Lisa Gawlas – Full Moon, Full Fire, Full Life! – 8 February 2012

Let me forewarn you, this is going to be a long sharing.  The only way I know how to explain what I am starting to see and experience first hand, is thru my own experiences.

Yesterday when I woke up, like always, grabbed my cup of coffee, opened my blog to share… and went in 10 different directions in my mind.  There was no way of pinning any one thing down to share outwards, at least not with a clarity of understanding for whomever is reading.  For two hours I sat here, didn’t type but a paragraph, but that paragraph haunted me most of the day.  Let me share part of that paragraph:

We are so subjugated to what we think is real.  The illusion, the justification.

Even after I type the above sentence (after first looking up the word subjugate  and I had to laugh at the definitions: 1.  to make submissive or subservient; enslave. 2. overcome, vanquish, reduce, overpower. ) my own mind has gone on a chatty journey… and the flow (of information) stopped.   As I wave my hands like… come on, whats the rest, I suddenly hear so incredibly clear “We cannot be with you in your mind.”

I moved in and out of my mind all day long!  Since I couldn’t get a coherent sharing together, I decided to check the field, I have readings scheduled and now it not only seems contingent on whether I am in a space of growth (the void) or not… it now matters whether the field is too.

Sunday, there was no field for me to look at or connect to.  Heck even my wifi calling signal was down all day.  I just assumed it was me not being able to connect to the field on Sunday.  Monday showed otherwise with the fire lion and the Gaurdians on the ground singing songs.

Tuesday, Feb 7th the field was a huge campfire!!  It looked like the Guardians lit a huge, huge, huge campfire in a perfect circle with flames whipping at least 20-30 feet in the air.  My biggest question was… will I be able to read today?  Can we safely bring a souls light into this massive fire?  We could!

Before I share that, and I am going to leave you with a very profound meditation to do that came in for my first reading of the day, I want to get to my understandings via the month of experiences that I now see so clearly linked together.

In a previous blog I had told you about how peoples meditation aspects are showing up here in Heaven (smile)… the dove, the gopher hole.  I suppose my own mind often thru remembering subjugated the experiences.  So the field, our guardians, which now feel very proactive in life, made sure I did not subjugate a thing ever again.

On Monday I spent the entire day out in the world of 3D life.  Really, the very first time I have spent 12 consecutive hours away from home since moving in a full month ago.  I came home exhausted.  I had heated up some dinner, ate it at my chair in front of the TV, when I was done, I just put my half empty plate on the floor and forgot about it til morning.  Too tired to care about being tidy!

Even the morning my mind was everywhere… just going over my life here.  Laughing at myself.  Part of me realized that this crazy chick named Lisa moved into a wonder new life that raised her living expenses by a bit over a third of what they used to be, and at the very same time, lowered her rates by almost a third of what they used to be before I moved here.

The one thing I know about me, there is nothing…. NO-THING I do that doesn’t come from the welling up in my heart.  That is to say, I am spirit motivated in all my actions, including my business.  Since creating a spiritually centered business, I have never ever put my self worth next to a dollar amount.  I had several emails come in that said I should raise my prices because I am worth so much more.  I know I am.  I have always known that (smile.)  But I have never set my prices according to what will serve me, but what can serve the greater good.  Thru that approach, I have been well taken care of.

My biggest paydays come thru you.  In seeing your connection, that moment that raises your field of energy to a higher octave of living.  To watch your spiritual attributes come to the fore.  There is no amount of money that could make me as excited as you finding and living fully with You!

So, with all that said (smile)… Shortly after the 1st of the month, I had $28 left to my name.  I felt rich beyond compare, most of my bills were paid, I had heat, food, joy… Until Saturday rolled around and I kept feeling the propane tank outside saying, come check me.  I thought to myself, crazy.  I have gotten 100 gallons of propane already this month, a tune close to $400, that should last me til spring.

Not.  I had 7% propane left.  Well just shit.  Something has to give with this insane expense.  I am now spending close to $200 every two weeks for propane.  All I could feel deep inside of me, like on repeat, “I know I am supposed to be here, something will work itself out.”

