Wes Annac – The Hathors Of Earths Solar Astral Planes: Adjustment To Higher Realms, Traversing Octaves Of Reality And The Energies Behind Important Lessons – 8 February 2012

-Channeled through Wes Annac-

The effects of our most recent increase in purity of the energies we are sending you have been noticed by us and you alike. With the most recent events that have served to bring the spotlight onto many of the subjects you have been studying up on with your internet, we can feel that the inner knowing and feeling that everything you are striving toward is real, is beginning to surface in profound ways for many of you. We can feel your increase in faith of the higher realms and the fact that there is indeed a Loving reality outside of the one you have grown accustomed to (and indeed there are an infinite amount of these realities.)

The veils are being lifted from your collective and individual eyes at this time. Were you not informed that the energies coming in with the coming of this year 2012, would serve to finally uplift you to the states of consciousness that you as of yet do not quite remember? You are now beginning to see and feel this in manifestation.

Emotions may be heightened as the rope of duality is slowly withered away at. This process causes emotions on each side of the polar scale to heighten exponentially, and so the fact that you must find your spiritual center and remain calm in the face of difficulties is more important now than ever.

This is, more than anything a constant energetic stabilization process that your bodies and spirits are currently going through. As you absorb more pure encodements of the Logos energy you are being sent, your bodies and spirits are gradually adjusted to a new Light quotient, to a new, more pure state of consciousness. This is happening each and every moment, and we understand that it may bewilder your minds to imagine such complexity, such a process which is performed every single moment of your existence.

Time is not a factor here in the higher realms, and the complex processes which Create and maintain your reality are indeed occurring every moment, as otherwise you would not be experiencing reality every moment! As you have been informed of countless times, the encodements of Logos energy which are being sent through your bodies have been increasing in purity along synchronistical aligned dates on your planetary and Cosmic Calendar.

At each and every juncture, the energies which are coming through you every single moment of your existence are increased by levels, by stages in purity. You spend the time [between the synchronistic dates which bring you this purer energy and the next synchronistic alignments] slowly integrating the increase in purity of the energies that Create your reality.

You are steadily adjusting even right now to the increases of purity which you were brought with the most recent of alignments. You do not receive this increased purity all at once, dear souls; this is very delicate process and your Light quotient must be raised very carefully, which is a process that is overseen by your higher self and each one of your guides whom are assisting you in your delicate ascension processes.

Each and every moment is spent by those hidden away parts of yourselves, integrating this energy in very, very small increments of increased purity. In each moment since the previous alignment, you have been receiving Logos energy that is increasingly less-distorted each time you receive it, again in very small ways.

There is a period of adjustment once you align yourselves fully with the ‘latest’ increases of purity, and once this period of adjustment is spent, you find yourselves naturally at the next synchronistical alignment, the next date on the Cosmic Calendar that will herald another increase in purity of your reality-Creating Logos energy.

You are on a constant, ongoing cycle when it comes to integrating these energies. As you adjust and get used to the cycle you are on, with such an accelerated ascension process occurring on Gaia’s surface, you are then usually immediately exposed to the next level of consciousness, the next purity of densities to learn lessons on and to experience.

This entire process fits in with how you are energetically adjusted to and a part of the various octaves of reality. You move up the ‘ladder’ so to speak of each octave through your learning of lessons and your finding of Love in its various forms and in various ways. Love is the pure energy of Creation, which has been distorted in order to Create the energies which form the reality of the lower realms.

As such, your finding of Love will be through experiencing distortions and Life lessons, the purity [and in many cases difficulty] of which are increased with each lesson learned and each new octave of Creation you are exposed to. You learn the lessons which serve to help you find Love in its increasingly less-distorted forms, and as you learn these lessons, you integrate the energies behind them, which are energies of transformation, energies of change and of adjustment to ever-higher realms and planes of consciousness, of knowing and of feeling.

The energies behind these lessons are the building blocks of your venture to more pure states of consciousness. Of course, the lessons on Earth have been enormously more difficult than [the lessons] on many other worlds because of the accelerated ascension timetable that your world is on, but even still, the fundamental nature of why you learn lessons [to grow] is displayed on Earth, in many cases in an easier way to tell, because of how intense and difficult many of the lessons are.

Especially with the events that have already began to transpire in this, your year 2012, souls are learning what are in many cases some of the most difficult lessons one has to go through while on the surface of Earth, and these are lessons that are difficult even by Earth’s legendary standards. There is a moment, a seemingly infinite moment of understanding, of knowing and of feeling a previously locked away aspect of oneself, after going through and successfully coming out of such difficult lessons. We will tell you now: welcome to the higher realms!

Because that is exactly what is occurring with these lessons; you are adjusting yourselves to states of consciousness that have been unheard of for quite a long amount of your ‘time’. The adjustments and readjustments to higher states of consciousness are occurring at a rapid pace [compared to common circumstances] dear souls, and when we say rapid we truly mean rapid.

Yes, the lessons have been so very difficult, but try to see the energies behind them, the energies that push you to enact Life disciplines and ways of behaving that you know will truly benefit you and all those around you; lessons and disciplines that will see you forge the strongest of bonds and connections with the higher realms.

This ascension process of yours is all about you discovering this for yourself, through the lessons which are manifested for you to experience by you, in accordance with your higher self and your spiritual guides. For so long, you have been sewn in [so to speak] to one state of consciousness, to one very tiny aspect of the overall Creation that is around you.

The third dimensional octave of primitive awareness is just one state of consciousness out of an infinite amount, and the realities and [illusory] ‘Universal truths’ that so many on your world have put their faith in are to be shattered when it is fully realized just how your reality operates, and just what is and isn’t possible.

You have much to learn, dear souls, about the ways you are interlocked into your reality and with all who experience a similar reality to yours; one fundamental aspect of each and every bit of Creation, of those other universes you are soon to discover whose citizens have customs which are so different from yours and Universal Laws which are so profound, is that you and we as well are all energetically connected.

This is because we are all One supreme entity who has Created an illusory and distorted reality for Him/Herself to experiment in. In many cases, even we, while inhabiting higher states of consciousness and perceiving realties and truths that you could not yet fathom, are barely aware of other realities, other purities of consciousness which go beyond even our ability to fathom.

Infinity is a very difficult concept for anybody to fully grasp, until inhabiting the higher realms of consciousness of our Mother/Father Creator, the Supreme Source energy which funnels itself out in distorted forms to Create the less pure and less Lighted realities which so many of you are still accustomed to and intertwined in. You, dear souls, are pure Source energy in an incarnate, dense form, and nevertheless you are still made of the Supreme energies of pure Source, which come from the realms of Source, of our Creator.

Until our next communication dear souls, we ask you to think upon what we have told you at this time. Think upon the pure energy of Source that you truly are, and think of how primitive and limiting the one, small aspect of Creation [which you inhabit] truly is. Think of what you are truly capable of, as it is beyond what your mind-Created program has lead you to believe. You have been lead to support the lower energies and dimensions, and now you are learning slowly but surely how to break your own ties to the lower dimensions, to all that is [temporarily] not based in the realities of pure Love, in the energies of our beloved Creator.

Thank you to the Hathors of Earths Solar Astral Planes.

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