Vina – Staying Out Of Judgement – 9 February 2012

Staying out of Judgment

As we move out of the 3D paradigm of duality,  we’re reminded to navigate through our own internal shifts and re-calibrations with love and compassion.

This includes distinguishing between judgment and discerning observation.

Judgment can often an emotional or energetic charge which usually hints at a disagreement or perceived ‘wrong’. Discerning observation, on the other hand is distinctly different and applies a non-attached and neutral impression of the situation.

If you judge people, you have no time to love them. ~ Mother Teresa

We know there are always more than one side to any given situation – so to cast judgment from an initial and personal perspective without the full picture can be premature, not to mention failing to take into consideration prior contracts / agreements with our soul that may have have necessitated a situation to unfold in the manner it did.

Certain observations and assessments are necessary in areas where we may need to categorise and give some semblance of order.

Society has regulations and measures in place to enforce punishments according to established protocol, as dictated by systems of governance. We may feel it’s our duty to bring questionable acts of conduct to the attention of the public and quite often, this may be the case, but on a fundamental level, this is perhaps something that has been ingrained into our psyche and is often automatic in origin.

When you judge another, you do not define them, you define yourself. ~ Wayne Dyer

On a spiritual and evolutionary conscious level, it perhaps hints at a deeper need to look within ourselves as to why we feel triggered towards such a reaction. The surface reasons may not usually be indicative of the complete answer. Speaking from my own personal experience, I’ve been in situations where I got on my high horse and felt an indignant need to expose certain acts that I perceived to be unsavoury and questionable. I went to town on two occasions and felt justified in bringing such acts to light of those involved and those around them.

In time, my strong position on exposing injustice changed when those close to me were also accused of various ‘wrongs’. In my eyes, these perceived errors or mistakes in judgment gave me a different perspective in which to view the situation. Naturally, I’m aware that most of us have (or know someone who has) been in similar situations to varying degrees. By witnessing these opposites in my own field of perspective, my opinions softened and any sense of indignation and condemnation under the guise of my own moral code of ethics and integrity, shifted significantly.

In hindsight, if I was to be honest with myself, I was probably more deeply affected than what was apparent on the surface. Was this the best course action for everyone’s higher evolution? Did it facilitate and hold a conscientious space for loving compassion and understanding?

Does the act of judgment and condemnation assist in the overall movement towards higher consciousness or alleviate suffering for all those concerned? As much as we may believe we are doing a community public service announcement to expose that which we believe needs assessment, if we are to operate from the level of 5D harmonics, this very act of drawing attention to other’s flaws and foibles pulls us away from ascension.

Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves. ~ Carl Jung

For those of us moving into fifth-dimensional time lines and ascension, we operate under a different set of vibrational laws and frequencies. We understand that there is no place for judgment. Strong accusations of defamation, character assassination, libel or slander against another person’s reputation or credibility often hold a strong and often unconscious pattern of shadow projection within those casting such judgments. Our higher self / soul knows that we have not walked in other people’s shoes; therefore we are in no position to judge them.

At a higher soul level and at the appropriate time, we are the only ones to ‘review’ our own choices, actions and decisions made in any particular life time.

We can never judge the lives of others, because each person knows only their own pain and renunciation.

It’s one thing to feel that you are on the right path, but it’s another to think that yours is the only path. ~ Paulo Coelho

The other thing to be aware of is that the darker energies are trying to retain a stronghold on the collective uprising that is happening within the light worker community. Are we looking for reasons to divide humanity even further or do we have the capacity to choose a higher expression and field of joy to play in?

Lisa Renee discusses security breaches to one’s energetic frequency field in her recent article Self Definition. Many people are unaware of this when it happens. This can show up in areas where intense drama gets played out with somewhat aggressive instability and usually not discernible on the surface. Lisa mentions that this generally looks something like this:

“Out of nowhere someone shows up with demands, obligations or accusations around something you did or did not do. The more you attempt to verbalize resolution, the angrier and more hostile they become.

Do not get caught into this trap – see it for what it is, an energetic manipulation or possession. Your responsibility is to be clear and to take action on what you know in the moment your task at hand is and what your priority of focus actually needs to be. Do not let ANYONE define that for you. You must define it yourself and lay it down in your “sphere” of influence as the letter of the law. Once you “see it” accurately, and hold neutrality, the situation energetically dissipates as there is nothing for the energy vampire to use to manipulate or distract you from purpose.” 

She goes on to suggest that because they have forgotten essentially who they are (under the veil of illusion), they are disconnected from their inner spirit and are therefore more vulnerable to attack by manipulating energies which can cause disturbances with our interactions and assessments. In one of her previous sections, Polarity Integrator Mission, Lisa mentions that:

“In many cases the Starseed will be exposed to negative polarity systems and “perceived” negative experiences in order to override the timeline of destruction, as well as source the causation in the timeline where the destructive event has applicable relationship to current outcomes.”

“This is why it is wise to never judge another person’s path and to always be compassionate and loving towards others. Many times it is the Ascension community that is the most hostile towards the Starseed who is providing an incredibly large service to the planet – as a Polarity Integrator. This role is highly misunderstood on the planet and the person’s own peers will attack him for his core essence mission.

Fear and self doubt are poison to the mission activated Starseed, and weakened people with dominating egos will be hijacked in order to obfuscate, confuse or block your direct cognition through lower ego dramas and bias. (A weakened person is one who submits to his ego fears and programs over choosing compassionate love in action) To transcend this ego pitfall and strengthen, mental and emotional discipline is critical.

Being impenetrable to their mental and emotional attacks is possible. Holding the neutral power of the compassionate witness is the process of gaining the wisdom required to be comfortable in the chaos and confusion they propagate.”

This is evident within some areas of the light worker community, as well as in the larger world around us where there is division and judgment. Let’s move away from this old paradigm. Remember, one finger may be pointing at those we think have done ‘wrong’, but at the same time, there are always three fingers pointing back at us.

In his recent article, The Inner Spiral of Ascension, Ben Arion also mentions that the “BLAME GAME” is an illusion.”

“People get caught up in each others ‘perspectives and loose themselves within these dramas and take things to heart which isn’t theirs to “carry”. You will get better and better at understanding where your power comes from, and be able to hold it as a vibrational intent.”

“You know that all the drama you see around you is within you, so you have to “be an Example” of how to be in the midst of dramas, but not of it. Doing this will create ripples through time and space because you are “nullifying” the emotional energy, which in turns changes the so called “future”. People can Judge you for who you are, but in the end you are Your OWN Judge.”

We need only be reminded to stay in our own personal reservoir of empowerment, soul source code and divine intelligence. Instead of contributing to certain situations with energetic hostility, we have the opportunity to observe from neutrality, bear silent witness and interact authentically from our higher soul’s vantage point with love, compassion and non-judgment.

We can choose to move closer towards ascension, through to 5D and beyond.

We can choose to send LOVE into all compromising situations.

We can choose to be LOVE. link to original article

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