When I woke up on Sunday I had the feeling inside me to get a good space heater and a convection oven (yeah, I live alone but I do love to bake and cook for me!) that will reduce my propane use.  Ok… with $28??  Plus needing more fuel delivered??

My time spent in meditation was mostly my head yapping away with worry.  The only thing I got for a small second was golden Medusa hair in the Cliff.  The rest was my on stress!  We humans are so funny (this one especially.)

But spirit hears us.  Knows us.  Loves us.  Takes care of us…. thru each other.  By the time I got out of my chaotic attempt at meditation, there was enough sales that came thru to purchase the propane needed as well as the space heater and convection over.

By Monday morning, I had even more than that.

Now (smile)… to back up some more (trust me, this will all come full circle, promise,) About a week after I moved into Heaven here (smile) spirit started asking me, over and over and over again “What do you want.”   I was remembering archangle michael in Dec asking me how I seen myself in 2012, I thought this was a similar question and truly at the rate of change happening on earth… I have no freakin clue outside of each day to day moment.

Then, when I had the meditation with the wonderful reunion from my 3 Pleiadian friends/teachers, they asked me the same thing.  I started going into various scenarios with the field, our lives in relationship to the field… they narrowed it down for me.  In a group voice they said, no what do you want in your mundane life?  Really?  You are going to really ask me that.  It seems so trivial.  My needs have been more than provided for.  I thought hard.  Ohhhh…. I would LOVE to have my car payment gone.  Making myself clear I was sure to mention NOT thru a repossession but thru a free and clear title.  That will save me $400 of stress a month.  I felt proud of me… I had a mundane want!!  Strange as that may sound, I really had to dig deep for that one.  But it is a true one!

Seems that answer was not good enough, I still heard that question over and over again.  A couch maybe?  I have one single seat here in my living, good for me, not good for more than just me.  Plus it would be so nice to stretch out after spending 8-9 hours a day at the kitchen table working.

So Monday, fire lions, singing guardians and zero cell signal, I changed my day off from Wednesday to Monday and my appointments were all able to flip to that day (thank you so much for that!  Ohhhh also, there is a Marsha that called me, and we were supposed to have a reading Monday morning… I am so sorry, somehow, I didn’t have you on my online calendar or on my phone calendar and your phone number comes up unknown… I dont know which marsha you are, please get back to me and at least leave me a call back number.)

So, I went off and started my day at Walmart, getting my wonderful space heater and convection oven.  Now any sort of store is about 25 miles/45 minutes away from me, so it is something I must plan into my day.

As I was cruising down the highway to Walmart, I got to a stretch of road where the speed drops from 70 miles per hour to 65 to 55.  I took my cruise control off and I thought I was putting my foot near the gas peddle… until I actually stepped on the gas and realized my car was doing something strange… it was braking!  What the hell… my foot was on the wrong peddle!  How does on who has driven in the same car for 3 years forget where the gas peddle was?

It didn’t happen just once, but several more times when I realized, I do believe a Guardian is now driving.  I knew I was not in my body alone.  I could actually feel the excitement of learning to drive!  How cool is that?  So I told the guardian… “I will make a deal with you, I will teach you how to drive safely, you teach me how to live fully!”  That seemed to work.  No more confusing my peddles!

I had to laugh as I thought to myself, “I feel like I am driving a new car’” and indeed… on every level of living… I Am (WE Are!!!!)

Had a wonderful lunch with my former housemate, as I was getting ready to head towards an out call massage appointment that seemed to flow effortlessly into my days schedule, a Thrift Store sucked me in.  I mean really sucked me in.  I was driving along, seen “My Thrift Store” and my car was already turning left into its parking lot.  My brain is saying what the heck do we need in here…nothing!

Then I thought of my new convection oven that has no where to sit in my kitchen.  Ok maybe a little unit for it to sit upon.  Ohhhhhh the trickster gods were out in full play!

