Jamye Price – Weekly Lightblast! – Releasing Pain – 9 February 2012

Pain is an indicator of imbalance.  We are in a gauntlet of swift balancing – welcome 2012!  This time now is for Ascension and that means rapid evolution into living as a Divine Human with an activated Lightbody.  To accommodate these frequencies, the emotional, mental and physical frequency must be compatible with the frequency of Spiritual Masterhood.  This is accomplished through many different paths, but all require awareness, practice, patience and diligence.  All experience within the physical world; be it a health condition, an emotional or mental state or an experience with another, is a reflection of your inner world, for you are the creator of your experience.  It is time to become the Master of your destiny.  You do this by focusing your powerful attention on imbalance within and integrating the catalyst of Love into everything you are.  As you become aligned with the power to shift your reality that is less than Love into an experience of the shared joy that is Life, you are releasing the pain of separation from your Divine Self.  To do this, you become Well with what-is and infuse it with healing Love.

Pain is a powerful teacher.  Humans can ignore the body until it hurts, take those that love them for granted until they rebel and numb out to a life that provides a modicum of survival until the rug gets pulled out from under it.  Or you can actively seek to hear the cry of the body that needs attention.  You can appreciate who and what is in your life and move past survival-based living into Love-based creating.  To do that, you must find the courage to become Well with what is and aim your powerful intent toward what you want to create.  This requires astute attention to directing your flow and allowing the field of Life to speak to you to help you refine your intent (masculine/feminine balance).  Can you be Well with a challenging moment and Love through the anger into a state of Peace Within?  Can you find your courage to allow the unknown to express through you without having to figure out or fix every situation so you won’t experience challenge?  Can you find Freedom in a moment of sorrow, can you find Life in a moment of death, can you find Love in a moment of hatred?  This is the work of a Master.  That is within you.
As we sit to Blast Releasing Pain, we are freeing our body from the distortion of worry, resentment and guilt into the freedom of healing through the path of ease that is paved with Love and support.  All that you need comes into your life because you are open to the information of the field around you and within you and directing your focus toward improvement, the natural path of Life.  We are finding our courage to access our inner wisdom and summon sharing with others of like heart and mind to enjoy Life rather than fighting against it.  We are realizing that the support we always wanted is within, for the wellspring of Love is the bringer of solution and peace through all aspects of Life.  We are becoming strong in our ability to Love, sure in our faith and free in our Joy.  This is the lesson that pain brought and we have boldly learned.  Now it is time to teach the lesson of the power of Love.  Blast on!

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