Lisa Gawlas – The Changing Field – The Morphing – 9 February 2012

This sharing is going to end up being done in three parts not two.  I suppose for every ending and beginning there has to be a middle!

As soon as I finished my blog this morning I got up to feed the birds and bunnies and got the surprise of my life.  There was a animal standing just outside the circle of rocks looking straight into the cabin at me.  At first I thought it was a dog until I heard “I Am a wolf.”  Really?  I was so excited.  I got up and moved to the door and he ran off into the field on the right side.  I whistled to him, he stopped, turned around and looked at me.  I should say, pierced my soul.  And another wolf came out of the bushes to join up with him. They both had very similar markings, silver and brown fur… their energy still takes my breath away.

I got my bag of birdseed and headed outside.  Up in the treetops on the left side was a huge bird.  I startled it and it flew towards the Mesa Cliff and I could literally hear the wind moving with the flap of his huge wings.  I knew it was a vulture of some sort, I could only think of a turkey vulture but his head was not read, instead it was silvery colored.  I looked it up, it is a black vulture.   As he flew toward the cliff another vulture flew out of another tree to join him.

Nature sure does seem to be traveling in pairs these days!

There was something about that wolf.  A feeling, a presence like I have never felt before.  Even just writing about it sends an energy surging thru my own solar plexus.

I did my first reading… I couldn’t find the field again.  I asked out  loud, “where are you” surprisingly I actually got an answer back.  I heard “I am morphing.”  Alrighty then!!

I was actually able to do the reading intended, just without the presence of the field.  There is no doubt, right now…. we are ALL morphing.

I could not do my 2d reading without the field being present.  Go figure!

I have been feeling this hard since the arrival of the wolves on the field.  Something huge is happening, I can feel it.  So huge, the big guns have come out to place themselves in places of protection.

I remembered god know it feels like a hundred years ago, I just started really meditating and one day I woke up from a sleep and could feel and see the presence of three wolves.  One was standing in my living room (I was sleeping on the couch), one was out in the yard behind me, and one strangely enough was at the ocean.  Those that were holding my hand thru my awakening told me they arrived to protect me.  I had to ask… protect me from what?

I suppose it didn’t matter, they did their job well!  Better to not find out than to find out.

I feel that same connection today.  Only now, they are in physical form not energetic.

My bath was beckoning to me…

As soon as I was in the water I had seen the field, was in the center of it watching it spit balls of stuff out of each direction.  In the south field, it was spitting out big light balls.  In the west, it looked like rainbow balls that exploded like rainbow confetti.  In the north, a sheet of ice with a spear thru it.  In the east a strange water spout thing at about a 90 degree angle from the field outwards.

Have no clue what all that is doing.  But did have to ask, where am I in all this?  Next thing I know I am going up thru that chimney thing that seemed like a periscope really.  Only yellow gold and very fibrous inside (which is where I was inside moving up as it elongated itself.)  I was way up in the air wondering… what the hell am I doing up here?

I could feel the presence of the Vulture lifting it up.  The wolf itself only looks at me with this amazing gaze.

It wasn’t until my next series of questions did I get an understanding.

I asked about the morphing, the 15th, the rubberband snap, and the wolves… all in one breath.

It was so strange, as if I was viewing an earth I no longer belonged to, but knew it was this one.  When I share these details, please know… I have no clue what is literal and what is symbolic, often times the field won’t revel that either!

The first thing I had seen was the Washington Monument it was crumbling down to the ground.  It looked like light penetrated it and weakened its entire structure and crumbled.

Then I was looking at the White House.  Someone or something took a knife to the front door and blood started oozing out from the gash.

Then I had seen the ruler of Iran (I am sorry can’t even pronounce his name forget spell it) and I heard so clearly that if he chooses to use nuclear weapons at all, his soul will take him back home before he can act on that.  I seen the potential of a heart attack.

Then I seen the new ruler of North Korea and a bullet going thru the left side of his head.  But also came the feeling of “depending on his choices.”

I was shown one last thing… I had seen the Iran ruler guy as a “pole.”  All around him were other nations that seemed to be polarized by the fear he puts out.  Somewhere along the line I understood that “fear feeds fear.”  Sometimes you can accuse someone of something to the point of them doing that something.

And then the next thing I knew, I was back in my very lovely field of love here in Heaven.  Phew…  I am not sure I like that periscope thing.  It was sad.  I know many things must happen for the full change… but man, I so love looking at the light field and not what is under it’s potential.

And then, I asked one more time about the 15th… is that a figurative something or another… is the field morphing because of it… the next thing I knew the sun exploded.  Shot fireballs… or maybe baby suns out of it.

To me, I was drenched in sun energy… good thing I am a Leo lol.  All I could think of was our 11/11/11 breathing the light meditation we had done.  I also thought about the book of revelations in all its imagery and symbology.  John placed himself in the middle of the morphing field… and saw in the only way HE could understand.

I hope that the last part of this (which would have to relate to new form) finds its way onto my blogspace tomorrow.  I am tapping out for today.

((((HUGZ))))) filled with bright sunshine!

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2 responses to “Lisa Gawlas – The Changing Field – The Morphing – 9 February 2012

  1. I dreamed about those wolves many years ago.
    They also had this amazing energy… It was a mother with 7 little whelps.
    And an alpha wolf looked out of the forrest, if I remember right.

  2. Lisa, I have enjoyed this post made by you more than any I have read in the last 6 months since I have been reading these blogs. I read very carefully and even though my experiences have been different what you wrote made so much sense. But more than that, as I read your words I found myself there with you and experiencing it along with you in some strange sense.

    I remember many years ago when I first started having experiences such as this, I went to sleep on my sofa in my Den/Library/office. I did not wake up from the sleep, I slipped out of body and as I was lying there I noticed a large black cat behind me but up over my shoulder watching my face. I immediately realized what had happened and quickly spoke to the cat and said….you are a cat! And the cat spoke back to me and said “yes, I am a cat” I then said, “what are you doing here?” and by this time I noticed two other cats on the sofa curled around my legs and sleeping away. The cat on my shoulder replied to me….”Emma, we live here. We have always lived here.” I then noticed several more cats walking around on the floor. And all of them were black but that did not seem to mean anything. I eased myself onto the floor and looked around. Apparently these cats had decided to make my home theirs. It was the spirits of cats that were there and it must have been because I had always been kind to cats and had one of my own. But as quickly as I had stood up, in my astral body, and walked a few steps away from the sofa, some entities as usual came and whisked me away to other places where they were teaching me and had been for years. But your story of the wolves reminded me of the cats. I have written a book about all my spiritual experiences on the astral plane, but it is for my family only. Thank you so much for sharing this and I will look for your next post. Love you. Emma