Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – Love And Release – 9 February 2012

God said:

From the corridors of your heart, love engages. Love flows beautifully, naturally, and only starts and stops when there is blockage to it. What can a blockage be? What can interrupt love other than an interference from the mind?

Love is not meant to be like putting your finger on a hot stove. You are not meant to hurt yourself when you give love. Your love unrequited is not to be interrupted as a reprimand to your love. You misunderstood what happened. You told yourself an incorrect story. You told yourself to be careful when you discovered that your love is not always valued. You bought that story very quickly. You didn’t even have to know words in order to grasp that story. “Be careful with love,” was what you adopted. “Watch out to whom and where and when you give love from your heart.”

You took love as a personal thing. You took someone else’s ability or inability to give out love at a particular time and place as an affront to you. Personal love is one thing. Love is another.

A young child has a teddy bear. That one teddy bear is his. He loves that teddy bear. He has to have that teddy bear. No other will do.

Is this not how personal love is in the world? No other love will do but the one you took as your own and nobody else’s. When someone has not focused his or her love on you, be it mother or father, sister or brother, playmate and so on, you have drawn back your love, frozen it somewhat, ordered your love to turn itself into disappointment or a demerit on you. You tend to confuse your love with someone else’s.

You can send out love that is not personal. You can send out love from afar. You won’t snuggle up to someone who may not want to snuggle up with you, yet there is far more to love than physical presence. Your love depends on you and not on anyone else.

I am not suggesting that you carry a torch for someone who doesn’t want your torch of love. I am suggesting that you not turn the object of your once-held love into resentment or disagreeableness. Love alights where it alights and, sometimes, even in the sunlight of your love, another’s love has flown. Still, stay in love, not in a stranglehold of love, but love like a nice star in the sky. Send love. Truly, what else is there to send? Just your love. Not professions of your love but love itself, love that naturally is in your heart to give when you do not claim ownership.

Sometimes when what you determine as a full share of love due you is not given to you, you become angry or even vengeful. Love does not make demands. You say you love, and yet you stamp your foot when your picture of personal love does not become true or stay true. Take your foot off the pedal, beloveds. Be easy with love. Let another’s affection for you be or not be. What is is. You cannot whip into existence what is not.

Let your hold on love go. You do not grab love by the ankles and try to keep it to you no matter what. Love is given. It cannot be owed to you. What you have to do is to give love out. Another’s love is not a heifer you rope in.

In the world, everyone wants a special love. Everyone wants to be a special love. Everyone wants to mean something to someone or everyone. Beloveds, intend to be love and not ache. Be willing to love and be willing to let go. Love and release. Love and release. If you want to hold on to a love, you have to let it go. by Gloria Wendroff link to original article


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