Steve Beckow – Until We Meet Again…. – 7 February 2012

(Lucas:”Steve refers also to my article in him resigning. I have already explained that the article Steve wrote for me had no other conclusion. He has explained himself in this new article. He is saying not to resign or leave. That is good to hear from him now. Welcome Back then. It had been easier if he wrote this all before posting an article on his decision to leave or stay that for me and others only was to interpret as him leaving or resigning. This I’ve  been saying also in a comment on Wes Annac’s blog and mine about the comment by Wes he only was away for a while.  Now Steve for me is clear. What others think of his article  or reasons they have to decide for themselves. But please do not comment on it as I will not post it!  Steve thanks.  And greetings to Geoff West who I have been speaking to recent. Love and Light, Lucas” )


Now following the article by Steve Beckow  : Until We Meet Again…. 

Where you can find me (the photo above)

OK, with the Grener transcript up, I begin a month away. I’m not “resigning,” as some 2012 commentators have said, or “leaving,” or anything of the sort.

I’m simply recognizing that I personally managed the planned trip in an unworkable manner and taking responsibility for it – just the way we’d like our political leaders to do, wouldn’t we?

I’ll probably go on withdrawal as bad as any addict might! But I can also put my feet up for a while, which I haven’t done in four years, and just reflect on all that’s happened as we move ever closer to the main events.

And there won’t be any time later for a breather. So I’d better take advantage of this last pause before the wind picks up.

I plan to go up to the ships. I haven’t been ready yet to do so, although I initially wanted to do it right away. John Lear’s release of his account made going to the ships real for me, which was what I wanted to do, and removed some of the urgency I felt.

My leaving was crystalized by what Ken said but it wasn’t solely related to that. Some people have focused attention on Ken, but isn’t focusing attention on one person or a few people part of the problem in the first place? My spell away has many purposes some of which I’m at liberty to discuss and some not (Grener’s not alone in having some things that he cannot say at the moment).

It gives others a chance to drive the car. Vina will be taking over some of the writing, as much as she’d like. Geoff West has agreed to sit in for me on An Hour with an Angel. It’s my fondest hope that both of them will explore these opportunities and go on in these areas. Geoff already has plans to make documentaries of the galactics and is as eager to go on the ships as I am. Grener has already said Geoff is welcome to visit.

There are several other people I can think of that I’d have liked to create opportunities for and perhaps I’ll spend some of my time off thinking about how to create more opportunities for more people.

As we begin our contact with our space visitors, we’re identifying more problems that need to be addressed such as the problem of how to inform your loved ones that you may be going aboard the ships without losing your relationship with them and how to start projects when we’re all so cash strapped.

Grener’s initiative signals the beginning of the time when the extraterrestrials begin working and collaborating with us. In a sense, Grener and his colleagues are saying they’re not waiting for Disclosure.

Our governments have shown themselves unwilling to move with despatch on the issue and the galactics are just starting, in a very circumspect and caring manner, to begin meeting with us, working with us, and ignoring the barriers that the secret government has erected.

Since we’ve passed the divine deadline for disclosure, they are authorized to do this. However their higher ethical manner and integrity prevents them from simply pushing their way in and bulldozing opposition. They work in more subtle and cooperative ways, as we can see, whether or not we understand those ways.

I’ll also have time to do some reading, assimilating and even meditating. When you’re working at the pace I’ve been working at, mostly because I just like working at that pace for some unknown reason, there isn’t time often to just reflect on the bigger picture and the way the pieces of the puzzle fit together.

Pat, Susan and the other members of the 2012 Scenario team will serve your needs on this site (I think Pat’s computer is down today so there may be some interruption of service for the moment). Andrea and her team of mods will serve the discussion group (and I’ll spend some time in the group as well, which I haven’t been able to do lately).

The Bridge Fund team are also working away and preparing while waiting. I’ll be visiting the Edmunds Center. And I also hope to spend some time with Grener aloft when the time arrives, do some travelling with my wife D’Arcy, and spend some time with my relatives. I don’t imagine I’ll be inactive by any means.

So again I’m saddened that the way we planned the event last week meant that it could not go ahead. We reached a level of enthusiasm which made the trip unadvisable but certainly showed how eager we are to meet the folks up there. And it made connections among the lightworker community that could not have been made otherwise and demonstrated who we are and how ready we are to work together.

For any harm I caused, I apologize and hope that the events that we expect will erase the memory of them.

I’m not sure that any of us knows how to do this. There’s no manual for many things in our lives, like relationships or marriage, and there certainly is no manual for this. But we don’t get to stop and ask for instructions. We’re living life on the fly as it is and none more than this one. Perhaps I’m lucky to have a moment to pause and reflect on what it is we’re doing and where we’re going…. And reflect I will.

Until we meet again….. link to original article


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