Spacemuffin – 2012 : Extreme Caution Advised – 8 February 2012


The reality is that many people claim to be channelling, but only very few actually are. As a reader of channelled material for over 30 years, I am prompted to say that much information received and reported today is NOT channelled. 

To use an example, people are posting messages from a being who claims to be channelling Arch Angel Micheal. The messages have so many lines which are false, but nevertheless, people are posting these words on various websites and are taking them to be true. The information is ego-based and highly skeptic, but people are not catching on to that.

Further, a message which claims to be channelled, cannot be PARTIALLY channelled and partially the influence of the so-called channeller! This is impossible. The higher powers that be, would never risk their own words and reputations by speaking through somebody who is going to misconstrue and pass off information they claim to be from someone else, but which is really their own.

Our guides, arch angels, ascended masters, and star brothers and sisters are not going to channel through anybody who is going to:

A. Experience ego reinforcement

B. Colour the information with personal opinions

C. Alter the information coming through, consciously or unconsciously

D. Use their status as a channeller to gain favouritism or status

E. Seek verification from others about being ‘right’

F. Use this so-called information to prove a point

G. Or in any way interfere with the message/energy of the entity they say they are channelling.

Those who wish to be channelled are not going to take the risk of sending forth false information in THEIR name. Think about it. If you were an angel, would you speak through somebody who you felt would risk totally screwing up your message and your reputation? No. You would never attempt to speak through that person. That would in fact be very dangerous to your position. And that is why very few people are capable of actually channelling.

And there is a big difference between those who are channellers, those who are mediums, those who are trance mediums, those who are clairaudient and those who are really just speaking to their higher self and/or inner voice. But that’s not channelling.

It is sad to see what people are being led to believe, but this is a test for each and every one of us now.

In these times we are in right now, people are searching for meaning and guidance in their life, and turning to channelled information for help in this manner, but without experience, and a firm background, they may fail to seek the vibrations of authenticity, and it’s easy to get confused. The best way to describe this vibe is one of purity and upliftment, which is meant to guide and direct, but not tell others what to do, or coerce them into parting with large sums of money, or participating in worship of the channeller. This has sadly occurred so often.

Channellers are now popping up from all over the place, coming out of the woodwork, so to speak, and it is wonderful that people around the globe are getting in touch with their inner voice, or higher self, or speaking with their spirit guides. But channelling is not what they are doing, and when an entity chooses a person to pass on their vital information to others, this is a complex process of choice, both for the one who wishes to reach humanity, and for the channeller who is able to pass that on without adulterating the message. This is an undertaking wrought with responsibility, for both the guide and the physically incarnated individual who they wish to channel through.

There is so much reliable channelled information out there now, and it is sadly very easy for anybody to piece together many different channelled works to present something that ‘sounds right’ but which contains no actual ‘divine’ component, or actual contact with a higher being. Those works are often pieced together with comments which join them together, which are coming directly from the individual, which serve to promote ego, or put forth a personal message of some kind, intended to sway readers to their line of thinking. To an experienced reader of channelled material, these messages entirely lack the vibrations necessary to pass them off as being authentic. But to the inexperienced ones, they are easily tricked and fooled, and that is an unfortunate reality.

I am being prompted to write these words, but I am not channelling them. I am only coming from a place of experience, nothing more.

Face Piles of Trials with Smiles

The Muffin

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2 responses to “Spacemuffin – 2012 : Extreme Caution Advised – 8 February 2012

  1. I see what your saying Spacemuffin. As it is and has been a time of rumors and judgement on things happening or not happening in certain expected or not expected ways. It is alright with me as it expresses your view on this. But also your article is a way tot sway people in thinking in line of your thinking and advice you give! Isn’t it.

    Please be careful not to point a finger at one as you may have burned that finger earlier elsewhere yourself.

    All is perception of what is seen or heard or felt in the way of the one seeing, hearing, feeling. What a person has to say is also from his or her perception. Even channeling, as we speak of that, is often done with methods learned is a perception. Also people sometimes use drugs to come in a state of mind which in their perception brings clear channeling. Others pray before. Etc. It is fine with me. Even it is not my way.

    What ever the message is to you it is mostly not the truth for others. So if we just recognized that we are One in many differences and views on and in live, we would be more aware that discernment is only possible for everybody in his own way.

    All have to find out what is their truth. We all have our own ways to go towards our own ascension, Sometimes we walk with others and learn in positive or negatieve ways on the way. Sometimes we say goodbye to things or people that are not feeling good anymore on your own path. But eventually we will all be finding back to the Source. We are One even if we still not see it.

    So criticism, judgement, etc, is nothing more then an expression or reflection on mostly things happening in your live and can be seen as a mirror image of you expressing this. The image shows you what is your own lesson to learn. Not that it matters. As all just is.

    We will see soon that we overcome this having judgements, advice, seeking division and separation in things as Unity and Oneness will be in all recognized. Thanks for your vision on things Spacemuffin.

    Love and Light,


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