I seen it as soon as I walked into the store.  Ok thats what I am here to get.  As I walked thru the rest of the store to pay for it, my eyeballs caught the most wonderful sectional couch.  I stood and looked at it for a long minute.  Man that would be so nice… it was fit perfectly in my new life.  I looked at the price tag $200… yikes.  Maybe another time.  I asked the lady if she did lay a ways… she was open to it, but I didn’t have any extra money to even consider it.

I went to put the little stand in my car… how the hell does it not fit?  I have put a 6 foot book shelf in that crazy honda civic, this little microwave stand is just to wide, couldn’t get it to budge in any hole that my car had available, including the trunk.  I was dumb founded.

The lady said her husband could deliver it for a little extra fee to cover the gas. Ok… that works, I am going to do a massage and will have the little extra money.  I sorta felt bad he was going to travel over an hour away to bring me a $30 item!  But, it is what it is.

All night long I thought of that darn sectional.  Some part of me already put it into my living room… it was nice, even if it was illusion.  When I woke up, the first thing on my crazy mind was that sectional.  OK, now I am paying attention.

Especially with the fact that last week, day after day I kept hearing a part of a poem I wrote god knows, over 30 years ago for the love of my life.  It was repeated to back to me word for word ever day, several times a day until this past weekend.  Here it is:

If I could make a wish

and have it come true

no, it wouldn’t be for me

but especially for you

I would wish for you 

a life well furnished….

I don’t remember the rest, I am amazing I can actually remember that.  But then again, spirit see’s, hear’s records every single thing we have ever thought, done and said thru out our entire life.  So for them, repeating that back to me was effortless.  I pondered why I was hearing this so much.  I had no clue.  Until yesterday!!

My mind was on number crunching.  How do I get this couch into my life before it becomes a part of someone elses life?  Ok, maybe if the propane guys will let me give them a post dated check, maybe the thrift store will let me give them a post dated check… but all my bills come due next week…  I put that on hold while I did my readings…

I had about an hour and a half of time between my 2 and 3rd reading for the day… I number crunched my bank account.  I was actually amazed at how much money I had left to play with.  Where did it come from?  I was actually able too squeeze together $183 (which seemed not possible given my spending the day before and the reserve for fuel and the $20 left for rent.)

I called the man who was going to make such a long drive for a tiny delivery.  I told him I really want that couch but can’t put together all the money.  He said he was a deal maker… my heart skipped a beat (my head on the other hand was like… but you won’t have to worry about getting the money together for your couple of bills due next week.)  Heart wins!  The deal was on.

I got my butt up and picked up the plate from the night before.  Time to get this home ready for the arrival.

I had to sit back down.  Just next to my dinner plate from the night before (chicken strips and french fries) was a seed.  Not just any seed… a freakin pumpkin seed.   I haven’t eaten a pumpkin seed in years.  There are no pumpkin seeds in the bird seed.  I have swept and washed this floor many times since moving in… there has never been a pumpkin seed anywhere.

I told you about the lady who had waited months for any sort of reading… well there is actually another girl who has done the same thing.  She purchased an hour reading way back in the summer… time wise we could’t get together, so we turned it into an email reading so we didn’t have to worry about time.

Thru our the many months that rolled by, I would get a glimpse of her but not enough to constitute a reading.  There would be times, especially in Dec. that I would wake up and feel her… but again, nothing to call a reading.  I knew she was evolving at the speed of light like so many of us… she too, became a weird (but great) part of my journey.  She was always confident that when the time was right, it would happen.

I cannot even tell you if she got any sort of reading in January, we just agreed to take her meditations and make them focused and connected to this new energy.

She has become the craziest “seed” meditator I have ever experienced in all my life of sharing that meditation.  In her meditations this month, she always started out as a pumpkin seed and grew into amazing other things which all connected her to the City of Light meditation.

She must have done 10 consecutive seed meditations that simply continued within the City of Light.  So… when I had seen the pumpkin seed magically appear on the floor… all I could do is sit down and say…. really?

