Ben Fulford – Updates – 8 February 2012

Two question/remarks on Fulford’s typepad website.

Mainstream Media

Dear Benjamin Fulford,

I’ve been following your blog and the various interviews you’ve been
doing. I’m just wondering if you can say when you would expect that
the mainstream media will be taken from the satanists and when the
truth will start coming out on a larger scale. For many people it is hard to believe that there are major changes taking place until there is some obvious evidence (video footage etc). If there has been a
decision to unite North Korea, South Korean and Japan will that at
least be announced via the media soon?

Thank you for your time.

Answer Fulford:
First of all, let me say that I do not use the term mainstream media. I call it corporate propaganda media because it is centrally controlled by fascists. As far as Korean unification is concerned, what I am reporting is from the very front lines of decision making. There will be secret meetings and discussion for weeks or possibly months before any public announcement is made through government controlled newspapers and TV.
The latest proposal being made is to unite the Korean Peninsula with Japan to create a nation of 200 million that will become a major new center for world development and finance. Japan needs Korean help to get out of its rut. However, this is still just a proposal being discussed at high levels and no final decision has been made.


Hello Ben greetings from Poland
Hello Ben greetings from Poland,

First of all we appreciate what you doing Ben. You have gained
popularity in Poland, more and more people listening to you and read
your blog.
Ben please answer to my questions concern Poland and economical
situation. In your recordings or on your blog You often mention about
Greece, Italy, Spain and five Baltic counties where the economical
situation is serious. I just want to ask you, which countries do you
mean when it comes to the five Baltic countries? Is there Poland too?
What do you know about Polish crash in Smolensk in Russia where Lech
Kaczynski the President of Poland died? Most are sure that this was an
assassination, but we don’t know who did it, Russians or Western
countries (like with Gen Sikorski during the second world war) or it
was an inside job. As you known there were a lot of top Polish
politicians and generals, the central bank governorand so
on…..People known that something is going on. I thing there will be
evolution in the next years.
Poles already have known that elites ripped off us and our government
is a puppet of Europe and USA. People are seriously pissed off
especially young. They need work but here is no work for youth! The
Prime Minster Tusk and his cabinet have pulled Poland in billions of
dept. They sold almost everything to the international corporations
and the next sick idea is to sell forests. We need to get rid of this                     traitors. Sorry for my emotions but it really makes me angry, how this      beautiful country is being destroyed.

First of all, I should apologize for mentioning the 5 Baltic states when I was referring to three countries: Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia. Poland was in good economic shape until the government was murdered. My understanding is that the Polish leadership was killed in order to force Poland to give up the Zloty and with it financial independence, and join the Euro. The people behind this murder are most certainly the people behind the Euro, that is to say the fascist P2 Masonic Lodge and the Khazarian Lucifer worshipers (not to be confused with Jews) who own the BIS.
These criminals need to put nations into debt slavery in order to control them. That is what they are doing to Poland, forcing it into debt and using that as an excuse to seize ownership of everything in the country. As far as I am concerned, the Polish people need a new Solidarity revolution. Donald Tusk is a traitor and belongs in jail.

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