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Selacia’s Council Of 12 Message – 9 February 2012

This is a year of revolution on a big scale – impacting you and everyone on the planet. A common theme you will see repeatedly is the need for humanity to come together as one family. This need has never been more important than right now.   The new Earth you want cannot come into being alongside centuries-old patterns of bickering, complaining, conquering, and killing.    A very long time ago people understood and valued the concept of community. People of those times knew about the power of unity and helping one another. In some cultures, threatened by droughts and other climatic shifts, people learned that they could survive through collective ideas, support, and actions.     Rather than fighting each other over dwindling resources, they used their joint creativity to adapt. They understood the power of a cohesive group; they valued the natural world and learned to work with nature.      Continue reading

Lisa Renee – Self Definition – 9 February 2012

How can I go forward if I don’t know which way I am facing? How can I go forward if I don’t know which way to turn? How can I have feelings if I don’t know what I am feeling? – John Lennon

Dear Family,

“During these last months and leading into 2012, our life circumstances have been pushing us to pay attention to participate with our inner selves and those closest to us, especially those that are sharing our living or working space. Unfinished or unresolved family dynamics and their ancestral patterns have been coming out of the woodworks – left, right and center! Every direction leads you back to squarely face that hidden place where you start getting squirmy. It is okay to get squirmy or not know where you are going, despite the declaration of insanity by some of those around you. Continue reading

Jamye Price – Weekly Lightblast! – Releasing Pain – 9 February 2012

Pain is an indicator of imbalance.  We are in a gauntlet of swift balancing – welcome 2012!  This time now is for Ascension and that means rapid evolution into living as a Divine Human with an activated Lightbody.  To accommodate these frequencies, the emotional, mental and physical frequency must be compatible with the frequency of Spiritual Masterhood.  This is accomplished through many different paths, but all require awareness, practice, patience and diligence.  All experience within the physical world; be it a health condition, an emotional or mental state or an experience with another, is a reflection of your inner world, for you are the creator of your experience.  It is time to become the Master of your destiny.  You do this by focusing your powerful attention on imbalance within and integrating the catalyst of Love into everything you are.  As you become aligned with the power to shift your reality that is less than Love into an experience of the shared joy that is Life, you are releasing the pain of separation from your Divine Self.  To do this, you become Well with what-is and infuse it with healing Love. Continue reading

Ann Anderson – Aka Radio Ann – The Council Of Twelve – 9 February 2012

[Hello. This is Ann. Anybody here?]

Yes. We are here. We are the Council of Twelve. We are here to say hello to you this fine day and how are you?

[I am fine. How are you?]

We are fine and dandy. We like that expression. It suits us fine and dandy. What would you like to talk about?

[Well, how about new age craziness? The tendency to buy into any theory no matter how preposterous.] Continue reading

Lisa Gawlas – The Changing Field – The Morphing – 9 February 2012

This sharing is going to end up being done in three parts not two.  I suppose for every ending and beginning there has to be a middle!

As soon as I finished my blog this morning I got up to feed the birds and bunnies and got the surprise of my life.  There was a animal standing just outside the circle of rocks looking straight into the cabin at me.  At first I thought it was a dog until I heard “I Am a wolf.”  Really?  I was so excited.  I got up and moved to the door and he ran off into the field on the right side.  I whistled to him, he stopped, turned around and looked at me.  I should say, pierced my soul.  And another wolf came out of the bushes to join up with him. They both had very similar markings, silver and brown fur… their energy still takes my breath away. Continue reading

Vina – Staying Out Of Judgement – 9 February 2012

Staying out of Judgment

As we move out of the 3D paradigm of duality,  we’re reminded to navigate through our own internal shifts and re-calibrations with love and compassion.

This includes distinguishing between judgment and discerning observation.

Judgment can often an emotional or energetic charge which usually hints at a disagreement or perceived ‘wrong’. Discerning observation, on the other hand is distinctly different and applies a non-attached and neutral impression of the situation. Continue reading

Nancy Tate – Horus – Wake Up Call – 9 February 2012

Wake up Call: Horus February 09,12   I am here today to give you a lowdown on many things that will be part of your world when the time comes for the changes that will be taking place on the planet. As the sturdy bridges, mountains and valleys all collapse into themselves they will rebuild in new formations and bring about a new way of living. They will represent how you can surmount obstacles that have come into being in the time on earth and how easily they can be taken down and reformed to be advantages for living in a pristine world, one that harmonizes with your every moment.   As these mountains and bridges to other factions of the earth body are seen to be in rapid evolution there will be sanctuary within the earth and on ships above the planet. Continue reading

Lisa Gawlas – The Changing Field – 9 February 2012

The last reading I had on Tuesday, the Birthday girl, I had asked her if she had any questions, before I got the last word out of my mouth I heard her team and the field instantly say “It doesn’t matter because everything is changing so rapidly starting tomorrow (Feb 8, 2012).” That would be my yesterday. I really looked forward to doing the readings, to see what is changing rapidly. All these years and I still have some “expectations.”

Altho the field itself did change, or maybe just became clearer in my own understandings of “layout” not much really seemed to change. Except maybe, within me. Continue reading

David Wilcock – The Final Sections – Update Finacial Tyranny – 9 February 2012

David Wilcock writes in his newsletter today about the adding  of : The Final Sections to his article started on 13 January 2012.

Section Eight:  The Interviews , Section Nine :  Closing the Doors — Cease and Desist and  Section Ten:  Comments.

This means a lot has changed again and new information is added. I hope the article is ready so people can read the whole story in one go.  So look it up and read it. I will for sure.

Thanks David.


Neale Donald Walsch – Are You A Spiritual Scrooge? – 9 February 2012


My dear friends…

We are embarked in this space on a year-long exploration of The Holy Experience. I hope and trust that you are enjoying it as much as I am.

The Holy Experience is just like any other form of wealth. You cannot fully experience it until you share it with others. What good does it do you to have inherited a million dollars if you never spend so much as a nickel of it? Continue reading