tyranny.pdf (24 MB)

David Wilcock Financial Tyranny Update. via http://www.kauilapele.wordpress.com

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  1. Thank you so much for the Awakening Material timing is perfect for our Evolution