I can make up rational reasons why a dove would appear at the bird feeder here, after a lady had a meditation about a dove.  Or that a man had a gopher hole appear in his meditation and one appeared out in the field the next day.  But a pumpkin seed that was never here before…  can’t subjugate that! lol

After my last reading of the day… I was sweeping and mopping the floor to get ready for the new couch sectional.  Over and over and over again I kept hearing the word “subjugate” to the point of annoyance.  The field decided to flip between that word and a song snippet that came out for one of the days readings… Adele’s song Rolling in the Deep “There’s a fire burning in my heart, reaching a fever pitch and it’s bringing me out the dark.  Finally I can see you CRYSTAL clear”  Well I love that song and thank god they play it in Adeles amazing voice instead of my own!

My landlady came in to deliver me more amazing rocks.  One from Italy and one from Australia… and I showed her my pumpkin seed.  Well… If I didn’t go into Ohhhh My Freakin God overdrive.  She told me that there are two clans that live on the Jemez Reservation.  One is call the Turquoise Clan the other…. of course…. The Pumpkin Clan.  She suggested that I place this precious seed with my amazing rocks… that she is sure it was from the guardians who are part of the Pumpkin Clan.

I was sending fragmented bursts of emails to my Pumpkin seed client… letting her know what she is doing and experiencing in meditation is more real, more relevant that either of us could have imagined.

I sat once again holding the amazing pumpkin seed in total awe…

Then I suddenly realized…  I have a freakin bill due in 3 days that is $40.  By the end of this day I will have a collective $11 to my name.  Shit!

I get a panic phone call from the man bringing me my furniture.  The corner piece (triangle shaped) jumped out of the back of his truck while he crossed a railroad track, altho it didn’t break, it did get injured.  I could feel him worry about disappointing me and I knew too, he needed the sale as well.  They are a relatively new business, husband and wife owned.   He said he would give me a big discount.  I told him, breath, don’t worry, I still want it and we will figure it out when he gets here.

I had to wonder… did my new sectional not want to be here?  Then it hit me… no, that is not it at all… it was a way to create the ability to pay my upcoming $40 bill and keep me out of the stress zone.

I so had to laugh when it did arrive.  Like I said the wedge is a triangle shaped coffee table thingie… all three corners burst open.  The material completely off but only at the corners.  I thought… how appropriate this peice… we have all gone thru hell to get to Heaven, arriving tattered and torn, but functional!  I think I loved it even more.

I surely loved the man who brought it.  He told me his story of moving from Florida to here with nothing but 2 duffle bags and hope.  No money, no job and a cousin who eventually kicked him out with no money and no vehicle.  Ya know, we can either let life get us down or get us stronger!!  He chose stronger.  He and his wife now have this wonderful thrift store.

He had this crazy looking, I don’t even know what it is supposed to be, but a large furry material that was also a triangle.  He put it over the triangle wedge and it blended perfectly.

He let me choose the price I was willing to pay.  In his story 3 was a very prevalent number, so I said why not take $33 off?  This way I get it for $150 and you are not suffering a huge loss.  He was so happy.  He kept thinking of all the things at the store he could give me… I told him I was good.  I don’t mean sell me, but give me.  He told me I have credit with them, anything I need, whether I have money or not… come there, they will take care of me.

After he left I sat on my wonderful new couch stupefied.  This all happened so fast I didn’t even have a moment to catch my breath… very much like the day I arrived here to look at this place.

Very much like moving here, it wasn’t even a thought until the day before it actually happened.  It happened so fast that all you can do is move with the flow, like white water rafting!  Rapids!

In sitting there all I could feel, literally, was the fibrous energy of the field all around me like a loving glove.  Linking together all the moments of this profound month of living here…. loving here.

I started to understand somethings….

We pull from the realms of creation thru each other.  Our needs, both monetarily and spiritually are first start thru each other.  So we can see and understand energetically what is happening and how we are doing it.  When we truly let our minds go free of worry, we will step into the next phase of our adventure together… creating from the abundant source of energy of the All.

On that note, I do want to share some of yesterdays readings with you, and most especially give you a very simple yet profound meditation to do.

