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Bill Wood Interviewed By Lisa Harrison – 10 February 2012

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Bill Wood/Aka  Bill Brockbrader :

This is Bill’s first interview outside Camelot. We took the opportunity to focus on the spiritual implications of the information gained through looking glass.


(Lucas : I have seen this great  interview giving better insides on Bill and The Looking Glass Project)


Lucas – Time For Unity And Oneness As Timeline 1 Progresses – Make It All Happen – 10 January 2012

I hear still the voice of Jean-Luc Picard telling his crew when starting a new voyage: Engage!  I believe we are again on our way after learning processes in the now and near past finding ourselves on our timeline 1 towards our ascension of earth and humankind.

Bill Wood in his last interview with Lisa told us about that what we really already should know by now: If we fight dark with dark or negativity  and not with light we will be taking a longer side road to our ascension. If we stay in the light without judgements and other negative actions and ego power based shouting, we will be sooner overcoming the last hurdles on our path. Continue reading

Lisa Gawlas – Our Changing Field – Being Light in Changing Form! – 10 February 2012

I am going to start this sharing with the epiphany I had at the end of part one of Our Changing Field.

I was in a session with a man I have been following thru his meditation growth and when I had seen him a few days ago, I was suprised about what I had seen.  I could see his entire light body speckled thru out the entire area of the “field” as high as the dome all the way to  the ground and left and right.  I really want to say particles or pieces, but neither are correct.  Each speckle of his light was very opalescent and everywhere. Continue reading

Mike Quinsey – SaLuSa – 10 February 2012

Suddenly there is a great stirring and determination amongst you, to exercise your freedom to achieve what it is you want in the way of changes. Disclosure is something that you have continually pressed for yet as we have previously stated, the truth of our existence is known to many of you who have followed our activities over many, many years. It hardly needs verification in light of all the evidence there is about us, but the authorities cannot release what information they have without official recognition and approval. However, with or without it you are now pressing for opportunities to contact us direct, and it is taking place. We find acceptance of us is at an all time high, and it enables us to deal direct with you. Whilst the cancellation of the Neptune trip was obviously disappointing, it has nevertheless brought about a great surge of interest in us. It has clearly surprised many people that we are prepared to invite you on board our ships, but it is time for such experiences. Your authorities do not like it, as they desire to be in total control of such matters and would prevent any publicity being given to such happenings. Continue reading

David Wilcock – More Information On The Final Update Of Financial Tyranny – 10 February 2012

This is at the end of Section 10. Already updating, get ready for more. I’m only excerpting this new update.


Right at High Noon — 12 PM as I am putting the final touches on this investigation — I was stunned by my hit counter as I completed the 94th, and possibly the last minor edit to the document. Continue reading

UFO Report – UFO Compilation Australia – 10 February 2012

Uploaded 6 February 2012 on YouTube by SkyWatchAustralia

Comment : Lucas –  The last image of the ET is not to be seen as real but as the closing bumper of the compilation video. There is not and will not  be anything to be feared.

Greg Giles – Message From The Galactic Federation Of Light – 9 February 2012

Telepathy is the means in which the ascending members of humanity will communicate in the future. You have the choice whether you wish to communicate verbally or telepathically dependent on whom you are communicating with, but we tell you that you will be speaking with many different types of beings and not all beings are able to verbally communicate with you, and also there are the severe limitations of language barriers. When one communicates by means of telepathy, he or she is able to take advantage of a built-in translator technology wherein you will be able to easily interpret any language in this universe, just as if someone is communicating with you in your native language. Not all human types of beings will speak your native language either of course, as there are also many different languages throughout their worlds as well. Continue reading