Lisa Gawlas – The Changing Field – 9 February 2012

The last reading I had on Tuesday, the Birthday girl, I had asked her if she had any questions, before I got the last word out of my mouth I heard her team and the field instantly say “It doesn’t matter because everything is changing so rapidly starting tomorrow (Feb 8, 2012).” That would be my yesterday. I really looked forward to doing the readings, to see what is changing rapidly. All these years and I still have some “expectations.”

Altho the field itself did change, or maybe just became clearer in my own understandings of “layout” not much really seemed to change. Except maybe, within me.

Yesterday it became very clear the directions (North – Wintner, East – Spring, South – Summer and West – Fall) are “entrance points for anyone who shows up on the outside of the dome energy. Actually, the correct word would be “choice points.” These “seasons” are not laid out in relationship to linear time, we have long passed that relationship. They are sessions within your life. This wheel of your life always moves clockwise or sunwise.

At each point, you have a choice (I have no clue what that choice would be, but everyone must make it. No doubt personal to them.) to either enter into this dome of 6th dimensional magnetic energy, or loop around again until your choices match the frequency of the field.

On the immediate outside of the dome of energy is a pathway that circles the entire circumference of the field. Yesterday was really the first time I really seen it as something beyond the 5th dimensional field that completely surrounds the field. (I want to state clearly here… the field is laying itself out so I can understand it as I read from it. It really is a full quantum energy and not seperated from any aspect of life.)

Funny, as I really think about this pathway… it feels more like an “orbit” very much like an orbit around earth. Once you hit this pathway, you go thru seasons faster than if you were on the far outside of it. Each time you pass a season, the season gets stronger and stronger until you make whatever choice that is presented to you to be drawn into the center. To zero point (not sure what that means, but I do hear it clearly right now.)

Ahhh, now I think I understand it, it is the orbital field that will speed up rapidly. All of this is sooo important to understand within yourself, within your life. Again, I only know one way of creating clarity is by my own understandings of my experiences. (And let me tell you, the moment I share them outwards with you, I understand even more!)

Being fully emerced energitcally in what I call 5th dimensional energy AKA the Christ or Unity Consciousness requires some very specific things within us to be able to be there as a permenant resident.

DO NOT JUDGE! Huge! When you have an emotionally charged opinion about anything, you are knee deep in judgement. Casting your concept of good bad… right wrong on someone else. In effect, you add your emotion to a person already in struggle to shift and pin them under your emotion/judgement.

Love Unconditionally. This is a tester too, just like that judgement thing. They really are wrapped around each other. Like a mated pair. That is stated especially to the Self. How often will we only do something if we can see the potetial outcome. That is a very conditional way to live. In fact, you hold yourself back from yourSelf in doing so.

Even something that seems so valid… “I don’t want to hurt….(fill in the blank.) You just conditioned your own self in relationship to someone elses choices, and pre-judged the whole thing without ever fully knowing the tremendous value in allowing someone (even yourself) to feel hurt. That is simply stuff coming to the surface to be set free.

We also want to manipulate everything due to our own limited perceptions of what may or may not be happening. Let that go too! All endings are happy no matter what they look and feel like on the surface!!

We can stand on the 5th dimensional field as long as we like. The fact anyone made it to that place in this lifetime… man the happy dance has got to echo thru the core of the Self.

I am not quite sure what really happens to get sucked into the orbital field… but once you are there (right next to this dome of energy I call the field) phew! All those things that are preventing you full access from what I will just call Shambhala… Heaven on earth, will be presented to you over and over again.

From what I am understanding now… I emerged onto the field of 5th dimensional residency in 2007. One can assume (don’t ever do that lol) this is easy street. Not even!

For me I really got to see, feel, experience relationship energy in a way I never had before. The highs and the lows. The heaven and the hell. I became an active observer. Being fully in the experience of whatever was happening and taking absolutely nothing personally… which really pissed off a lot of people in my immediate life. Still does to this day.

In this time I could hear all the things not being said… not as words but as energy. By 2010 I could feel my own Light field dying. It was starving to death.

Relationships are the key to full growth. Think of the seed. Plant it in nutrient rich soil it grows to its full potential. Put it in toxic soil, it remains dormant.

I made the choice to not only leave my house but the entire state of Virginia in 2010 and move to New Mexico. In that move, I (had no idea) entered that orbital field. I made the choice in March (spring, new growth) and arrived here in New Mexico in July (summer, full bloom.)

My entire energy field was hydrated with an elixir I could never imagined possible in the trek across country. Every seed I planted grew. It was wonderful to watch and experience. I made amazing friendship, a sharing of energy, understanding, resources like never before.

And then… a full year later… it all seemed to stop. Something was so done. March of 2011 I decided to live off the grid, regroup, understand what was happening. By May 2011 I knew it was time to migrate back to Virginia.

The dying season. That is a really hard season to move thru. The end of fall into winter. Phew.

Nature is always re-balacing itself for new growth. All-ways!

As are we, if we let ourselves.

When we fully till our garden, remove the root systems that are choking out our own growth… the acceleration is beyond comprehension.

Whether we do it in this lifetime or the next, or even the one after that, we ALL must choose to do it.

Those freakin pesky choice points.

I knew full well had I made the choice to move back to New Mexico, my life’s garden would forever be altered. Even saying that comes with a sadness. I knew it and did it anyway.

Who knew it would all produce a new seed of Life… a pumpkin seed to boot!!

I am going to close on that note, maybe write a part two to this sharing. I do believe I just understood something profound… but want to house it in its own energy field!!

Thank you for being the new seeds of my new life. A new family tree is growing!

(((((HUGZ))))) filled with tremendous potential and acceleration!

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