Thru each reading the field was a massive campfire.  That never changed at all thru the day.  The first lady of the day, I wasn’t sure we were going to get anything beyond a campfire… until I seen it!  I am going to share it in a meditation exercise and it doesn’t matter what day it is, what appears to be happening earth… the moon is always full, the fires are always burning!  The intetion is to release all that no longer serves your higher good as you move forward into your life.  PLEASE NOTE:  Do not do this meditation whimsically… be prepared for CHANGE!  Doors will open and shut quickly and will leave you no time to think.
Light and Fire of Purification

Imagine yourself standing ontop of the brightest full moon you have ever experienced.  Feel the energy of the moon beneath your feet.  As you feel the connection with the moon notice a light beam at the very bottom of the moon heading straight into earth, where there is a massive fire burning…. the flames whipping up high into the air… so high it is as clear as anything for your to connect with.

This light beam is a portal.  Move into the beam of light and feel yourself moving thru the tunnel of light and straight into the fire.  Feel the radiance of the fire.  Because you are in your own Light body, the fire cannot nor would not ever hurt you.

Stand there in the center of the fire, spread your arms outwards and say to the fire, burn away all the ties that bind me to my past that prevents me full mergence with my Light Body.  Infuse in me all the fire energy to move me forward with passion in my heart.

Stay there as long as you feel so directed to.  When you feel like you are done, simply open your eyes and get out of meditation.  Do not remove yourself from the fire… you are becoming one with it even after your meditation.

Be sure to give thanx to the fire and the moon.


The next reading was really interesting as well.  She was completely in the right field of energy (emotional/spiritual field) and I seen her being whipped up, down, left, right…. as if she was on a large strand of energy from the fire field itself.. being pummeled!  Think scrambler at an amusement park.  Her spirit said this was very purposeful and needed.  Embedding the Light codes deep into her cellular structure.  DO NOT GROUND.  The process stops each time we try and ground ourselves… be OK with disorientation.  Be OK with not feeling connected to your body.  It is changing.  When you try grounding… you only ground to something familiar… an aspect of earth you no longer fit upon (energetically speaking)…. but spirit will not prevent you from elongated the journey.

The next one… crazy snapshot of hope.  I seen the campfire blazing but with her there was a complete ring of flowers… pansies maybe?  Whatever has been flowing in from the river of life thru the front yard… it made a complete circle around the fire at least a foot deep all around.

I could see it clearly…. but not a word was spoken about “what does that mean.”

Last but far from least….  I made my last call for the day.  She didn’t know who I was, as if she wasn’t expecting my call.  Well, she wasn’t.  She changed her appointment from this day to 2 days later… When I get a change of date on my phone I simply edit the original date to the new one.  That takes the appointment off the first date.  Somehow…. that didn’t happen with her.  I did have the new date and the original one too.  (like I am doing anything alone anymore lol)

When I connected to her just before I dialed her phone number, I could see party balloons all above the big fire.  Good thing they were spirit balloons or they would have been popping everywhere! lol…. but they were simply going up in the sky from the fire.  It was her birthday… the universe… the field…. wanted to make sure they had a way of wishing her a happy birthday and were celebrating her Life with her!

There is not a moment of our lives that is missed.  I want to leave you with a message I received shortly after receiving the word subjugate from the Guardians.

“We cannot be with you when you are in your mind.”

From my heart to all of yours… thank you for taking such good care of me!  I pray, my daily sustenance fills you as deeply as you do me!  I love you soooooo much and cannot wait for you to sit upon our couch!!

((((HUGZ)))) filled with awe and wonder!

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  1. I loved reading your article. I am running on empty and you filled me up. Thank you.

  2. I AM indeed ‘filled with awe and wonder’ after reading your blog post. I salute you, admire you for both your candor and depth of expression, and feel grateful that you exist, and are still ‘in the mix’ of this rapidly ascending world. I have read very, very few accounts over the years that parallel so vividly some of my own spiritual experiences in the ‘everyday world’, and in such honest language. THANK YOU for that, my fellow AM.